Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 1, Issue 6

207 -- 208E. L. Lawler. A fully polynomial approximation scheme for the total tardiness problem
209 -- 213Ward Whitt. The marshall and stoyan bounds for IMRL/G/1 queues are tight
214 -- 218Gerard J. Chang, George L. Nemhauser. R-domination on block graphs
219 -- 221Harish C. Bahl, Stanley Zionts. A noniterative multiproduct multiperiod production planning method
222 -- 229Robert G. Sargent, J. George Shanthikumar. Cyclic regenerative method of simulation
230 -- 235Peter C. Bell. The use of decomposition techniques for the analysis of open restricted queuing networks
236 -- 240Gustav Feichtinger. Optimal pricing in a diffusion model with concave price-dependent market potential
241 -- 245Heinz Roland Weistroffer. Multiple criteria decision making with interactive over-achievement programming
246 -- 252Hans Ziegler. Solving certain singly constrained convex optimization problems in production planning
253 -- 257J. H. Kim, Y.-H. Kim, C. J. Park. A modified Markov model for the estimation of computer software performance

Volume 1, Issue 5

165 -- 169Ward Whitt. Refining diffusion approximations for queues
170 -- 176Massimo Ancona, Leila De Floriani. Computational algorithms for hierarchically structured project networks
177 -- 181Chris N. Potts, Luk N. Van Wassenhove. A decomposition algorithm for the single machine total tardiness problem
182 -- 185Gary A. Kochenberger, Victor H. Richard. A simple, all primal branch and bound approach to pure and mixed integer binary programs
186 -- 189Horst W. Hamacher. 4) algorithm for finding the k best cuts in a network
190 -- 193John J. Bartholdi III. A good submatrix is hard to find
194 -- 197Nimrod Megiddo, Arie Tamir. On the complexity of locating linear facilities in the plane
198 -- 200Gennady Samorodnitsky, Ishay Weissman, Reuven Y. Rubinstein. An efficient mixture method
201 -- 205Hoon Liong Ong. Approximate algorithms for the travelling purchaser problem

Volume 1, Issue 4

121 -- 125J. J. Bartholdi III, Loren K. Platzman. An O(N log N) planar travelling salesman heuristic based on spacefilling curves
126 -- 128Terrence E. Daniel, Henry M. Goldberg. A note on the economics of exhaustible resources under production capacity constraints
129 -- 133Francis J. Nourie, Enrique R. Venta. An upper bound on the number of cuts needed in Gomory's method of integer forms
134 -- 138Martin Farber. Independent domination in chordal graphs
139 -- 143Gérard Cornuéjols, David Hartvigsen, William R. Pulleyblank. Packing subgraphs in a graph
144 -- 147Irwin Greenberg. The effect of deception on optimal decisions
148 -- 152Suresh P. Sethi, N. A. Derzko, John P. Lehoczky. Mathematical analysis of the Miller-Modigliani theory
153 -- 156Andrew F. Seila. Multivariate estimation in regenerative simulation
157 -- 160H. W. Corley, David Y. Sha. Most vital links and nodes in weighted networks
161 -- 164Eugene L. Lawler, Michael George Luby, Vijay V. Vazirani. Scheduling open shops with parallel machines

Volume 1, Issue 3

83 -- 84Steven A. Lippman, John J. McCall. Taxation, incentives, and risk sharing
85 -- 88Roy Jonker, Ton Volgenant. Identification of non-optimal arcs for the travelling salesman problem
89 -- 90Peter C. Fishburn. Simplest cases of nth-degree stochastic dominance
91 -- 95David C. Heath, William L. Maxwell. A note on the performance of limited entry queuing systems
96 -- 100Wen-Lian Hsu. The distance-domination numbers of trees
101 -- 104R. Chandrasekaran, Santosh N. Kabadi, Katta G. Murty. Some NP-complete problems in linear programming
105 -- 107Nimrod Megiddo. On the complexity of the one-terminal network design problem
108 -- 110G. K. Agrafiotis. A stochastic model for cell survival after irradiation
111 -- 112R. Chandrasekaran. The weighted euclidean 1-center problem
113 -- 116J. J. Brennan. Minimal spanning trees and partial sorting
117 -- 120Byong-Hun Ahn. A Gauss-Seidel iteration method for nonlinear variational inequality problems over rectangles

Volume 1, Issue 2

43 -- 48George B. Dantzig. Reminiscences about the origins of linear programming
49 -- 51Richard M. Karp. Dynamic programming meets the principle of inclusion and exclusion
52 -- 55J. Carlier, A. H. G. Rinnooy Kan. Scheduling subject to nonrenewable-resource constraints
56 -- 58T. S. Wee, Michael J. Magazine. Assembly line balancing as generalized bin packing
59 -- 62Joseph F. Traub, Henryk Wozniakowski. Complexity of linear programming
63 -- 66Achim Bachem, Ellis L. Johnson, Rainer Schrader. A characterization of minimal valid inequalities for mixed integer programs
67 -- 71Donald W. Hearn. The gap function of a convex program
72 -- 74D. R. Robinson. Algorithms for evaluating the dynamic allocation index
75 -- 78Lee Schruben, Radhika Kulkarni. Some consequences of estimating parameters for the M/M/1 queue
79 -- 81Y. V. Lirov, E. M. Levich. On the brown method of exponential smoothing

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 0George L. Nemhauser. Editorial
2 -- 5J. D. Fuller, S. L. Schwartz, William T. Ziemba. Is energy self sufficiency a realistic goal for Canada?
6 -- 9Leon S. Lasdon, P. O. Beck. Scaling nonlinear programs
10 -- 12Derek W. Bunn. An empirical Bayes procedure for the credit granting decision
13 -- 17Eliane A. Gattass, George L. Nemhauser. An application of vertex packing to data analysis in the evaluation of pavement deterioration
18 -- 22Ellis L. Johnson, Manfred W. Padberg. A note of the knapsack problem with special ordered sets
23 -- 27Martin Grötschel, William R. Pulleyblank. Weakly bipartite graphs and the Max-cut problem
28 -- 30William R. Pulleyblank. Total dual integrality and b-matchings
31 -- 33George B. Kleindorfer, Gary A. Kochenberger, Edward T. Reutzel. Computing inter-site distances for routing and scheduling problems
34 -- 38Eitan Zemel. On search over rationals
39 -- 40Jean B. Lasserre. An economic interpretation of exact penalty functions using sensitivity analysis