Journal: Natural Computing

Volume 13, Issue 4

447 -- 452Tal Mor, Renato Renner. Preface
453 -- 458Charles H. Bennett, Gilles Brassard, Seth Breidbart. Quantum Cryptography II: How to re-use a one-time pad safely even if P=NP
459 -- 467Gregg S. Jaeger, Alexander V. Sergienko. Entanglement sudden death: a threat to advanced quantum key distribution?
469 -- 486Ivan Damgård, Thomas Brochmann Pedersen 0002, Louis Salvail. How to re-use a one-time pad safely and almost optimally even if P = NP
487 -- 495Thomas Durt, Alex Hermanne. Cryptographic encryption scheme based on metastable excited nuclei
497 -- 498Darko Stefanovic, Andrew J. Turberfield. Preface
499 -- 516Anne Condon, Bonnie Kirkpatrick, Ján Manuch. Reachability bounds for chemical reaction networks and strand displacement systems
517 -- 534Ho-Lin Chen, David Doty, David Soloveichik. Deterministic function computation with chemical reaction networks
535 -- 547Petr Sulc, Thomas E. Ouldridge, Flavio Romano, Jonathan P. K. Doye, Ard A. Louis. Simulating a burnt-bridges DNA motor with a coarse-grained DNA model
549 -- 557Iñaki Sainz de Murieta, Alfonso Rodríguez-Patón. Probabilistic reasoning with a Bayesian DNA device based on strand displacement
559 -- 572Nathanael Aubert, Yannick Rondelez, Teruo Fujii, Masami Hagiya. Enforcing logical delays in DNA computing systems
573 -- 581Anton Kan, Yoko Sakai, Ko-ichiroh Shohda, Akira Suyama. A DNA based molecular logic gate capable of a variety of logical operations
583 -- 595Peter B. Allen, Xi Chen, Zack B. Simpson, Andrew D. Ellington. Modeling scalable pattern generation in DNA reaction networks

Volume 13, Issue 3

285 -- 286Alex Graudenzi, Giulio Caravagna, Giancarlo Mauri. Preface
287 -- 296Wim Hordijk, Leonard Hasenclever, Jie Gao, Dilyana Mincheva, Jotun Hein. An investigation into irreducible autocatalytic sets and power law distributed catalysis
297 -- 307Sebastiano de Franciscis, Giulio Caravagna, Alberto d'Onofrio. Bounded noises as a natural tool to model extrinsic fluctuations in biomolecular networks
309 -- 319Andrea G. Citrolo, Giancarlo Mauri. A local landscape mapping method for protein structure prediction in the HP model
321 -- 331Chiara Damiani, Dario Pescini, Riccardo Colombo, Sara Molinari, Lilia Alberghina, Marco Vanoni, Giancarlo Mauri. An ensemble evolutionary constraint-based approach to understand the emergence of metabolic phenotypes
333 -- 349Giordano Rampioni, Fabio Mavelli, Luisa Damiano, Francesca D'Angelo, Marco Messina, Livia Leoni, Pasquale Stano. A synthetic biology approach to bio-chem-ICT: first moves towards chemical communication between synthetic and natural cells
351 -- 365Giovanni Pardini, Paolo Milazzo, Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini. Identification of components in biochemical pathways: extensive application to SBML models
367 -- 377Roberto Serra, Alessandro Filisetti, Marco Villani, Alex Graudenzi, Chiara Damiani, Tommaso Panini. A stochastic model of catalytic reaction networks in protocells
379 -- 390Emanuele Massaro, Franco Bagnoli, Andrea Guazzini, Henrik Olsson. A cognitive-inspired algorithm for growing networks
391 -- 402Onofrio Gigliotta, Marco Mirolli, Stefano Nolfi. Communication based dynamic role allocation in a group of homogeneous robots
403 -- 419Vincenzo Manca, Giovanni Pardini. Morphogenesis through moving membranes
421 -- 445Ronghua Shang, Licheng Jiao, Yujing Ren, Jia Wang, Yangyang Li. Immune clonal coevolutionary algorithm for dynamic multiobjective optimization

Volume 13, Issue 2

129 -- 130José Manuel Ferrández, R. Varela. Non conventional computing and constraint optimization
131 -- 144Mariela Nogueira Collazo, Carlos Cotta, Antonio José Fernández Leiva. Virtual player design using self-learning via competitive coevolutionary algorithms
145 -- 156Juan José Palacios, Inés González Rodríguez, Camino R. Vela, Jorge Puente. Robust swarm optimisation for fuzzy open shop scheduling
157 -- 168Raúl Lara-Cabrera, Carlos Cotta, Antonio José Fernández Leiva. On balance and dynamism in procedural content generation with self-adaptive evolutionary algorithms
169 -- 177Pedro Barahona, Gemma Bel Enguix, Verónica Dahl, Maria Dolores Jiménez-López, Ludwig Krippahl. Generation of classification trees from variable weighted features
179 -- 192Raúl Mencía, María R. Sierra, Carlos Mencía, Ramiro Varela. A genetic algorithm for job-shop scheduling with operators enhanced by weak Lamarckian evolution and search space narrowing
193 -- 194Jérôme Durand-Lose, Natasa Jonoska. Preface
195 -- 224Matthew J. Patitz. An introduction to tile-based self-assembly and a survey of recent results
225 -- 245Eliseo Ferrante, Ali Emre Turgut, Alessandro Stranieri, Carlo Pinciroli, Mauro Birattari, Marco Dorigo. A self-adaptive communication strategy for flocking in stationary and non-stationary environments
247 -- 256Gabi Escuela, Gerd Gruenert, Peter Dittrich. Symbol representations and signal dynamics in evolving droplet computers
257 -- 268Rudolf Freund, Yurii Rogozhin, Sergey Verlan. Generating and accepting P systems with minimal left and right insertion and deletion
269 -- 283Sama Goliaei, Mohammad-Hadi Foroughmand-Araabi. On the complexity of nonuniform wavelength-based machine

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 16Jeff Jones, Andrew Adamatzky. Computation of the travelling salesman problem by a shrinking blob
17 -- 37Ruochen Liu, Lixia Wang, Wenping Ma, Caihong Mu, Licheng Jiao. Quadratic interpolation based orthogonal learning particle swarm optimization algorithm
39 -- 53Yangyang Li, Ying Wei, Yang Wang, Licheng Jiao. Multi-objective evolutionary for synthetic aperture radar image segmentation with non-local means denoising
55 -- 64Vasundhara, Durbadal Mandal, Rajib Kar, Sakti Prasad Ghoshal. Digital FIR filter design using fitness based hybrid adaptive differential evolution with particle swarm optimization
65 -- 78Fatemeh Deregeh, Hossein Nezamabadi-pour. A new gravitational image edge detection method using edge explorer agents
79 -- 96Yan Pei. Chaotic Evolution: fusion of chaotic ergodicity and evolutionary iteration for optimization
97 -- 117Corina Rotar. The Endocrine Control Evolutionary Algorithm: an extensible technique for optimization
119 -- 127Martin Strazar, Miha Mraz, Nikolaj Zimic, Miha Moskon. An adaptive genetic algorithm for parameter estimation of biological oscillator models to achieve target quantitative system response