Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 12, Issue 5

275 -- 281Joseph Abate, Ward Whitt. Solving probability transform functional equations for numerical inversion
283 -- 291Nico M. van Dijk. Uniformization for nonhomogeneous Markov chains
293 -- 295J. Mark Keil. On the complexity of scheduling tasks with discrete starting times
297 -- 299Fred J. Rispoli. An O(n) bound for the diameter of transshipment polytopes
301 -- 305Richard Loulou. Minimal cut cover of a graph with an application to the testing of electronic boards
307 -- 312János Fülöp, Mária Prill. On the minimax approximation in the class of the univariate piecewise constant functions
313 -- 319Yair Arian, Yonatan Levy. Algorithms for generalized round robin routing
321 -- 330Chengbin Chu. Efficient heuristics to minimize total flow time with release dates
331 -- 336Massimo Paolucci, Raffaele Pesenti. Assessing a new utility/cost function for multiattribute decision making
337 -- 348Domingos M. Cardoso, João C. N. Clímaco. The generalized simplex method

Volume 12, Issue 4

197 -- 199Frank K. Hwang, Uriel G. Rothblum. Generalization of an engineering principle
201 -- 203Francisco Barahona. Separating from the dominant of the spanning tree polytope
205 -- 215John M. Mulvey, Andrzej Ruszczynski. A diagonal quadratic approximation method for large scale linear programs
217 -- 226Sten Thore, Anna Nagurney, Jie Pan. Generalized goal programming and variational inequalities
227 -- 233Refael Hassin. Algorithms for the minimum cost circulation problem based on maximizing the mean improvement
235 -- 243Lov K. Grover. Local search and the local structure of NP-complete problems
245 -- 251Joseph Abate, Ward Whitt. Numerical inversion of probability generating functions
253 -- 261K. Jo Min. Inventory and pricing policies under competition
263 -- 270Ravi R. Mazumdar, Fabrice Guillemin, Vivek Badrinath, Raghavan Kannurpatti. On pathwise behavior of queues
271 -- 274Jeffrey S. Salowe. A simple proof of the planar rectilinear Steiner ratio

Volume 12, Issue 3

129 -- 137Sid Browne, Gideon Weiss. Dynamic priority rules when polling with multiple parallel servers
139 -- 144Dinah W. Cheng. Second order properties in a tandem queue with general blocking
145 -- 151Fangruo Chen, Yu-Sheng Zheng. Waiting time distribution in (T, S) inventory systems
153 -- 157Anurag Kumar. On the average idle time and average queue length estimates in an M/M/1 queue
159 -- 163Johan Hellstrand, Torbjörn Larsson, Athanasios Migdalas. A characterization of the uncapacitated network design polytope
165 -- 172Jukka Perttunen. On the solving strategy in composite heuristics
173 -- 178Sun Wu, Udi Manber. An algorithm for min-cost edge-disjoint cycles and its applications
179 -- 180Ronald D. Armstrong, Zhiying Jin. Solving linear bottleneck assignment problems via strong spanning trees
181 -- 186Dick den Hertog, Cees Roos, Tamás Terlaky. A build-up variant of the logarithmic barrier method for LP
187 -- 196Carlos Henggeler Antunes, João C. N. Clímaco. Sensitivity analysis in MCDM using the weight space

Volume 12, Issue 2

65 -- 71Rajeev Kohli, Ramesh Krishnamurti. A total-value greedy heuristic for the integer knapsack problem
73 -- 77Gerard Sierksma, Gert A. Tijssen. Faces with large diameter on the symmetric traveling salesman polytope
79 -- 81Fumio Ohi, Frank Proschan. Crossing properties of reliability functions
83 -- 88David P. Williamson. Analysis of the Held-Karp lower bound for the asymmetric TSP
89 -- 95Abraham P. Punnen. Traveling salesman problem under categorization
97 -- 99Tetsuya Takine, Toshiharu Hasegawa. A generalization of the decomposition property in the M/G/1 queue with server vacations
101 -- 109Diwakar Gupta. On the economic lot scheduling problem with backlogging: The common cycle approach
111 -- 115Alejandro Neme, Luis Quintas. Nash equilibrium strategies in repeated games with and without cost of implementation
117 -- 124Tsai Li-Hui. Sequencing to minimize the maximum renewal cumulative cost
125 -- 127Erwin Kalvelagen, Henk C. Tijms. ORSTAT: Software for operations research and statistics

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 2J.-P. Vial. A projective algorithm for linear programming with no regularity condition
3 -- 10Vangelis F. Magirou. An improved partial solution to the task assignment and multiway cut problems
11 -- 16M. Bastian, M. Volkmer. A perfect forward procedure for a single facility dynamic location/relocation problem
17 -- 22Jerzy Kamburowski. Bounding the distribution of project duration in PERT networks
23 -- 27Fred J. Rispoli. The monotonic diameter of the perfect matching and shortest path polytopes
29 -- 36Alain Billionnet, Alain Sutter. An efficient algorithm for the 3-satisfiability problem
37 -- 45Ushio Sumita, Yasushi Masuda. Analysis of multivariate Markov modulated Poisson processes
47 -- 52Guillermo Gallego 0001, Dong Shaw, David Simchi-Levi. The complexity of the staggering problem, and other classical inventory problems
53 -- 58Jeffrey L. Ringuest, Thomas R. Gulledge. An interactive multi-objective gradient search
59 -- 64Shinji Mizuno, Atsushi Nagasawa. Strict monotonicity in Todd's low-complexity algorithm for linear programming