Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 21, Issue 4

713 -- 722Christian Terwiesch. OM Forum - Empirical Research in Operations Management: From Field Studies to Analyzing Digital Exhaust
723 -- 741Yichuan Ding, Eric Park, Mahesh Nagarajan, Eric Grafstein. Patient Prioritization in Emergency Department Triage Systems: An Empirical Study of the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS)
742 -- 760Lingxiu Dong, Xiaomeng Guo, Danko Turcic. Selling a Product Line Through a Retailer When Demand Is Stochastic: Analysis of Price-Only Contracts
761 -- 779Víctor Martínez-de-Albéniz, Ana Valdivia. Measuring and Exploiting the Impact of Exhibition Scheduling on Museum Attendance
780 -- 797Jiayi Liu, Jingui Xie, Kum-Khiong Yang, Zhichao Zheng 0001. Effects of Rescheduling on Patient No-Show Behavior in Outpatient Clinics
798 -- 815Gah-Yi Ban, Jérémie Gallien, Adam J. Mersereau. Dynamic Procurement of New Products with Covariate Information: The Residual Tree Method
816 -- 832Panos Kouvelis, Rong Li. Integrated Risk Management for Newsvendors with Value-at-Risk Constraints
833 -- 852Demet Batur, Jennifer K. Ryan, Zhongyuan Zhao, Mehmet C. Vuran. Dynamic Pricing of Wireless Internet Based on Usage and Stochastically Changing Capacity
853 -- 874Kaan Kuzu, Long Gao, Susan H. Xu. To Wait or Not to Wait: The Theory and Practice of Ticket Queues
875 -- 893Soraya Fatehi, Michael R. Wagner. Crowdfunding via Revenue-Sharing Contracts
894 -- 911Jiangang Dai, Pengyi Shi. Inpatient Overflow: An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach
912 -- 931Jiankun Sun, Jan A. Van Mieghem. Robust Dual Sourcing Inventory Management: Optimality of Capped Dual Index Policies and Smoothing
932 -- 948Ricardo Montoya, Carlos Gonzalez. A Hidden Markov Model to Detect On-Shelf Out-of-Stocks Using Point-of-Sale Data

Volume 21, Issue 3

479 -- 480Wenqi Hu, Carri W. Chan, José R. Zubizarreta, Gabriel J. Escobar. Ralph Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper Award (2018)
481 -- 500Bhavani Shanker Uppari, Sameer Hasija. Modeling Newsvendor Behavior: A Prospect Theory Approach
501 -- 518Xing Hu, Zhixi Wan, Nagesh N. Murthy. Dynamic Pricing of Limited Inventories with Product Returns
519 -- 535Karthik Murali, Michael K. Lim, Nicholas C. Petruzzi. The Effects of Ecolabels and Environmental Regulation on Green Product Development
536 -- 555Huiqi Guan, Haresh Gurnani, Xin Geng, Yadong Luo. Strategic Inventory and Supplier Encroachment
556 -- 570Jiaru Bai, Kut C. So, Christopher S. Tang, Xiqun Michael Chen, Hai Wang. Coordinating Supply and Demand on an On-Demand Service Platform with Impatient Customers
571 -- 581Samuel N. Kirshner, Anton Ovchinnikov. Heterogeneity of Reference Effects in the Competitive Newsvendor Problem
582 -- 601Guihua Wang, Jun Li, Wallace J. Hopp, Franco L. Fazzalari, Steven F. Bolling. Using Patient-Specific Quality Information to Unlock Hidden Healthcare Capabilities
602 -- 619Wayne Fu, Basak Kalkanci, Ravi Subramanian. Are Hazardous Substance Rankings Effective? An Empirical Investigation of Information Dissemination About the Relative Hazards of Chemicals and Emissions Reductions
620 -- 635Yasin Alan, Mümin Kurtulus, Chunlin Wang. The Role of Store Brand Spillover in a Retailer's Category Management Strategy
636 -- 657Christophe Pennetier, Karan Girotra, Jürgen Mihm. R&D Spending: Dynamic or Persistent?
658 -- 673Narayan Ramasubbu, Jennifer S. Shang, Jerrold H. May, Youxu Cai Tjader, Luis G. Vargas. Task Interdependence and Firm Performance in Outsourced Service Operations
674 -- 691Adem Orsdemir, Vinayak Deshpande, Ali K. Parlaktürk. Is Servicization a Win-Win Strategy? Profitability and Environmental Implications of Servicization
692 -- 711Soo-Haeng Cho, Xin Fang, Sridhar R. Tayur, Ying Xu. Combating Child Labor: Incentives and Information Disclosure in Global Supply Chains

Volume 21, Issue 2

0 -- 0Yan Dong, Moonwon Chung, Chen Zhou, Sriram Venkataraman. Banking on "Mobile Money": The Implications of Mobile Money Services on the Value Chain
252 -- 253Hau L. Lee. Introduction to the Special Issue on Value Chain Innovations in Developing Economies
254 -- 270Chen-Nan Liao, Ying-Ju Chen, Christopher S. Tang. Information Provision Policies for Improving Farmer Welfare in Developing Countries: Heterogeneous Farmers and Market Selection
271 -- 289Joann F. de Zegher, Dan A. Iancu, Hau L. Lee. Designing Contracts and Sourcing Channels to Create Shared Value
308 -- 326Bhavani Shanker Uppari, Ioana Popescu, Serguei Netessine. Selling Off-Grid Light to Liquidity-Constrained Consumers
327 -- 345Viswanathan Vish Krishnan, JungHee Lee, Oleksiy Mnyshenko, Hyoduk Shin. Inclusive Innovation: Product Innovation in Technology Supply Chains
346 -- 360Melissa A. Valentine, Tom Fangyun Tan, Bradley R. Staats, Amy C. Edmondson. Fluid Teams and Knowledge Retrieval: Scaling Service Operations
361 -- 378Awi Federgruen, Upmanu Lall, A. Serdar Simsek. Supply Chain Analysis of Contract Farming
379 -- 397Xiaojin Liu, Anant Mishra, Susan B. Goldstein, Kingshuk K. Sinha. Toward Improving Factory Working Conditions in Developing Countries: An Empirical Analysis of Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment Factories
398 -- 416Ananth Iyer, Omkar D. Palsule-Desai. Contract Design for the Stockist in Indian Distribution Networks
417 -- 434Adem Orsdemir, Bin Hu 0009, Vinayak Deshpande. Ensuring Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Through Vertical Integration and Horizontal Sourcing
435 -- 451Xiangfeng Chen, Gangshu (George) Cai, Jing-Sheng Song. The Cash Flow Advantages of 3PLs as Supply Chain Orchestrators
452 -- 467Xuying Zhao, Arthur Lim, Hong Guo, Chao Ding, Jing-Sheng Song. Retail Clusters in Developing Economies

Volume 21, Issue 1

1 -- 12Vishal V. Agrawal, Atalay Atasu, Luk N. Van Wassenhove. OM Forum - New Opportunities for Operations Management Research in Sustainability
13 -- 0Jérémie Gallien. M&SOM Practice-Based Research Competition
14 -- 28Hongmin Li 0004, Scott Webster, Nicholas Mason, Karl G. Kempf. Product-Line Pricing Under Discrete Mixed Multinomial Logit Demand
29 -- 46Turgay Ayer, Can Zhang, Chenxi Zeng, Chelsea C. White III, V. Roshan Joseph. Analysis and Improvement of Blood Collection Operations
47 -- 65Pavithra Harsha, Shivaram Subramanian, Joline Uichanco. Dynamic Pricing of Omnichannel Inventories
66 -- 85Kejia Hu, Jason Acimovic, Francisco Erize, Douglas J. Thomas, Jan A. Van Mieghem. Forecasting New Product Life Cycle Curves: Practical Approach and Empirical Analysis
86 -- 102Chloe Kim Glaeser, Marshall L. Fisher, Xuanming Su. Optimal Retail Location: Empirical Methodology and Application to Practice
103 -- 120Eva D. Regnier, Cameron A. MacKenzie. The Hurricane Decision Simulator: A Tool for Marine Forces in New Orleans to Practice Operations Management in Advance of a Hurricane
121 -- 138Joseph Jiaqi Xu, Peter S. Fader, Senthil K. Veeraraghavan. Designing and Evaluating Dynamic Pricing Policies for Major League Baseball Tickets
139 -- 153Yang Bo, Milind Dawande, Woonghee Tim Huh, Ganesh Janakiraman, Mahesh Nagarajan. Determining Process Capacity: Intractability and Efficient Special Cases
154 -- 170Pengfei Guo, Christopher S. Tang, Yulan Wang, Ming Zhao. The Impact of Reimbursement Policy on Social Welfare, Revisit Rate, and Waiting Time in a Public Healthcare System: Fee-for-Service Versus Bundled Payment
171 -- 176Jason Acimovic, Francisco Erize, Kejia Hu, Douglas J. Thomas, Jan A. Van Mieghem. Product Life Cycle Data Set: Raw and Cleaned Data of Weekly Orders for Personal Computers
177 -- 197Vidya Mani, Suresh Muthulingam. Does Learning from Inspections Affect Environmental Performance? Evidence from Unconventional Well Development in Pennsylvania
198 -- 212Elliot Lee, Mariel S. Lavieri, Michael Volk. Optimal Screening for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Restless Bandit Model
213 -- 230Shiliang Cui, Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu. Optimizing Local Content Requirements Under Technology Gaps
231 -- 250Luyi Gui, Christopher S. Tang, Shuya Yin. Improving Microretailer and Consumer Welfare in Developing Economies: Replenishment Strategies and Market Entries