Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 24, Issue 6

2797 -- 2798Serguei Netessine, Christopher S. Tang, Michael W. Toffel. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Special Section on Responsible Research in Operations Management
2799 -- 2808Serguei Netessine. OM Forum - A Vision of Responsible Research in Operations Management
2809 -- 2824Dimitris Bertsimas, Jean Pauphilet, Jennifer P. Stevens, Manu Tandon. Predicting Inpatient Flow at a Major Hospital Using Interpretable Analytics
2825 -- 2842Michele Samorani, Shannon L. Harris, Linda Goler Blount, Haibing Lu, Michael A. Santoro. Overbooked and Overlooked: Machine Learning and Racial Bias in Medical Appointment Scheduling
2843 -- 2862Lu Huang, Jing-Sheng Song 0001, Robert Swinney. Managing Social Responsibility in Multitier Supply Chains
2863 -- 2881Lingxiu Dong, Iva Rashkova, Duo Shi. Food Safety Audits in Developing Economies: Decentralization vs. Centralization
2882 -- 2900Guihua Wang. Using Mobile Device Data to Understand the Effect of Stay-at-Home Orders on Residents' Mobility
2901 -- 2924Huan Zheng, Guodong Lyu, Jiannan Ke, Chung-Piaw Teo. From Targeting to Transfer: Design of Allocation Rules in Cash Transfer Programs
2925 -- 2943Justin J. Boutilier, Jónas Oddur Jónasson, Erez Yoeli. Improving Tuberculosis Treatment Adherence Support: The Case for Targeted Behavioral Interventions
2944 -- 2961Andres Alban, Philippe Blaettchen, Harwin de Vries, Luk N. Van Wassenhove. Resource Allocation with Sigmoidal Demands: Mobile Healthcare Units and Service Adoption
2962 -- 2981Can Zhang, Atalay Atasu, Karthik Ramachandran. Partial Completion as a Nonprofit Strategy
2982 -- 3000Aydin Alptekinoglu, Adem Orsdemir. Is Adopting Mass Customization a Path to Environmentally Sustainable Fashion?
3001 -- 3018Telesilla O. Kotsi, Owen Q. Wu, Alfonso J. Pedraza Martinez. Donations for Refugee Crises: In-kind vs. Cash Assistance
3019 -- 3038Sundara Natarajan Panchanatham, Michael Freeman, Harry Groenevelt, Sameer Hasija. Be the Match: Optimizing Capacity Allocation for Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation
3039 -- 3059Stephanie Kelley, Anton Ovchinnikov, David R. Hardoon, Adrienne Heinrich. Antidiscrimination Laws, Artificial Intelligence, and Gender Bias: A Case Study in Nonmortgage Fintech Lending
3060 -- 3078Bing Bai, Hengchen Dai, Dennis J. Zhang, Fuqiang Zhang, Haoyuan Hu. The Impacts of Algorithmic Work Assignment on Fairness Perceptions and Productivity: Evidence from Field Experiments
3079 -- 3098Mohamad Soltani, Robert J. Batt, Hessam Bavafa, Brian W. Patterson. Does What Happens in the ED Stay in the ED? The Effects of Emergency Department Physician Workload on Post-ED Care Use
3099 -- 3116Lu Kong, Kejia Hu, Rohit Verma. Service Chains' Operational Strategies: Standardization or Customization? Evidence from the Nursing Home Industry
3117 -- 3134Zhaowei She, Turgay Ayer, Daniel Montanera. Can Big Data Cure Risk Selection in Healthcare Capitation Program? A Game Theoretical Analysis
3135 -- 3157Seokjun Youn, H. Neil Geismar, Chelliah Sriskandarajah, Vikram Tiwari. Adaptive Capacity Planning for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
3158 -- 3176Balaraman Rajan, Arvind Sainathan, Saligrama R. Agnihothri, Leon Cui. The Promise of mHealth for Chronic Disease Management Under Different Payment Systems
3177 -- 3192Cheng Hua, Arthur J. Swersey. Cross-Trained Fire-Medics Respond to Medical Calls and Fire Incidents: A Fast Algorithm for a Three-State Spatial Queuing Problem
3193 -- 3214Xiaojia Guo, Yael Grushka-Cockayne, Bert De Reyck. Forecasting Airport Transfer Passenger Flow Using Real-Time Data and Machine Learning
3215 -- 3235Kai Wang 0006, Alexandre Jacquillat, Vikrant Vaze. Vertiport Planning for Urban Aerial Mobility: An Adaptive Discretization Approach
3236 -- 3251Zheng Han, Bin Hu 0009, Milind Dawande. Curbing Emissions: Environmental Regulations and Product Offerings Across Markets
3252 -- 3268Mehran Navabi-Shirazi, Mohamed El Tonbari, Natashia Boland, Dima Nazzal, Lauren N. Steimle. Multicriteria Course Mode Selection and Classroom Assignment Under Sudden Space Scarcity
3269 -- 3282Xiaoyan Qian, Tava Lennon Olsen. Contractual Coordination of Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives With Quality Provisions
3283 -- 3305H. Müge Yayla-Küllü, Omkar D. Palsule-Desai, Srinagesh Gavirneni 0001. Reining in Onion Prices by Introducing a Vertically Differentiated Substitute: Models, Analysis, and Insights

Volume 24, Issue 5

2387 -- 2388Sameer Hasija, Chung-Piaw Teo. Introduction to the Special Section on Smart City Operations
2389 -- 2406Wei Qi, Mengyi Sha, Shanling Li. When Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicles Meet Microgrids: Citywide Energy-Mobility Orchestration
2407 -- 2424Justin J. Boutilier, Timothy C. Y. Chan. Drone Network Design for Cardiac Arrest Response
2425 -- 2443Guodong Lyu, Chung-Piaw Teo. Last Mile Innovation: The Case of the Locker Alliance Network
2444 -- 2462Jian Chen, Yong Liang, Hao Shen, Zuo-Jun Max Shen, Mengying Xue. Offline-Channel Planning in Smart Omnichannel Retailing
2463 -- 2480Tobias Brandt, Oliver Dlugosch, Ayman Abdelwahed, Pieter L. van den Berg, Dirk Neumann 0001. Prescriptive Analytics in Urban Policing Operations
2481 -- 2499Owen Q. Wu, Safak Yücel, Yangfang (Helen) Zhou. Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles: An Innovative Business Model for Utility Firms
2500 -- 2515Sheng Liu 0006, Zuo-Jun Max Shen, Xiang Ji. Urban Bike Lane Planning with Bike Trajectories: Models, Algorithms, and a Real-World Case Study
2516 -- 2534Shiliang Cui, Kaili Li, Luyi Yang, Jinting Wang. Slugging: Casual Carpooling for Urban Transit
2535 -- 2542Wenzheng Mao, Liu Ming, Ying Rong, Christopher S. Tang, Huan Zheng. On-Demand Meal Delivery Platforms: Operational Level Data and Research Opportunities
2543 -- 2557Hang Ren, Tingliang Huang. Opaque Selling and Inventory Management in Vertically Differentiated Markets
2558 -- 2576Jennifer K. Ryan, Lusheng Shao, Daewon Sun. Contracting Mechanisms for Stable Sourcing Networks
2577 -- 2594Janusz M. Meylahn, Arnoud V. den Boer. Learning to Collude in a Pricing Duopoly
2595 -- 2610Yimin Wang, Rui Yin, Xiangjing Chen, Scott Webster. Investment Efforts Under Complementary Sourcing: The Role of Market Risk and Endogenous Pricing
2611 -- 2628Xinyu Cao, Dennis J. Zhang, Lei Huang. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Behavior of Online Gig Workers
2629 -- 2647Abhishek Roy 0004, Stephen M. Gilbert, Guoming Lai 0001. The Implications of Strategic Inventory for Short-Term vs. Long-Term Supply Contracts in Nonexclusive Reselling Environments
2648 -- 2665Christian C. Blanco. A Classification of Carbon Abatement Opportunities of Global Firms
2666 -- 2684Yonatan Gur, Ahmadreza Momeni. Adaptive Sequential Experiments with Unknown Information Arrival Processes
2685 -- 2702Yue Zhang, Bram Westerweel, Rob J. I. Basten, Jing-Sheng Song 0001. Distributed 3D Printing of Spare Parts via IP Licensing
2703 -- 2721Yiwei Wang, Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu, Pengcheng Shi. Does Customer Email Engagement Improve Profitability? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Subscription Service Retailing
2722 -- 2740Antoaneta Momcheva, Emmanouil Avgerinos, Fabrizio Salvador. The Effect of Subcontracted Labor Mix on Financial Performance: Evidence from High-Tech Project Teams
2741 -- 2760Sentao Miao, Xiuli Chao. Online Personalized Assortment Optimization with High-Dimensional Customer Contextual Data
2761 -- 2779Ming Hu 0002, Ruslan Momot, Jianfu Wang. Privacy Management in Service Systems
2780 -- 2796Guanyi Lu, Rex Yuxing Du, Xiaosong (David) Peng. The Impact of Schedule Consistency on Shift Worker Productivity: An Empirical Investigation

Volume 24, Issue 4

1887 -- 1905Andre P. Calmon, Diana Jue-Rajasingh, Gonzalo Romero, Jackie Stenson. Operational Strategies for Distributing Durable Goods in the Base of the Pyramid
1906 -- 1925Chenguang (Allen) Wu, Chen Jin, Ying-Ju Chen. Managing Customer Search via Bundling
1926 -- 1938Wenzheng Mao, Zhanyu Dong, Hsiao-Hui Lee. Before It's Too Late: Product Recall Delays and Policy Design
1939 -- 1958Hongqiao Chen, Ming Hu 0002, Georgia Perakis. Distribution-Free Pricing
1959 -- 1976Leela Nageswaran, Alan Scheller-Wolf. Queues with Redundancy: Is Waiting in Multiple Lines Fair?
1977 -- 1996Hallie S. Cho, Manuel E. Sosa, Sameer Hasija. Reading Between the Stars: Understanding the Effects of Online Customer Reviews on Product Demand
1997 -- 2009Rogelio Oliva, Huseyn Abdulla, Paulo Gonçalves. Do Managers Overreact When in Backlog? Evidence of Scope Neglect from a Supply Chain Experiment
2010 -- 2028Hamsa Bastani, Pavithra Harsha, Georgia Perakis, Divya Singhvi. Learning Personalized Product Recommendations with Customer Disengagement
2029 -- 2047Liang (Leon) Xu, Hongmin Li 0004, Hui Zhao. Outcome-Based Reimbursement: The Solution to High Drug Spending?
2048 -- 2063Vishal V. Agrawal, L. Beril Toktay, Safak Yücel. Non-ownership Business Models for Solar Energy
2064 -- 2080Nitin Bakshi, Heikki Peura. Prevent or Report? Managing Near Misses for Safer Operations
2081 -- 2097David Chen, Christopher S. Tang, Huihui Wang, Rowan Wang, Yimin Yu. Offering Free Upgrades Even Before Stocks Run Out: The Value of Proactive Upgrades
2098 -- 2115Pol Boada-Collado, Sunil Chopra, Karen R. Smilowitz. The Value of Information and Flexibility with Temporal Commitments
2116 -- 2133Xiaomeng Guo, Panos Kouvelis, Danko Turcic. Pricing, Quality, and Stocking Decisions in a Manufacturer-Centric Dual Channel
2134 -- 2149Hakjin Chung, Hyun-soo Ahn, So Yeon Chun. Dynamic Pricing with Point Redemption
2150 -- 2165Xiang Wan. Omnichannel Distribution to Fulfill Retail Orders
2166 -- 2182Özge Tüncel, Niyazi Taneri, Sameer Hasija. Why Are Minimum Order Quantity Contracts Popular in Practice? A Behavioral Investigation
2183 -- 2201Jie Ning. Strategic Trade Credit in a Supply Chain with Buyer Competition
2202 -- 2220Pradeep K. Pendem, Paul I. Green Jr., Bradley R. Staats. The Microstructure of Work: Understanding Productivity Benefits and Costs of Interruptions
2221 -- 2239Xiao-lin Wang, Yuanguang Zhong, Lishuai Li, Wei Xie, Zhi-Sheng Ye 0001. Warranty Reserve Management: Demand Learning and Funds Pooling
2240 -- 2255Wayne Fu, Atalay Atasu, Necati Tereyagoglu. Warranty Length, Product Reliability, and Secondary Markets
2256 -- 2273Nitish Jain, Tom Fangyun Tan. M-Commerce, Sales Concentration, and Inventory Management
2274 -- 2292Qi (George) Chen, Izak Duenyas, Stefanus Jasin. Optimal Use and Replenishment of Two Substitutable Raw Materials in a Stochastic Capacitated Make-to-Order Production System
2293 -- 2309Tobias Lieberum, Sebastian Schiffels, Rainer Kolisch. Should We All Work in Sprints? How Agile Project Management Improves Performance
2310 -- 2327Xiaobei Shen, Yimin Yu, Jing-Sheng Song 0001. Optimal Policies for a Multi-Echelon Inventory Problem with Service Time Target and Expediting
2328 -- 2348Stanley Frederick W. T. Lim, Timothy J. Richards, Elliot Rabinovich, Min Choi. Scan Based Trading and Bargaining Equilibrium: A Structural Estimation of Supply Chain Profit
2349 -- 2366David A. Wuttke, Ankit Upadhyay, Enno Siemsen, Alexandra Wuttke-Linnemann. Seeing the Bigger Picture? Ramping up Production with the Use of Augmented Reality
2367 -- 2386Víctor Martínez-de-Albéniz, Catarina Pinto, Pedro Amorim. Driving Supply to Marketplaces: Optimal Platform Pricing When Suppliers Share Inventory

Volume 24, Issue 3

1261 -- 1275Arzum Akkas, Vishal Gaur. OM Forum - Reducing Food Waste: An Operations Management Research Agenda
1276 -- 1293Xiaoyang Long, Javad Nasiry. Sustainability in the Fast Fashion Industry
1294 -- 1310Weiliang Liu, Xu Sun 0004. Energy-Aware and Delay-Sensitive Management of a Drone Delivery System
1311 -- 1328Seongkyoon Jeong, Jaeseok Lee. Environment and Energy? The Impact of Environmental Management Systems on Energy Efficiency
1329 -- 1348Amrita Kundu, Kamalini Ramdas. Timely After-Sales Service and Technology Adoption: Evidence from the Off-Grid Solar Market in Uganda
1349 -- 1368Joren Gijsbrechts, Robert N. Boute, Jan A. Van Mieghem, Dennis J. Zhang. Can Deep Reinforcement Learning Improve Inventory Management? Performance on Lost Sales, Dual-Sourcing, and Multi-Echelon Problems
1369 -- 1387Georgia Perakis, Charles Thraves. On a Variation of Two-Part Tariff Pricing of Services: A Data-Driven Approach
1388 -- 1405Brian Rongqing Han, Tianshu Sun, Leon Yang Chu, LiXia Wu. COVID-19 and E-Commerce Operations: Evidence from Alibaba
1406 -- 1420Guoming Lai 0001, Huihui Liu, Wenqiang Xiao, Xinyi Zhao. "Fulfilled by Amazon": A Strategic Perspective of Competition at the e-Commerce Platform
1421 -- 1436Nooshin Salari, Sheng Liu 0006, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. Real-Time Delivery Time Forecasting and Promising in Online Retailing: When Will Your Package Arrive?
1437 -- 1456Liu Ming, Tunay I. Tunca. Consumer Equilibrium, Demand Effects, and Efficiency in Group Buying
1457 -- 1473Vivek Astvansh, George P. Ball, Matthew Josefy. The Recall Decision Exposed: Automobile Recall Timing and Process Data Set
1474 -- 1493Vishal Ahuja, Carlos A. Alvarez, Bradley R. Staats. An Operations Approach for Reducing Glycemic Variability: Evidence from a Primary Care Setting
1494 -- 1510Cuihong Li, Brian Tomlin. After-Sales Service Contracting: Condition Monitoring and Data Ownership
1511 -- 1528Auyon Siddiq, Terry A. Taylor. Ride-Hailing Platforms: Competition and Autonomous Vehicles
1529 -- 1546Yanzhe (Murray) Lei, Stefanus Jasin, Joline Uichanco, Andrew Vakhutinsky. Joint Product Framing (Display, Ranking, Pricing) and Order Fulfillment Under the Multinomial Logit Model for E-Commerce Retailers
1547 -- 1561Albert Y. Ha, Shilu Tong, Yunjie Wang. Channel Structures of Online Retail Platforms
1562 -- 1577Milad Keshvari Fard, Ivana Ljubic, Felix Papier. Budgeting in International Humanitarian Organizations
1578 -- 1594Daniel Steeneck, Fredrik Eng-Larsson, Francisco Jauffred. Estimating Lost Sales for Substitutable Products with Uncertain On-Shelf Availability
1595 -- 1610Wei Zhang 0130, Yifan Dou. Coping with Spatial Mismatch: Subsidy Design for Electric Vehicle and Charging Markets
1611 -- 1629Arzum Akkas, Dorothée Honhon. Shipment Policies for Products with Fixed Shelf Lives: Impact on Profits and Waste
1630 -- 1649Elina H. Hwang, Leela Nageswaran, Soo-Haeng Cho. Value of Online-Off-line Return Partnership to Off-line Retailers
1650 -- 1663Su Jia, Jeremy Karp, R. Ravi 0001, Sridhar R. Tayur. Effective Online Order Acceptance Policies for Omnichannel Fulfillment
1664 -- 1680Fernando Bernstein, Soudipta Chakraborty, Robert Swinney. Intertemporal Content Variation with Customer Learning
1681 -- 1697Liying Mu, Bin Hu 0009, A. Amarender Reddy, Srinagesh Gavirneni 0001. Negotiating Government-to-Government Food Importing Contracts: A Nash Bargaining Framework
1698 -- 1713Yunjie Wang, Albert Y. Ha, Shilu Tong. Sharing Manufacturer's Demand Information in a Supply Chain with Price and Service Effort Competition
1714 -- 1732Lucy Gongtao Chen, Qinshen Tang. Supply Chain Performance with Target-Oriented Firms
1733 -- 1750Brent B. Moritz, Arunachalam Narayanan, Chris Parker. Unraveling Behavioral Ordering: Relative Costs and the Bullwhip Effect
1751 -- 1759Hanlin Liu, Yimin Yu. Incentives for Shared Services: Multiserver Queueing Systems with Priorities
1760 -- 1778Ivan Lugovoi, Dimitrios A. Andritsos, Claire Senot. Manufacturing Process Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
1779 -- 1795Yimin Wang, Scott Webster. Product Flexibility Strategy Under Supply and Demand Risk
1796 -- 1820Yingchao Lan, Aravind Chandrasekaran, Deepa Goradia, Daniel Walker. Collaboration Structures in Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems: An Exploratory Study of Accountable Care Organizations
1821 -- 1842Zheng Han, Mazhar Arikan, Suman Mallik. Competition Between Hospitals Under Bundled Payments and Fee-for-Service: An Equilibrium Analysis of Insurer's Choice
1843 -- 1858Ricky Roet-Green, Aditya Shetty. On Designing a Socially Optimal Expedited Service and Its Impact on Individual Welfare
1859 -- 1871Tor Schoenmeyr, Stephen C. Graves. Coordination of Multiechelon Supply Chains Using the Guaranteed Service Framework

Volume 24, Issue 2

691 -- 706Ruomeng Cui, Meng Li, Shichen Zhang. AI and Procurement
707 -- 726Ruomeng Cui, Hao Ding, Feng Zhu. Gender Inequality in Research Productivity During the COVID-19 Pandemic
727 -- 745Cynthia Barnhart, Dimitris Bertsimas, Arthur Delarue, Julia Yan. Course Scheduling Under Sudden Scarcity: Applications to Pandemic Planning
746 -- 765Retsef Levi, Somya Singhvi, Yanchong Zheng. Artificial Shortage in Agricultural Supply Chains
766 -- 790Joline Uichanco. A Model for Prepositioning Emergency Relief Items Before a Typhoon with an Uncertain Trajectory
791 -- 809Soraya Fatehi, Michael R. Wagner. Crowdsourcing Last-Mile Deliveries
810 -- 826Tianqin Shi, Nicholas C. Petruzzi, Dilip Chhajed. The Effects of Patent Extension and Take-Back Regulation on Green Pharmacy
827 -- 845Yao Li, Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu, Susan Feng Lu, Jian Chen. The Value of Health Information Technology Interoperability: Evidence from Interhospital Transfer of Heart Attack Patients
846 -- 863Nitish Jain, Karan Girotra, Serguei Netessine. Recovering Global Supply Chains from Sourcing Interruptions: The Role of Sourcing Strategy
864 -- 882Tinglong Dai, Xiaofang Wang, Chao-Wei Hwang. Clinical Ambiguity and Conflicts of Interest in Interventional Cardiology Decision Making
883 -- 901Priyank Arora, Morvarid Rahmani, Karthik Ramachandran. Doing Less to Do More? Optimal Service Portfolio of Non-profits That Serve Distressed Individuals
902 -- 920Tao Lu, Brian Tomlin. Sourcing from a Self-Reporting Supplier: Strategic Communication of Social Responsibility in a Supply Chain
921 -- 937Shima Nassiri, Elodie Adida, Hamed Mamani. Reference Pricing for Healthcare Services
938 -- 955Xiao Alison Chen, Rowan Wang, Jianghua Zhang. Divide and Conquer: A Hygienic, Efficient, and Reliable Assembly Line for Housekeeping
956 -- 971Auyon Siddiq, Christopher S. Tang, Jingwei Zhang. Partnerships in Urban Mobility: Incentive Mechanisms for Improving Public Transit Adoption
972 -- 992Xirong Chen, Zheng Li, Liu Ming, Weiming Zhu. The Incentive Game Under Target Effects in Ridesharing: A Structural Econometric Analysis
993 -- 1001Yifu Li, Tinglong Dai, Xiangtong Qi. A Theory of Interior Peaks: Activity Sequencing and Selection for Service Design
1002 -- 1020Kejia Hu, Gad Allon, Achal Bassamboo. Understanding Customer Retrials in Call Centers: Preferences for Service Quality and Service Speed
1021 -- 1039Ruth Beer, Hyun-soo Ahn, Stephen Leider. Symbolic Awards in Buyer-Supplier Relations
1040 -- 1055Seung-Hwan Jung, Panos Kouvelis. On Co-opetitive Supply Partnerships with End-Product Rivals: Information Asymmetry, Dual Sourcing and Supply Market Efficiency
1056 -- 1073Zhi Chen, Jürgen Mihm, Jochen Schlapp. Sourcing Innovation: Integrated System or Individual Components?
1074 -- 1090Weixin Shang, Gangshu (George) Cai. Implications of Price Matching in Supply Chain Negotiation
1091 -- 1109Pnina Feldman, Jun Li, Hsin-Tien Tsai. park
1110 -- 1127Ju Myung Song, Yao Zhao. Supply Chain Coordination for E-Commerce: Risk Penalty vs. Flat Rate
1128 -- 1145Chenxu Ke, Ruxian Wang. Cross-Category Retailing Management: Substitution and Complementarity
1146 -- 1164Narendra Singh, Karthik Ramachandran, Ravi Subramanian. Intertemporal Product Management with Strategic Consumers: The Value of Defective Product Returns
1165 -- 1182Huanan Zhang, Stefanus Jasin. Online Learning and Optimization of (Some) Cyclic Pricing Policies in the Presence of Patient Customers
1183 -- 1201Shi Chen, Junfei Lei, Kamran Moinzadeh. When to Lock the Volatile Input Price? Procurement of Commodity Components Under Different Pricing Schemes
1202 -- 1219Fabricio Previgliano, Gustavo J. Vulcano. Managing Uncertain Capacities for Network Revenue Optimization
1220 -- 1240Venus Lo, Huseyin Topaloglu. Omnichannel Assortment Optimization Under the Multinomial Logit Model with a Features Tree
1241 -- 1260Hayri A. Arslan, Robert F. Easley, Ruxian Wang, Övünç Yilmaz. Data-Driven Sports Ticket Pricing for Multiple Sales Channels with Heterogeneous Customers

Volume 24, Issue 1

1 -- 23Sushil Gupta, Martin K. Starr, Reza Zanjirani Farahani, Nasrin Asgari. OM Forum - Pandemics/Epidemics: Challenges and Opportunities for Operations Management Research
24 -- 39Ho-Yin Mak. Enabling Smarter Cities with Operations Management
40 -- 58Siddharth Prakash Singh, Alan Scheller-Wolf. That's Not Fair: Tariff Structures for Electric Utilities with Rooftop Solar
59 -- 76Benjamin Grant, Itai Gurvich, R. Kannan Mutharasan, Jan A. Van Mieghem. Optimal Dynamic Appointment Scheduling of Base and Surge Capacity
77 -- 90Xi Li, Yanzhi Li, Ying-Ju Chen. Strategic Inventories Under Supply Chain Competition
91 -- 109Bin Hu 0009, Ming Hu 0002, Han Zhu. Surge Pricing and Two-Sided Temporal Responses in Ride Hailing
110 -- 124Saif Benjaafar, Jian-Ya Ding, Guangwen Kong, Terry A. Taylor. Labor Welfare in On-Demand Service Platforms
125 -- 142Ming Hu 0002, Yun Zhou. Dynamic Type Matching
143 -- 158Elena Katok, Sebastián Villa. Centralized or Decentralized Transfer Prices: A Behavioral Approach for Improving Supply Chain Coordination
159 -- 178Zelong Yi, Man Yu, Ki Ling Cheung. Impacts of Counterfeiting on a Global Supply Chain
179 -- 195Lingxiu Dong, Xin Geng, Guang Xiao, Nan Yang. Procurement Strategies with Unreliable Suppliers Under Correlated Random Yields
196 -- 213Xi Shan, Tao Li, Suresh P. Sethi. A Responsive-Pricing Retailer Sourcing from Competing Suppliers Facing Disruptions
214 -- 234Arzi Adbi, Xiaojin Liu, Anant Mishra. Technology Licensing and Productivity Growth: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in Developing Economies
235 -- 255Kenan Arifoglu, Christopher S. Tang. A Two-Sided Incentive Program for Coordinating the Influenza Vaccine Supply Chain
275 -- 284Lifei Sheng, Christopher Thomas Ryan, Mahesh Nagarajan, Yuan Cheng, Chunyang Tong. Incentivized Actions in Freemium Games
275 -- 284Dennis J. Zhang, Ming Hu 0002, Xiaofei Liu, Yuxiang Wu, Yong Li. NetEase Cloud Music Data
285 -- 304Afshin Oroojlooyjadid, MohammadReza Nazari, Lawrence V. Snyder, Martin Takác. A Deep Q-Network for the Beer Game: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Inventory Optimization
305 -- 314Valery Pavlov, Elena Katok, Wen Zhang. Optimal Contract Under Asymmetric Information About Fairness
315 -- 332Mahyar Eftekhar, Jing-Sheng (Jeannette) Song, Scott Webster. Prepositioning and Local Purchasing for Emergency Operations Under Budget, Demand, and Supply Uncertainty
333 -- 351Soroush Saghafian, Brian Tomlin, Stephan Biller. The Internet of Things and Information Fusion: Who Talks to Who?
352 -- 369Opher Baron, Oded Berman, Mehdi Nourinejad. Introducing Autonomous Vehicles: Adoption Patterns and Impacts on Social Welfare
370 -- 391Dwaipayan Roy, Anant Mishra, Kingshuk K. Sinha. Taxing the Taxpayers: An Empirical Investigation of the Drivers of Baseline Changes in U.S. Federal Government Technology Programs
392 -- 410Ujjal K. Mukherjee, George P. Ball, Kaitlin D. Wowak, Karthik V. Natarajan, Jason W. Miller. Hiding in the Herd: The Product Recall Clustering Phenomenon
411 -- 429William Schmidt, Ananth Raman. Operational Disruptions, Firm Risk, and Control Systems
430 -- 447Ruxian Wang, Chenxu Ke, Shiliang Cui. Product Price, Quality, and Service Decisions Under Consumer Choice Models
448 -- 466Ruxian Wang. The Threshold Effects on Consumer Choice and Pricing Decisions
467 -- 468Quan Zheng 0002, Hongseok Jang, Xiajun Amy Pan. Store-Brand Introduction and Multilateral Contracting
485 -- 503Ruxian Wang. What Is the Impact of Nonrandomness on Random Choice Models?
504 -- 523Liang Xu, Yi Zheng, Li Jiang 0003. A Robust Data-Driven Approach for the Newsvendor Problem with Nonparametric Information
524 -- 541Isil Alev, Can Zhang. Extended Producer Responsibility for Pharmaceuticals
542 -- 560Fernanda Bravo, Taylor C. Corcoran, Elisa F. Long. Flexible Drug Approval Policies
561 -- 579Minglong Zhou, Gar Goei Loke, Chaithanya Bandi, Zi Qiang Glen Liau, Wilson Wang. Intraday Scheduling with Patient Re-entries and Variability in Behaviours
580 -- 599Zhili Tian, Weidong Han, Warren B. Powell. Adaptive Learning of Drug Quality and Optimization of Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials with Dropouts
600 -- 616Sampath Rajagopalan, Chunyang Tong. Payment Models to Coordinate Healthcare Providers with Partial Attribution of Outcome Costs
617 -- 631Hyo-Kyung Lee, Jingshan Li, Philip A. Bain, Christine Baker. Optimal Intervention Policies for Total Joint Replacement Postoperative Care Process
632 -- 646Shixin Wang 0004, Xuan Wang 0003, Jiawei Zhang. Robust Optimization Approach to Process Flexibility Designs with Contribution Margin Differentials
647 -- 663Hanlin Liu, Yimin Yu, Saif Benjaafar, Huihui Wang. Price-Directed Cost Sharing and Demand Allocation Among Service Providers with Multiple Demand Sources and Multiple Facilities
664 -- 681Jason Acimovic, Chris Parker, David F. Drake, Karthik Balasubramanian. Show or Tell? Improving Inventory Support for Agent-Based Businesses at the Base of the Pyramid
682 -- 689Matthew P. Manary, Sean P. Willems. Data Set: 187 Weeks of Customer Forecasts and Orders for Microprocessors from Intel Corporation