Journal: Neural Computation

Volume 3, Issue 4

461 -- 483Michael D. Richard, Richard P. Lippmann. a posteriori Probabilities
484 -- 486Ganesh Mani. Lowering Variance of Decisions by Using Artificial Neural Network Portfolios
487 -- 497L. F. Abbott, Eve Marder, Scott L. Hooper. Oscillating Networks: Control of Burst Duration by Electrically Coupled Neurons
498 -- 509Matthew A. Wilson, James M. Bower. A Computer Simulation of Oscillatory Behavior in Primary Visual Cortex
510 -- 525D. Horn, D. Sagi, M. Usher. Segmentation, Binding, and Illusory Conjunctions
526 -- 545Pierre Baldi, Fernando J. Pineda. Contrastive Learning and Neural Oscillations
546 -- 565Marwan A. Jabri, Barry Flower. Weight Perturbation: An Optimal Architecture and Learning Technique for Analog VLSI Feedforward and Recurrent Multilayer Networks
566 -- 578Eric Hartman, James D. Keeler. Predicting the Future: Advantages of Semilocal Units
579 -- 588Chris Bishop. Improving the Generalization Properties of Radial Basis Function Neural Networks
589 -- 603Pierre Baldi, Yves Chauvin. Temporal Evolution of Generalization during Learning in Linear Networks
604 -- 616Dan Nabutovsky, Eytan Domany. Learning the Unlearnable
617 -- 622Vera Kurková. Kolmogorov's Theorem Is Relevant
623 -- 632Shlomo Geva, Joaquin Sitte. An Exponential Response Neural Net

Volume 3, Issue 3

293 -- 309Stephen I. Gallant. A Practical Approach for Representing Context and for Performing Word Sense Disambiguation Using Neural Networks
310 -- 311Alistair C. Veitch, Geoffrey Holmes. A Modified Quickprop Algorithm
312 -- 320Graeme Mitchison. Removing Time Variation with the Anti-Hebbian Differential Synapse
321 -- 332Paul C. Bush, Terrence J. Sejnowski. Simulations of a Reconstructed Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Based on Simplified Channel Kinetics
333 -- 349H. Ögmen. On the Mechanisms Underlying Directional Selectivity
350 -- 362Michael Lemmon. 2-Degree-of-freedom Robot Path Planning using Cooperative Neural Fields
363 -- 374Martin W. Simmen. Parameter Sensitivity of the Elastic Net Approach to the Traveling Salesman Problem
375 -- 385Andrew D. Back, Ah Chung Tsoi. FIR and IIR Synapses, a New Neural Network Architecture for Time Series Modeling
386 -- 401Eric B. Baum, Yuh-Dauh Lyuu. The Transition to Perfect Generalization in Perceptrons
402 -- 408Bruno Apolloni, Diego de Falco. Learning by Asymmetric Parallel Boltzmann Machines
409 -- 417Takeshi Kawabata. k-Neighbor Interpolation Training
418 -- 427Khalid A. Al-Mashouq, Irving S. Reed. Including Hints in Training Neural Nets
428 -- 439Jung-Hua Wang, Thomas F. Krile, John F. Walkup, Tai-Lang Jong. On the Characteristics of the Autoassociative Memory with Nonzero-Diagonal Terms in the Memory Matrix
440 -- 449Yuchun Lee. K Nearest-Neighbor, Radial-Basis Function, and Backpropagation Neural Networks
450 -- 459Simon A. Barton. A Matrix Method for Optimizing a Neural Network

Volume 3, Issue 2

145 -- 154Alain Destexhe, Agnessa Babloyantz. Pacemaker-Induced Coherence in Cortical Networks
155 -- 166Peter König, Thomas B. Schillen. Stimulus-Dependent Assembly Formation of Oscillatory Responses: I. Synchronization
167 -- 178Thomas B. Schillen, Peter König. Stimulus-Dependent Assembly Formation of Oscillatory Responses: II. Desynchronization
179 -- 193David Zipser. Recurrent Network Model of the Neural Mechanism of Short-Term Active Memory
194 -- 200Peter Földiák. Learning Invariance from Transformation Sequences
201 -- 212Peter J. B. Hancock, Leslie S. Smith, William A. Phillips. A Biologically Supported Error-Correcting Learning Rule
213 -- 225John C. Platt. A Resource-Allocating Network for Function Interpolation
226 -- 245Zhi-Quan Luo. On the Convergence of the LMS Algorithm with Adaptive Learning Rate for Linear Feedforward Networks
246 -- 257Jooyoung Park, Irwin W. Sandberg. Universal Approximation Using Radial-Basis-Function Networks
258 -- 267Gale L. Martin, James A. Pittman. Recognizing Hand-Printed Letters and Digits Using Backpropagation Learning
268 -- 281Petar D. Simic. Constrained Nets for Graph Matching and Other Quadratic Assignment Problems
282 -- 291Gadi Pinkas. Symmetric Neural Networks and Propositional Logic Satisfiability

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 18Masakazu Konishi. Deciphering the Brain's Codes
19 -- 30Paul C. Bush, Rodney J. Douglas. Synchronization of Bursting Action Potential Discharge in a Model Network of Neocortical Neurons
31 -- 43D. Horn, M. Usher. Parallel Activation of Memories in an Oscillatory Neural Network
44 -- 53Sidney R. Lehky, Randolph Blake. Organization of Binocular Pathways: Modeling and Data Related to Rivalry
54 -- 66Jun Zhang. Dynamics and Formation of Self-Organizing Maps
67 -- 78Terence D. Sanger. A Tree-Structured Algorithm for Reducing Computation in Networks with Separable Basis Functions
79 -- 87Robert A. Jacobs, Michael I. Jordan, Steven J. Nowlan, Geoffrey E. Hinton. Adaptive Mixtures of Local Experts
88 -- 97Dean Pomerleau. Efficient Training of Artificial Neural Networks for Autonomous Navigation
98 -- 109David S. Touretzky, Deirdre W. Wheeler. Sequence Manipulation Using Parallel Mapping Networks
110 -- 120Ajay N. Jain. Parsing Complex Sentences with Structured Connectionist Networks
121 -- 134Venkat Ajjanagadde, Lokendra Shastri. Rules and Variables in Neural Nets
135 -- 143Hyuek Jae Lee, Soo-Young Lee, Sang-Yung Shin, Bo-Yun Koh. TAG: A Neural Network Model for Large-Scale Optical Implementation