Journal: Neural Computation

Volume 8, Issue 8

1567 -- 1602Henry D. I. Abarbanel, Ramón Huerta, Mikhail I. Rabinovich, Nikolai F. Rulkov, Peter F. Rowat, Allen I. Selverston. Synchronized Action of Synaptically Coupled Chaotic Model Neurons
1603 -- 1610Maryhelen Stevenson, Shaheedul Huq. On the Capacity of Threshold Adalines with Limited-Precision Weights
1611 -- 1641Yu-Dong Zhu, Ning Qian. Binocular Receptive Field Models, Disparity Tuning, and Characteristic Disparity
1643 -- 1652Bo Cartling. Response Characteristics of a Low-Dimensional Model Neuron
1653 -- 1676Wulfram Gerstner, J. Leo van Hemmen, Jack D. Cowan. What Matters in Neuronal Locking?
1677 -- 1710Nicolas Brunel. Hebbian Learning of Context in Recurrent Neural Networks
1711 -- 1729Joshua Chover. Neural Correlation via Random Connections
1731 -- 1742Anke Meyer-Bäse, Frank W. Ohl, Henning Scheich. Singular Perturbation Analysis of Competitive Neural Networks with Different Time Scales
1743 -- 1765Wim Wiegerinck, Tom Heskes. How Dependencies between Successive Examples Affect On-Line Learning
1767 -- 1786François Michaud, Rubén González-Rubio. Autonomous Design of Artificial Neural Networks by Neurex

Volume 8, Issue 7

1341 -- 1390David H. Wolpert. The Lack of A Priori Distinctions Between Learning Algorithms
1391 -- 1420David H. Wolpert. The Existence of A Priori Distinctions Between Learning Algorithms
1421 -- 1426Huaiyu Zhu 0001, Richard Rohwer. No Free Lunch for Cross-Validation
1427 -- 1448Harry G. Barrow, Alistair J. Bray, Julian M. L. Budd. A Self-Organizing Model of "Color Blob" Formation
1449 -- 1461Markus Lappe. Functional Consequences of an Integration of Motion and Stereopsis in Area MT of Monkey Extrastriate Visual Cortex
1463 -- 1492James V. Stone. Learning Perceptually Salient Visual Parameters Using Spatiotemporal Smoothness Constraints
1493 -- 1520Ralf Opara, Florentin Wörgötter. Using Visual Latencies to Improve Image Segmentation
1521 -- 1539Enno Littmann, Helge J. Ritter. Learning and Generalization in Cascade Network Architectures
1541 -- 1565Pierre Baldi, Yves Chauvin. Hybrid Modeling, HMM/NN Architectures, and Protein Applications

Volume 8, Issue 6

1135 -- 1178Mike Casey. The Dynamics of Discrete-Time Computation, with Application to Recurrent Neural Networks and Finite State Machine Extraction
1179 -- 1183Janet Wiles, Paul Bakker, Adam Lynton, Michael Norris, Sean Parkinson, Mark Staples, Alan Whiteside. Using Bottlenecks in Feedforward Networks as a Dimension Reduction Technique: An Application to Optimization Tasks
1185 -- 1202Wyeth Bair, Christof Koch. Temporal Precision of Spike Trains in Extrastriate Cortex of the Behaving Macaque Monkey
1203 -- 1225James R. Williamson. Neural Network for Dynamic Binding with Graph Representation: Form, Linking, and Depth-from-Occlusion
1227 -- 1243David Horn, Nir Levy, Eytan Ruppin. Neuronal-Based Synaptic Compensation: A Computational Study in Alzheimer's Disease
1245 -- 1265David P. M. Northmore, John G. Elias. Spike Train Processing by a Silicon Neuromorph: The Role of Sublinear Summation in Dendrites
1267 -- 1276Robert Urbanczik. A Large Committee Machine Learning Noisy Rules
1277 -- 1299Arne Hole. Vapnik-Chervonenkis Generalization Bounds for Real Valued Neural Networks
1301 -- 1320Ida G. Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper, Egbert J. W. Boers. The Error Surface of the Simplest XOR Network Has Only Global Minima
1321 -- 1340Joseph J. Atick, Paul A. Griffin, A. Norman Redlich. Statistical Approach to Shape from Shading: Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Face Surfaces from Single Two-Dimensional Images

Volume 8, Issue 5

895 -- 938Randall C. O'Reilly. Biologically Plausible Error-Driven Learning Using Local Activation Differences: The Generalized Recirculation Algorithm
939 -- 949Günhan Dündar, F.-C. Hsu, K. Rose. Effects of Nonlinear Synapses on the Performance of Multilayer Neural Networks
951 -- 978Teresa Ree Chay. Modeling Slowly Bursting Neurons via Calcium Store and Voltage-Independent Calcium Current
979 -- 1001Bard Ermentrout. Type I Membranes, Phase Resetting Curves, and Synchrony
1003 -- 1019Jianfeng Feng, Hong Pan, Vwani P. Roychowdhury. On Neurodynamics with Limiter Function and Linsker's Developmental Model
1021 -- 1040Harel Z. Shouval, Nathan Intrator, C. Charles Law, Leon N. Cooper. Effect of Binocular Cortical Misalignment on Ocular Dominance and Orientation Selectivity
1041 -- 1060Anand Rangarajan 0001, Steven Gold, Eric Mjolsness. A Novel Optimizing Network Architecture with Applications
1061 -- 1073Kiichi Urahama. Gradient Projection Network: Analog Solver for Linearly Constrained Nonlinear Programming
1075 -- 1084Sayandev Mukherjee, Terrence L. Fine. Online Steepest Descent Yields Weights with Nonnormal Limiting Distribution
1085 -- 1106Klaus-Robert Müller, Michael Finke, Noboru Murata, Klaus Schulten, Shun-ichi Amari. A Numerical Study on Learning Curves in Stochastic Multilayer Feedforward Networks
1107 -- 1122Dharmendra S. Modha, Elias Masry. Rate of Convergence in Density Estimation Using Neural Networks
1123 -- 1133Christopher M. Bishop, Ian T. Nabney. Modeling Conditional Probability Distributions for Periodic Variables

Volume 8, Issue 4

675 -- 696Christian W. Omlin, C. Lee Giles. Stable encoding of large finite-state automata in recurrent neural networks with sigmoid discriminants
697 -- 704Inman Harvey, James V. Stone. Unicycling Helps Your French: Spontaneous Recovery of Associations by Learning Unrelated Tasks
705 -- 730Z. Li. A theory of the visual motion coding in the primary visual cortex
731 -- 755Yinong Chen, James A. Reggia. Alignment of coexisting cortical maps in a motor control model
757 -- 771Hans-Ulrich Bauer, Ralf Der, J. Michael Herrmann. Controlling the Magnification Factor of Self-Organizing Feature Maps
773 -- 786Jürgen Schmidhuber, Martin Eldracher, Bernhard Foltin. Semilinear Predictability Minimization Produces Well-Known Feature Detectors
787 -- 804Steven Gold, Anand Rangarajan 0001, Eric Mjolsness. Learning with Preknowledge: Clustering with Point and Graph Matching Distance Measures
805 -- 818Bhaskar DasGupta, Georg Schnitger. Analog versus discrete neural networks
819 -- 842Partha Niyogi, Federico Girosi. On the Relationship between Generalization Error, Hypothesis Complexity, and Sample Complexity for Radial Basis Functions
843 -- 854P. M. Williams. Using neural networks to model conditional multivariate densities
855 -- 868Christophe Molina, Mahesan Niranjan. Pruning with Replacement on Limited Resource Allocating Networks by F-Projections
869 -- 893Derek Partridge, William B. Yates. Engineering multiversion neural-net systems

Volume 8, Issue 3

461 -- 489Lizhong Wu, John E. Moody. A Smoothing Regularizer for Feedforward and Recurrent Neural Networks
491 -- 499J. P. F. Sum, Peter Kwong-Shun Tam. Note on the Maxnet Dynamics
501 -- 509William W. Lytton. Optimizing synaptic conductance calculation for network simulations
511 -- 529H. P. Snippe. Parameter extraction from population codes: a critical assessment
531 -- 543William B. Levy, Rohan A. Baxter. Energy efficient neural codes
545 -- 566C. W. Lee, Bruno A. Olshausen. A nonlinear Hebbian network that learns to detect disparity in random- dot stereograms
567 -- 581Nicholas G. Hatsopoulos. Coupling the neural and physical dynamics in rhythmic movements
583 -- 593Mikko Lehtokangas, Jukka Saarinen, Pentti Huuhtanen, Kimmo Kaski. Predictive minimum description length criterion for time series modeling with neural networks
595 -- 609Richard Rohwer, John C. Van der Rest. Minimum Description Length, Regularization, and Multimodal Data
611 -- 624Anthony M. Zador, Barak A. Pearlmutter. VC Dimension of an Integrate-and-Fire Neuron Model
625 -- 628Peter L. Bartlett, Robert C. Williamson. The VC Dimension and Pseudodimension of Two-Layer Neural Networks with Discrete Inputs
629 -- 642Richard Rohwer, Michal Morciniec. n-Tuple Classifier Performance
643 -- 674Guozhong An. The Effects of Adding Noise During Backpropagation Training on a Generalization Performance

Volume 8, Issue 2

215 -- 255André Longtin, K. Hinzer. Encoding with bursting, subthreshold oscillations, and noise in mammalian cold receptors
256 -- 259Ronald Michaels. Associative Memory with Uncorrelated Inputs
260 -- 269Lucas C. Parra, Gustavo Deco, Stefan Miesbach. Statistical Independence and Novelty Detection with Information Preserving Nonlinear Maps
270 -- 299Germán Mato, Haim Sompolinsky. Neural network models of perceptual learning of angle discrimination
300 -- 318Karl Frederick Arrington. Directional Filling-in
319 -- 339W. P. Wang. Binary-oscillator networks: bridging a gap between experimental and abstract modeling of neural networks
340 -- 356Klaus Pawelzik, Jens Kohlmorgen, Klaus-Robert Müller. Annealed Competition of Experts for a Segmentation and Classification of Switching Dynamics
357 -- 372Vassilios Petridis, Athanasios Kehagias. A Recurrent Network Implementation of Time Series Classification
373 -- 389David Horn, Irit Opher. Temporal segmentation in a neural dynamic system
390 -- 402M. J. Kirby, R. Miranda. Circular nodes in neural networks
403 -- 415Pekka Orponen. The Computational Power of Discrete Hopfield Nets with Hidden Units
416 -- 424Marco Budinich. A self-organizing neural network for the traveling salesman problem that is competitive with simulated annealing
425 -- 450David J. Miller 0001, Kenneth Rose. Hierarchical, Unsupervised Learning with Growing via Phase Transitions
451 -- 460Georg Thimm, P. Moerland, Emile Fiesler. The interchangeability of learning rate and gain in backpropagation neural networks

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 40Wolfgang Maass 0001. Lower Bounds for the Computational Power of Networks of Spiking Neurons
41 -- 43Raúl Rojas. A Short Proof of the Posterior Probability Property of Classifier Neural Networks
44 -- 66Fabrizio Gabbiani, Christof Koch. Coding of Time-Varying Signals in Spike Trains of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons with Random Threshold
67 -- 84D. A. August, William B. Levy. A simple spike train decoder inspired by the sampling theorem
85 -- 93K. I. Blum, L. F. Abbott. A model of spatial map formation in the hippocampus of the rat
94 -- 114Christiane Linster, Claudine Masson. A Neural Model of Olfactory Sensory Memory in the Honeybee's Antennal Lobe
115 -- 128Rick L. Jenison, Kate Fissell. A Spherical Basis Function Neural Network for Modeling Auditory Space
129 -- 151Lei Xu 0001, Michael I. Jordan. On Convergence Properties of the EM Algorithm for Gaussian Mixtures
152 -- 163Robert Tibshirani. A Comparison of Some Error Estimates for Neural Network Models
164 -- 177H. N. Mhaskar. Neural Networks for Optimal Approximation of Smooth and Analytic Functions
178 -- 181David J. C. MacKay. Equivalence of Linear Boltzmann Chains and Hidden Markov Models
182 -- 201Eric A. Wan, Françoise Beaufays. Diagrammatic Derivation of Gradient Algorithms for Neural Networks
202 -- 214David Barber, David Saad. Does Extra Knowledge Necessarily Improve Generalization?