Journal: Neural Computation

Volume 30, Issue 9

0 -- 0Sarah Schwöbel, Stefan J. Kiebel, Dimitrije Markovic. Active Inference, Belief Propagation, and the Bethe Approximation
0 -- 0Wenyuan Li, Igor V. Ovchinnikov, Honglin Chen, Zhe Wang, Albert Lee, Houchul Lee, Carlos Cepeda, Robert N. Schwartz, Karlheinz Meier, Kang L. Wang. A Basic Phase Diagram of Neuronal Dynamics
0 -- 0Thomas Parr, Karl J. Friston. The Discrete and Continuous Brain: From Decisions to Movement - And Back Again
0 -- 0Joaquin Rapela, Marissa Westerfield, Jeanne Townsend. A New Foreperiod Effect on Intertrial Phase Coherence. Part I: Existence and Behavioral Relevance
0 -- 0Najah F. Ghalyan, David J. Miller, Asok Ray. A Locally Optimal Algorithm for Estimating a Generating Partition from an Observed Time Series and Its Application to Anomaly Detection
0 -- 0Moritz B. Milde, Olivier J. N. Bertrand, Harshawardhan Ramachandran, Martin Egelhaaf, Elisabetta Chicca. Spiking Elementary Motion Detector in Neuromorphic Systems
0 -- 0Qinglong Wang, Kaixuan Zhang, Alexander G. Ororbia II, Xinyu Xing, Xue Liu, C. Lee Giles. An Empirical Evaluation of Rule Extraction from Recurrent Neural Networks
0 -- 0Zhitong Qiao, Yan Han, Xiaoxia Han, Han Xu, Will X. Y. Li, Dong Song, Theodore W. Berger, Ray C. C. Cheung. ASIC Implementation of a Nonlinear Dynamical Model for Hippocampal Prosthesis
0 -- 0Robert D'Angelo, Richard Wood, Nathan Lowry, Geremy Freifeld, Haiyao Huang, Christopher D. Salthouse, Brent Hollosi, Matthew Muresan, Wes Uy, Nhut Tran, Armand Chery, Dorothy C. Poppe, Sameer Sonkusale. A Computationally Efficient Visual Saliency Algorithm Suitable for an Analog CMOS Implementation

Volume 30, Issue 8

0 -- 0Furui Liu, Laiwan Chan. Confounder Detection in High-Dimensional Linear Models Using First Moments of Spectral Measures
0 -- 0Javier J. How, Saket Navlakha. Evidence of Rentian Scaling of Functional Modules in Diverse Biological Networks
0 -- 0Shizhao Liu, Andres D. Grosmark, Zhe Chen. Methods for Assessment of Memory Reactivation
0 -- 0Michiel Stock, Tapio Pahikkala, Antti Airola, Bernard De Baets, Willem Waegeman. A Comparative Study of Pairwise Learning Methods Based on Kernel Ridge Regression
0 -- 0Dennis Forster, Abdul-Saboor Sheikh, Jörg Lücke. Neural Simpletrons: Learning in the Limit of Few Labels with Directed Generative Networks
0 -- 0Henry D. I. Abarbanel, Paul Rozdeba, Sasha Shirman. Machine Learning: Deepest Learning as Statistical Data Assimilation Problems
0 -- 0Yuval Harel, Ron Meir, Manfred Opper. Optimal Decoding of Dynamic Stimuli by Heterogeneous Populations of Spiking Neurons: A Closed-Form Approximation

Volume 30, Issue 7

0 -- 0Alan Paris, Azadeh Vosoughi, Stephen A. Berman, George K. Atia. θ-Type Noise
0 -- 0Yung-Kyun Noh, Masashi Sugiyama, Song Liu 0002, Marthinus Christoffel du Plessis, Frank Chongwoo Park, Daniel D. Lee. Bias Reduction and Metric Learning for Nearest-Neighbor Estimation of Kullback-Leibler Divergence
0 -- 0Vitaly L. Galinsky, Antigona Martinez, Martin P. Paulus, Lawrence R. Frank. Joint Estimation of Effective Brain Wave Activation Modes Using EEG/MEG Sensor Arrays and Multimodal MRI Volumes
0 -- 0Yazhou Hu, Bailu Si. A Reinforcement Learning Neural Network for Robotic Manipulator Control
0 -- 0George Dimitriadis, Joana P. Neto, Adam R. Kampff. t-SNE Visualization of Large-Scale Neural Recordings
0 -- 0Irina Higgins, Simon M. Stringer, Jan W. H. Schnupp. A Computational Account of the Role of Cochlear Nucleus and Inferior Colliculus in Stabilizing Auditory Nerve Firing for Auditory Category Learning
0 -- 0Gavin Jenkins, Paul F. Tupper. A Dynamic Neural Gradient Model of Two-Item and Intermediate Transposition
0 -- 0Tomoumi Takase, Satoshi Oyama, Masahito Kurihara. Why Does Large Batch Training Result in Poor Generalization? A Comprehensive Explanation and a Better Strategy from the Viewpoint of Stochastic Optimization
0 -- 0Xiaopeng Guo, Rencan Nie, Jinde Cao, Dongming Zhou, Wenhua Qian. Fully Convolutional Network-Based Multifocus Image Fusion

Volume 30, Issue 6

0 -- 0María da Fonseca, Inés Samengo. Novel Perceptually Uniform Chromatic Space
0 -- 0Edward Paxon Frady, Denis Kleyko, Friedrich T. Sommer. A Theory of Sequence Indexing and Working Memory in Recurrent Neural Networks
0 -- 0Qi-dong Liu, Ruisheng Zhang, Zhili Zhao, Zhenghai Wang, Mengyao Jiao, Guangjing Wang. Robust MST-Based Clustering Algorithm
0 -- 0Bei Wu, Bifan Wei, Jun Liu 0002, Zhaotong Guo, Yuanhao Zheng, Yihe Chen. Facet Annotation by Extending CNN with a Matching Strategy
0 -- 0Friedemann Zenke, Surya Ganguli. SuperSpike: Supervised Learning in Multilayer Spiking Neural Networks
0 -- 0Chien-Chih Wang, Kent Loong Tan, Chun-Ting Chen, Yu-Hsiang Lin, S. Sathiya Keerthi, Dhruv Mahajan, S. Sundararajan, Chih-Jen Lin. Distributed Newton Methods for Deep Neural Networks
0 -- 0Hesham Mostafa, Gert Cauwenberghs. A Learning Framework for Winner-Take-All Networks with Stochastic Synapses
0 -- 0Matias Calderini, Sophie Zhang, Nareg Berberian, Jean-Philippe Thivierge. Optimal Readout of Correlated Neural Activity in a Decision-Making Circuit

Volume 30, Issue 5

0 -- 0Lingling Zhang, Jun Liu 0002, Minnan Luo, Xiaojun Chang, Qinghua Zheng. Deep Semisupervised Zero-Shot Learning with Maximum Mean Discrepancy
0 -- 0Yin Zhang, Steven M. Chase. Optimizing the Usability of Brain-Computer Interfaces
0 -- 0Roman A. Sandler, Kunling Geng, Dong Song, Robert E. Hampson, Mark R. Witcher, Sam A. Deadwyler, Theodore W. Berger, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis. Designing Patient-Specific Optimal Neurostimulation Patterns for Seizure Suppression
0 -- 0Hannah Choi, Anitha Pasupathy, Eric Shea-Brown. Predictive Coding in Area V4: Dynamic Shape Discrimination under Partial Occlusion
0 -- 0Diego Fasoli, Anna Cattani, Stefano Panzeri. Pattern Storage, Bifurcations, and Groupwise Correlation Structure of an Exactly Solvable Asymmetric Neural Network Model
0 -- 0Ueli Rutishauser, Jean-Jacques E. Slotine, Rodney J. Douglas. Solving Constraint-Satisfaction Problems with Distributed Neocortical-Like Neuronal Networks
0 -- 0Reinoud Maex. An Interneuron Circuit Reproducing Essential Spectral Features of Field Potentials
0 -- 0Björn Weghenkel, Laurenz Wiskott. Slowness as a Proxy for Temporal Predictability: An Empirical Comparison
0 -- 0Shoubo Hu, Zhitang Chen, Laiwan Chan. A Kernel Embedding-Based Approach for Nonstationary Causal Model Inference

Volume 30, Issue 4

0 -- 0Kyuengbo Min, Masami Iwamoto, Shinji Kakei, Hideyuki Kimpara. Muscle Synergy-Driven Robust Motion Control
0 -- 0Çaglar Gülçehre, Sarath Chandar, KyungHyun Cho, Yoshua Bengio. Dynamic Neural Turing Machine with Continuous and Discrete Addressing Schemes
0 -- 0Alireza Saeedi, Mostafa Jannesari, Shahriar Gharibzadeh, Fatemeh Bakouie. Coexistence of Stochastic Oscillations and Self-Organized Criticality in a Neuronal Network: Sandpile Model Application
0 -- 0Yingzhuo Zhang, Noa Malem-Shinitski, Stephen A. Allsop, Kay Tye, Demba Ba. Estimating a Separably Markov Random Field from Binary Observations
0 -- 0Wentao Huang, Kechen Zhang. Information-Theoretic Bounds and Approximations in Neural Population Coding
0 -- 0Kun Zhan, Jinhui Shi, Jing Wang 0023, Haibo Wang, Yuange Xie. Adaptive Structure Concept Factorization for Multiview Clustering
0 -- 0Tomas Van Pottelbergh, Guillaume Drion, Rodolphe Sepulchre. Robust Modulation of Integrate-and-Fire Models
0 -- 0Adam S. Charles, Mijung Park, J. Patrick Weller, Gregory D. Horwitz, Jonathan W. Pillow. Dethroning the Fano Factor: A Flexible, Model-Based Approach to Partitioning Neural Variability
0 -- 0Johannes Leugering, Gordon Pipa. A Unifying Framework of Synaptic and Intrinsic Plasticity in Neural Populations

Volume 30, Issue 3

0 -- 0Wiktor Mlynarski, Josh H. McDermott. Learning Midlevel Auditory Codes from Natural Sound Statistics
0 -- 0Melika Payvand, Luke Theogarajan. From Winner-Takes-All to Winners-Share-All: Exploiting the Information Capacity in Temporal Codes
0 -- 0Aaron R. Voelker, Chris Eliasmith. Improving Spiking Dynamical Networks: Accurate Delays, Higher-Order Synapses, and Time Cells
0 -- 0Takashi Kanamaru. Quantifying Strength of Chaos in the Population Firing Rate of Neurons
0 -- 0Aritra Bhaduri, Amitava Banerjee, Subhrajit Roy, Sougata Kar, Arindam Basu. Spiking Neural Classifier with Lumped Dendritic Nonlinearity and Binary Synapses: A Current Mode VLSI Implementation and Analysis
0 -- 0Dorian Florescu, Daniel Coca. Identification of Linear and Nonlinear Sensory Processing Circuits from Spiking Neuron Data
0 -- 0I. Tal, M. Abeles. Imaging the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Cognitive Processes at High Temporal Resolution
0 -- 0Joseph Snider. Indistinguishable Synapses Lead to Sparse Networks
0 -- 0Wei Wang, Hao Wang, Chen Zhang, Yang Gao. Cross-Domain Metric and Multiple Kernel Learning Based on Information Theory

Volume 30, Issue 2

0 -- 0Hiroaki Sasaki, Voot Tangkaratt, Gang Niu, Masashi Sugiyama. Sufficient Dimension Reduction via Direct Estimation of the Gradients of Logarithmic Conditional Densities
0 -- 0Zhe Li, Pietro Mazzoni, Sen Song, Ning Qian. A Single, Continuously Applied Control Policy for Modeling Reaching Movements with and without Perturbation
0 -- 0N. F. Hardy, Dean V. Buonomano. Encoding Time in Feedforward Trajectories of a Recurrent Neural Network Model
0 -- 0Qiulei Dong, Hong Wang, Zhanyi Hu. Statistics of Visual Responses to Image Object Stimuli from Primate AIT Neurons to DNN Neurons
0 -- 0Xiaowei Zhao, Zhigang Ma, Zhi Li, Zhihui Li. Joint Concept Correlation and Feature-Concept Relevance Learning for Multilabel Classification
0 -- 0Jing Fang, Naima Rüther, Christian Bellebaum, Laurenz Wiskott, Sen Cheng. The Interaction between Semantic Representation and Episodic Memory
0 -- 0Christoph Börgers, R. Melody Takeuchi, Daniel T. Rosebrock. On Rhythms in Neuronal Networks with Recurrent Excitation
0 -- 0Dylan R. Muir. Feedforward Approximations to Dynamic Recurrent Network Architectures
0 -- 0Jianguang Zhang, Jianmin Jiang. Rank-Optimized Logistic Matrix Regression toward Improved Matrix Data Classification
0 -- 0Noam Brezis, Zohar Z. Bronfman, Marius Usher. A Perceptual-Like Population-Coding Mechanism of Approximate Numerical Averaging

Volume 30, Issue 12

0 -- 0Hong Zhu, Li-Zhi Liao, Michael K. Ng. Multi-Instance Dimensionality Reduction via Sparsity and Orthogonality
0 -- 0Ian H. Stevenson. Omitted Variable Bias in GLMs of Neural Spiking Activity
0 -- 0Yoichi Hayashi. Use of a Deep Belief Network for Small High-Level Abstraction Data Sets Using Artificial Intelligence with Rule Extraction
0 -- 0Dmitry Krotov, John J. Hopfield. Dense Associative Memory Is Robust to Adversarial Inputs
0 -- 0Andrés Pomi, Eduardo Mizraji, Juan Lin. Tensor Representation of Topographically Organized Semantic Spaces
0 -- 0Jonathan Vacher, Andrew Isaac Meso, Laurent U. Perrinet, Gabriel Peyré. Bayesian Modeling of Motion Perception Using Dynamical Stochastic Textures
0 -- 0Sander W. Keemink, Dharmesh Tailor, Mark C. W. van Rossum. Unconscious Biases in Neural Populations Coding Multiple Stimuli
0 -- 0William T. Adler, Wei Ji Ma. Limitations of Proposed Signatures of Bayesian Confidence
0 -- 0Cunle Qian, Xuyun Sun, Shaomin Zhang, Dong Xing, Hongbao Li, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Gang Pan 0001, Yiwen Wang 0002. Nonlinear Modeling of Neural Interaction for Spike Prediction Using the Staged Point-Process Model

Volume 30, Issue 11

0 -- 0David M. Brandman, Michael C. Burkhart, Jessica Kelemen, Brian Franco, Matthew T. Harrison, Leigh R. Hochberg. Robust Closed-Loop Control of a Cursor in a Person with Tetraplegia using Gaussian Process Regression
0 -- 0Ulisse Ferrari, Stéphane Deny, Olivier Marre, Thierry Mora. A Simple Model for Low Variability in Neural Spike Trains
0 -- 0Yoram Baram. Circuit Polarity Effect of Cortical Connectivity, Activity, and Memory
0 -- 0Beatrice A. Golomb. Diplomats' Mystery Illness and Pulsed Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation
0 -- 0Yingyi Chen, Qianqian Cheng, Yanjun Cheng, Hao Yang, HuiHui Yu. Applications of Recurrent Neural Networks in Environmental Factor Forecasting: A Review
0 -- 0Rongxin Bao, Xu Yuan, Zhikui Chen, Ruixin Ma. Cross-Entropy Pruning for Compressing Convolutional Neural Networks
0 -- 0Hongqiao Wang, Jinglai Li. Adaptive Gaussian Process Approximation for Bayesian Inference with Expensive Likelihood Functions
0 -- 0Kishan Wimalawarne, Makoto Yamada, Hiroshi Mamitsuka. Convex Coupled Matrix and Tensor Completion

Volume 30, Issue 10

0 -- 0Stephen J. Verzi, Fredrick H. Rothganger, Ojas Parekh, Tu-Thach Quach, Nadine E. Miner, Craig M. Vineyard, Conrad D. James, James B. Aimone. Computing with Spikes: The Advantage of Fine-Grained Timing
0 -- 0Haifeng Zhao, Siqi Wang, Zheng Wang. Multiclass Classification and Feature Selection Based on Least Squares Regression with Large Margin
0 -- 0SueYeon Chung, Uri Cohen, Haim Sompolinsky, Daniel D. Lee. Learning Data Manifolds with a Cutting Plane Method
0 -- 0Nicolai Waniek. Hexagonal Grid Fields Optimally Encode Transitions in Spatiotemporal Sequences
0 -- 0Richard M. Golden. Adaptive Learning Algorithm Convergence in Passive and Reactive Environments
0 -- 0Tingwei Gao, Yueting Chai. Improving Stock Closing Price Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Network and Technical Indicators
0 -- 0Michael Rule, Guido Sanguinetti. Autoregressive Point Processes as Latent State-Space Models: A Moment-Closure Approach to Fluctuations and Autocorrelations
0 -- 0Stephanie Reynolds, Therese Abrahamsson, Per Jesper Sjöström, Simon R. Schultz, Pier Luigi Dragotti. CosMIC: A Consistent Metric for Spike Inference from Calcium Imaging
0 -- 0Chang Sub Kim. Recognition Dynamics in the Brain under the Free Energy Principle

Volume 30, Issue 1

0 -- 0Kunling Geng, Dae C. Shin, Dong Song, Robert E. Hampson, Sam A. Deadwyler, Theodore W. Berger, Vasilis Z. Marmarelis. Mechanism-Based and Input-Output Modeling of the Key Neuronal Connections and Signal Transformations in the CA3-CA1 Regions of the Hippocampus
0 -- 0Shun-ichi Amari, Tomoko Ozeki, Ryo Karakida, Yuki Yoshida, Masato Okada. Dynamics of Learning in MLP: Natural Gradient and Singularity Revisited
0 -- 0Mohammad Javad Faraji, Kerstin Preuschoff, Wulfram Gerstner. Balancing New against Old Information: The Role of Puzzlement Surprise in Learning
0 -- 0Minkyu Choi, Jun Tani. Predictive Coding for Dynamic Visual Processing: Development of Functional Hierarchy in a Multiple Spatiotemporal Scales RNN Model
0 -- 0Osamu Hoshino, Mei Hong Zheng, Kazuo Watanabe. Improved Perceptual Learning by Control of Extracellular GABA Concentration by Astrocytic Gap Junctions
0 -- 0Sizhen Du, Guojie Song, Lei Han, Haikun Hong. Temporal Causal Inference with Time Lag
0 -- 0Rasmus Troelsgård, Lars Kai Hansen. Sequence Classification Using Third-Order Moments
0 -- 0Cengiz Pehlevan, Anirvan M. Sengupta, Dmitri B. Chklovskii. Why Do Similarity Matching Objectives Lead to Hebbian/Anti-Hebbian Networks?
0 -- 0Jacob Østergaard, Mark A. Kramer, Uri T. Eden. Capturing Spike Variability in Noisy Izhikevich Neurons Using Point Process Generalized Linear Models