Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 26, Issue 3

2 -- 0. Editorial Board
797 -- 813Yash Babar, Gordon Burtch. Recharging Retail: Estimating Consumer Demand Spillovers from Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
814 -- 833Ho-Yin Mak, Runyu Tang. Collaborative Vehicle-to-Grid Operations in Frequency Regulation Markets
834 -- 852Zuguang Gao, Khaled Alshehri, John R. Birge. Aggregating Distributed Energy Resources: Efficiency and Market Power
853 -- 872Yanlu Zhao, Felix Papier, Chung-Piaw Teo. Market Thickness in Online Food Delivery Platforms: The Impact of Food Processing Times
873 -- 892Amir Karimi, Anant Mishra, Karthik V. Natarajan, Kingshuk K. Sinha. Toward Advancing Women's Health in Least Developed Countries: Evaluating Contraceptive Distribution Models in Senegal
893 -- 910Xiaojin Fu, Jin Qi, Chen Yang, Han Ye. Elective Surgery Sequencing and Scheduling Under Uncertainty
911 -- 930Juan Camilo David Gomez, Amy L. Cochran, Brian W. Patterson, Gabriel Zayas-Cabán. Evaluation of a Split Flow Model for the Emergency Department
931 -- 951Jacky Chan, Berk Görgülü, Vahid Sarhangian. Inventory Management with Advance Booking Information: The Case of Surgical Supplies and Elective Surgeries
952 -- 971Xiaoqiang Cai, Daniel Zhuoyu Long, Gen Yu, Lianmin Zhang. Multiportfolio Optimization: A Fairness-Aware Target-Oriented Model
972 -- 991Nan Liu 0004, Guohua Wan, Shan Wang 0003. Design of Patient Visit Itineraries in Tandem Systems
992 -- 1012Shixin Wang 0006, Shaoxuan Liu, Jiawei Zhang 0006. Minimax Regret Robust Screening with Moment Information
1013 -- 1027Özden Engin Çakici, Itir Z. Karaesmen. When Yield Is Not the Only Supply Uncertainty: Newsvendor Model of a Trade Agent
1028 -- 1042Adam P. Schmidt, Duncan Buell, Laura A. Albert. Optimal Consolidation of Polling Locations
1043 -- 1061Martin Bompaire, Antoine Désir, Benjamin Heymann. Fixed Point Label Attribution for Real-Time Bidding
1062 -- 1081Yunduan Lin, Mengxin Wang, Heng Zhang 0008, Renyu Zhang, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. Content Promotion for Online Content Platforms with the Diffusion Effect
1082 -- 1101Ruxian Wang, Chenxu Ke, Zifeng Zhao. Anticipated Wait and Its Effects on Consumer Choice, Pricing, and Assortment Management
1102 -- 1118Vivek F. Farias, Andrew A. Li, Tianyi Peng. Fixing Inventory Inaccuracies at Scale
1119 -- 1136Yasin Alan, Mümin Kurtulus, Alper Nakkas. Retail Category Management with Slotting Fees
1137 -- 1156Collin Drent, Melvin Drent, Joachim J. Arts. Condition-Based Production for Stochastically Deteriorating Systems: Optimal Policies and Learning
1157 -- 1172Jingying Ding, Woonghee Tim Huh, Ying Rong. Feature-Based Inventory Control with Censored Demand
1173 -- 1174. M&SOM Meritorious Service Award
1175 -- 1183. Acknowledgments to Editors and Reviewers (2023)
1184 -- 1187. MSOM Society Student Paper Competition: Abstracts of 2023 Winners

Volume 26, Issue 2

2 -- 0. Editorial Board
407 -- 408Suresh Chand, Maqbool Dada, Vinayak Deshpande, Stephen C. Graves, Ranganath Nuggehalli, Nicholas C. Petruzzi. In Memoriam: Lee Schwarz, 1941-2023
409 -- 430Charles J. Corbett. OM Forum - The Operations of Well-Being: An Operational Take on Happiness, Equity, and Sustainability
431 -- 446Lin Chen, Guillaume Roels. Fast or Slow? Competing on Publication Frequency
447 -- 464Xiaoquan Gao, Nan Kong, Paul M. Griffin. Shortening Emergency Medical Response Time with Joint Operations of Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles with Ambulances
465 -- 484Jing Dong 0007, Berk Görgülü, Vahid Sarhangian. What Causes Delays in Admission to Rehabilitation Care? A Structural Estimation Approach
485 -- 499Lizeth C. Riascos-Álvarez, Merve Bodur, Dionne M. Aleman. A Branch-and-Price Algorithm Enhanced by Decision Diagrams for the Kidney Exchange Problem
500 -- 518Guodong Lyu, Wang Chi Cheung, Chung-Piaw Teo, Hai Wang 0011. Multiobjective Stochastic Optimization: A Case of Real-Time Matching in Ride-Sourcing Markets
519 -- 536Wee Kiat Lee, Yao Cui. Should Gig Platforms Decentralize Dispute Resolution?
537 -- 553Musa Eren Celdir, Soo-Haeng Cho, Elina H. Hwang. Popularity Bias in Online Dating Platforms: Theory and Empirical Evidence
554 -- 572Sajjad Najafi, Izak Duenyas, Stefanus Jasin, Joline Uichanco. Multiproduct Dynamic Pricing with Limited Inventories Under a Cascade Click Model
573 -- 593Deepak Agrawal, Nikolay Osadchiy. Inventory Productivity and Stock Returns in Manufacturing Networks
594 -- 611Kashish Arora, Fanyin Zheng, Karan Girotra. Private vs. Pooled Transportation: Customer Preference and Design of Green Transport Policy
612 -- 631Xiaoyang Long, Luyi Gui. Waste Not Want Not? The Environmental Implications of Quick Response and Upcycling
632 -- 645Scott A. Fay, Shahryar Gheibi. The Effect of Probabilistic Selling on Channel Dynamics in Supply Chains
646 -- 663Xin Geng 0002, Xiaomeng Guo, Guang Xiao, Nan Yang. Supply Risk Mitigation in a Decentralized Supply Chain: Pricing Postponement or Payment Postponement?
664 -- 680Jian Li, Panos Kouvelis, Maqbool Dada. Agricultural Supply Chains in Emerging Markets: Competition and Cooperation Under Correlated Yields
681 -- 700Huan Cao, Nicholas G. Hall, Guohua Wan, Wenhui Zhao. Optimal Intraproject Learning
701 -- 721Sidika Tunç Candogan, Philipp B. Cornelius, Bilal Gokpinar, Ersin Körpeoglu, Christopher S. Tang. Product Development in Crowdfunding: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
722 -- 738Dirk Lauinger, François Vuille, Daniel Kuhn 0001. Reliable Frequency Regulation Through Vehicle-to-Grid: Encoding Legislation with Robust Constraints
739 -- 757Özalp Özer, Gloria Urrea, Sebastián Villa. To Earmark or to Nonearmark? The Role of Control, Transparency, and Warm-Glow
758 -- 774Jingwen Tang, Boxiao Chen, Cong Shi 0001. Online Learning for Dual-Index Policies in Dual-Sourcing Systems
775 -- 795Andrew E. Frazelle, Elena Katok. Paid Priority in Service Systems: Theory and Experiments

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 0Gad Allon. Introduction to Special Section on Data-Driven Research Challenge
2 -- 10Zuo-Jun Max Shen, Christopher S. Tang, Di Wu, Rong Yuan, Wei Zhou. Transaction-Level Data for the 2020 MSOM Data Driven Research Challenge
11 -- 27Jean Pauphilet. Robust and Heterogenous Odds Ratio: Estimating Price Sensitivity for Unbought Items
28 -- 46Hansheng Jiang, Junyu Cao, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. Intertemporal Pricing via Nonparametric Estimation: Integrating Reference Effects and Consumer Heterogeneity
47 -- 65Shouchang Chen, Zhenzhen Yan, Yun Fong Lim. Managing the Personalized Order-Holding Problem in Online Retailing
66 -- 79Antonio Cavallin Toscani, Atalay Atasu, Luk N. Van Wassenhove, Andrea Vinelli. OM Forum - In-Person or Virtual? What Will Operations Management/Research Conferences Look Like?
80 -- 94Gian-Gabriel P. Garcia, Lauren N. Steimle, Wesley J. Marrero, Jeremy B. Sussman. Interpretable Policies and the Price of Interpretability in Hypertension Treatment Planning
95 -- 116Douglas R. Bish, Ebru K. Bish, Hussein El Hajj. Disease Bundling or Specimen Bundling? Cost- and Capacity-Efficient Strategies for Multidisease Testing with Genetic Assays
117 -- 136Song-Hee Kim, Jordan D. Tong. Admission Control Bias and Path-Dependent Feedback Under Diagnosis Uncertainty
137 -- 153Mathias Kraus, Stefan Feuerriegel, Maytal Saar-Tsechansky. Data-Driven Allocation of Preventive Care with Application to Diabetes Mellitus Type II
154 -- 166Ryan W. Buell, Kamalini Ramdas, Nazli Sönmez, Kavitha Srinivasan, Rengaraj Venkatesh. Shared Service Delivery Can Increase Client Engagement: A Study of Shared Medical Appointments
167 -- 181Jianzhong Du, Siyang Gao, Chun-Hung Chen. A Contextual Ranking and Selection Method for Personalized Medicine
182 -- 196Kevin Mayo, Eric Webb, George P. Ball, Kurt M. Bretthauer. Scheduling Smarter: Scheduling Decision Impact on Nurse-Aide Turnover
197 -- 214Hongming Li, Erick Delage, Ning Zhu, Michael L. Pinedo, Shoufeng Ma. Distributional Robustness and Inequity Mitigation in Disaster Preparedness of Humanitarian Operations
215 -- 232Stefanus Jasin, Chengyi Lyu, Sajjad Najafi, Huanan Zhang. Assortment Optimization with Multi-Item Basket Purchase Under Multivariate MNL Model
233 -- 251Ruomeng Cui, Zhikun Lu, Tianshu Sun, Joseph M. Golden. Sooner or Later? Promising Delivery Speed in Online Retail
252 -- 270Wenchang Zhu, Huseyin Topaloglu. Performance Guarantees for Network Revenue Management with Flexible Products
271 -- 290Long Gao, Mohammad E. Nikoofal, Wei Zhang 0129. The Strategic Role of Supplier Learning
291 -- 311S. Raghavan 0001, Rui Zhang 0025. The Driver-Aide Problem: Coordinated Logistics for Last-Mile Delivery
312 -- 329Jiguang Chen, Qiying Hu, Duo Shi, Fuqiang Zhang. Quick Response Under Strategic Manufacturer
330 -- 349Warut Khern-am-nuai, Hyunji So, Maxime C. Cohen, Yossiri Adulyasak. Selecting Cover Images for Restaurant Reviews: AI vs. Wisdom of the Crowd
350 -- 369Chandrasekhar Manchiraju, Milind Dawande, Ganesh Janakiraman, Arvind Raghunathan. Dynamic Pricing and Capacity Optimization in Railways
370 -- 388Simin Li, Martin A. Lariviere, Achal Bassamboo. Is Full Price the Full Story When Consumers Have Time and Budget Constraints?
389 -- 406Athanasia Manou, Pelin G. Canbolat, Fikri Karaesmen. Strategic Heterogeneous Customers in a Transportation Station: Information and Pricing