Journal: Neural Computation

Volume 11, Issue 8

1797 -- 1829Amit Manwani, Christof Koch. Detecting and Estimating Signals in Noisy Cable Structures, I: Neuronal Noise Sources
1831 -- 1873Amit Manwani, Christof Koch. Detecting and Estimating Signals in Noisy Cable Structures, II: Information Theoretical Analysis
1875 -- 1883Shun-ichi Amari. Natural Gradient Learning for Over- and Under-Complete Bases in ICA
1885 -- 1892Ethem Alpaydin. Combined 5 x 2 cv F Test for Comparing Supervised Classification Learning Algorithms
1893 -- 1913Jonghan Shin, Christof Koch, Rodney J. Douglas. Adaptive Neural Coding Dependent on the Time-Varying Statistics of the Somatic Input Current
1915 -- 1932Aristidis Likas. A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Online Clustering
1933 -- 1955Marcello Pelillo. Replicator Equations, Maximal Cliques, and Graph Isomorphism
1957 -- 1983Richard M. Everson, Stephen J. Roberts. Independent Component Analysis: A Flexible Nonlinearity and Decorrelating Manifold Approach
1985 -- 1994Jooyoung Park, Hyuk Cho, Daihee Park. On the Design of BSB Neural Associative Memories Using Semidefinite Programming
1995 -- 2016Edward Kei Shiu Ho, Lai-Wan Chan. How to Design a Connectionist Holistic Parser
2017 -- 2060Csaba Szepesvári, Michael L. Littman. A Unified Analysis of Value-Function-Based Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
2061 -- 2080Gal Chechik, Isaac Meilijson, Eytan Ruppin. Neuronal Regulation: A Mechanism for Synaptic Pruning During Brain Maturation
2081 -- 2095Teuvo Kohonen. Comparison of SOM Point Densities Based on Different Criteria

Volume 11, Issue 7

1493 -- 1517Leo Breiman. Prediction Games and Arcing Algorithms
1519 -- 1526Graeme J. Mitchison, Nicholas V. Swindale. Can Hebbian Volume Learning Explain Discontinuities in Cortical Maps?
1527 -- 1535Carlos D. Brody. Disambiguating Different Covariation Types
1537 -- 1551Carlos D. Brody. Correlations Without Synchrony
1553 -- 1577Stefano Panzeri, Alessandro Treves, Simon R. Schultz, Edmund T. Rolls. On Decoding the Responses of a Population of Neurons from Short Time Windows
1579 -- 1594Werner M. Kistler, J. Leo van Hemmen. Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity and Network Behavior
1595 -- 1619Shannon R. Campbell, DeLiang L. Wang, Ciriyam Jayaprakash. Synchrony and Desynchrony in Integrate-and-Fire Oscillators
1621 -- 1671Nicolas Brunel, Vincent Hakim. Fast Global Oscillations in Networks of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons with Low Firing Rates
1673 -- 1690Thomas A. Cleland, Christiane Linster. Concentration Tuning Mediated by Spare Receptor Capacity in Olfactory Sensory Neurons: A Theoretical Study
1691 -- 1715Yali Amit, Donald Geman. A Computational Model for Visual Selection
1717 -- 1737Nir Levy, David Horn, Eytan Ruppin. Associative Memory in a Multimodular Network
1739 -- 1768Aapo Hyvärinen. Sparse Code Shrinkage: Denoising of Nongaussian Data by Maximum Likelihood Estimation
1769 -- 1796George D. Magoulas, Michael N. Vrahatis, George S. Androulakis. Improving the Convergence of the Backpropagation Algorithm Using Learning Rate Adaptation Methods

Volume 11, Issue 6

1261 -- 1280Sidney R. Lehky, Terrence J. Sejnowski. Seeing White: Qualia in the Context of Decoding Population Codes
1281 -- 1296Marco Budinich, Renato Frison. Adaptive Calibration of Imaging Array Detectors
1297 -- 1330I. Fine, Robert A. Jacobs. Modeling the Combination of Motion, Stereo, and Vergence Angle Cues to Visual Depth
1331 -- 1348Florin Cutzu, Michael J. Tarr. Inferring Perceptual Saliency Fields from Viewpoint-Dependent Recognition Data
1349 -- 1388Alfonso Renart, Néstor Parga, Edmund T. Rolls. Backward Projections in the Cerebral Cortex: Implications for Memory Storage
1389 -- 1411D. Chawla, Erik D. Lumer, Karl J. Friston. The Relationship Between Synchronization Among Neuronal Populations and Their Mean Activity Levels
1413 -- 1426Michele Giugliano, Marco Bove, Massimo Grattarola. Fast Calculation of Short-Term Depressing Synaptic Conductances
1427 -- 1453Michael J. Kearns, Dana Ron. Algorithmic Stability and Sanity-Check Bounds for Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation
1455 -- 1474Anand Rangarajan, Alan L. Yuille, Eric Mjolsness. Convergence Properties of the Softassign Quadratic Assignment Algorithm
1475 -- 1491Koji Okuhara, Shunji Osaki, Masaaki Kijima. Learning to Design Synergetic Computers with an Extended Symmetric Diffusion Network

Volume 11, Issue 5

1035 -- 1068David J. C. MacKay. Comparison of Approximate Methods for Handling Hyperparameters
1069 -- 1077Danilo P. Mandic, Jonathon A. Chambers. Relating the Slope of the Activation Function and the Learning Rate Within a Recurrent Neural Network
1079 -- 1096Jorge Golowasch, Michael Casey, L. F. Abbott, Eve Marder. Network Stability from Activity-Dependent Regulation of Neuronal Conductances
1097 -- 1111Peter N. Steinmetz, Raimond L. Winslow. Optimal Detection of Flash Intensity Differences Using Rod Photocurrent Observations
1113 -- 1138Paul F. M. J. Verschure, Peter König. On the Role of Biophysical Properties of Cortical Neurons in Binding and Segmentation of Visual Scenes
1139 -- 1154Michael A. Kisley, George L. Gerstein. The Continuum of Operating Modes for a Passive Model Neuron
1155 -- 1182Matthew Brand. Structure Learning in Conditional Probability Models via an Entropic Prior and Parameter Extinction
1183 -- 1198Wenxin Jiang, Martin A. Tanner. On the Approximation Rate of Hierarchical Mixtures-of-Experts for Generalized Linear Models
1199 -- 1209Samy Bengio, Yoshua Bengio, Jacques Robert, Gilles Bélanger. Stochastic Learning of Strategic Equilibria for Auctions
1211 -- 1233Karin Haese. Kalman Filter Implementation of Self-Organizing Feature Maps
1235 -- 1248Wei Wei, Todd K. Leen, Etienne Barnard. A Fast Histogram-Based Postprocessor That Improves Posterior Probability Estimates
1249 -- 1260Don R. Hush. Training a Sigmoidal Node Is Hard

Volume 11, Issue 4

803 -- 851Hagai Attias. Independent Factor Analysis
853 -- 862Nicol N. Schraudolph. A Fast, Compact Approximation of the Exponential Function
863 -- 870Isabelle Rivals, Léon Personnaz. On Cross Validation for Model Selection
871 -- 901Anthony N. Burkitt, Graeme M. Clark. Analysis of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons: Synchronization of Synaptic Input and Spike Output
903 -- 917Wolfgang Maass, Anthony M. Zador. Dynamic Stochastic Synapses as Computational Units
919 -- 934Gustavo Deco, Bernd Schürmann. Spatiotemporal Coding in the Cortex: Information Flow-Based Learning in Spiking Neural Networks
935 -- 951Shigeru Shinomoto, Yutaka Sakai, Shintaro Funahashi. The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process Does Not Reproduce Spiking Statistics of Neurons in Prefrontal Cortex
953 -- 963Erol Gelenbe, Jean-Michel Fourneau. Random Neural Networks with Multiple Classes of Signals
965 -- 976John Sum, Andrew Chi-Sing Leung, Gilbert H. Young, Lai-Wan Chan, Wing-Kay Kan. An Adaptive Bayesian Pruning for Neural Networks in a Non-Stationary Environment
977 -- 993Piërre van de Laar, Tom Heskes. Pruning Using Parameter and Neuronal Metrics
995 -- 1009Zehra Cataltepe, Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa, Malik Magdon-Ismail. No Free Lunch for Early Stopping
1011 -- 1034Jayanta Basak, Shun-ichi Amari. Blind Separation of a Mixture of Uniformly Distributed Source Signals: A Novel Approach

Volume 11, Issue 3

565 -- 594Andrew G. Barto, Andrew H. Fagg, Nathan Sitkoff, James C. Houk. A Cerebellar Model of Timing and Prediction in the Control of Reaching
595 -- 600Luis Garrido, Sergio Gómez, Jaume Roca. Improved Multidimensional Scaling Analysis Using Neural Networks with Distance-Error Backpropagation
601 -- 631Alessandro Treves, Stefano Panzeri, Edmund T. Rolls, Michael Booth, Edward A. Wakeman. Firing Rate Distributions and Efficiency of Information Transmission of Inferior Temporal Cortex Neurons to Natural Visual Stimuli
633 -- 652Stefano Fusi, Maurizio Mattia. Collective Behavior of Networks with Linear (VLSI) Integrate-and-Fire Neurons
653 -- 677Peter Dayan. Recurrent Sampling Models for the Helmholtz Machine
679 -- 714Sepp Hochreiter, Jürgen Schmidhuber. Feature Extraction Through LOCOCODE
715 -- 745Ricard Gavaldà, Hava T. Siegelmann. Discontinuities in Recurrent Neural Networks
747 -- 769Terrence Fine, Sayandev Mukherjee. Parameter Convergence and Learning Curves for Neural Networks
771 -- 782Wolfgang Maass, Eduardo D. Sontag. Analog Neural Nets with Gaussian or Other Common Noise Distribution Cannot Recognize Arbitrary Regular Languages
783 -- 802Randal A. Koene, Yoshio Takane. Discriminant Component Pruning: Regularization and Interpretation of Multi-Layered Back-Propagation Networks

Volume 11, Issue 2

305 -- 345Sam T. Roweis, Zoubin Ghahramani. A Unifying Review of Linear Gaussian Models
347 -- 374Suzanna Becker. Implicit Learning in 3D Object Recognition: The Importance of Temporal Context
375 -- 379Udo Ernst, Klaus Pawelzik, Misha Tsodyks, Terrence J. Sejnowski. Relation Between Retinotopical and Orientation Maps in Visual Cortex
381 -- 416Florentin Wörgötter, Alex Cozzi, V. Gerdes. A Parallel Noise-Robust Algorithm to Recover Depth Information From Radial Flow Fields
417 -- 441Te-Won Lee, Mark Girolami, Terrence J. Sejnowski. Independent Component Analysis Using an Extended Infomax Algorithm for Mixed Sub-Gaussian and Super-Gaussian Sources
443 -- 482Michael E. Tipping, Christopher M. Bishop. Mixtures of Probabilistic Principal Component Analysers
483 -- 497Ran Avnimelech, Nathan Intrator. Boosted Mixture Of Experts: An Ensemble Learning Scheme
499 -- 520Ran Avnimelech, Nathan Intrator. Boosting Regression Estimators
521 -- 540Isaac David Guedalia, Mickey London, Michael Werman. An On-line Agglomerative Clustering Method for Non-Stationary Data
541 -- 563Anders Krogh, Soren Kamaric Riis. Hidden Neural Networks

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 20Catherine E. Carr, Matthew A. Friedman. Evolution of Time Coding Systems
21 -- 66Steven W. Zucker, Douglas Miller. Computing With Self-Excitatory Cliques: A Model and an Application to Hyperacuity-Scale Computation in Visual Cortex
67 -- 74Corrado Bernasconi, Kaspar Schindler, Ruedi Stoop, Rodney J. Douglas. Complex Response to Periodic Inhibition In Simple and Detailed Neuronal Models
75 -- 84Kechen Zhang, Terrence J. Sejnowski. Neuronal tuning: To Sharpen or Broaden?
85 -- 90Alexandre Pouget, Sophie Deneve, Jean-Christophe Ducom, Peter E. Latham. Narrow vs Wide Tuning Curves: What s Best for a Population Code?
91 -- 101L. F. Abbott, Peter Dayan. The Effect of Correlated Variability on the Accuracy of a Population Code
103 -- 116Dean V. Buonomano, Michael Merzenich. A Neural Network Modell of Temporal Code Generation and Position Invariant Pattern Recognition
117 -- 137Bruce Graham, David J. Willshaw. Probabilistic Synaptic Transmission in the Associative Net
139 -- 155Thore Graepel, Klaus Obermayer. A Stochastic Self-Organizing Map for Proximity Data
157 -- 192Jean-François Cardoso. High-Order Constrasts for Independent Component Analysis
193 -- 213Brendan J. Frey, Geoffrey E. Hinton. Variational Learning in Nonlinear Gaussian Belief Networks
215 -- 227Eric B. Baum, Warren D. Smith. Propagating Distributions Up Directed Acyclic Graphs
229 -- 242Alex Pentland, Andrew Liu. Modeling and Prediction of Human Behavior
243 -- 265Timothy K. Horiuchi, Christof Koch. Analog VLSI-Based Modeling of the Primate Oculomotor System
267 -- 296John Lazzaro, John Wawrzynek. JPEG Quality Transcoding Using Neural Networks Trained With a Perceptual Error Measure