Journal: Oper. Res. Lett.

Volume 34, Issue 6

601 -- 606Giuseppe F. Italiano, Stefano Leonardi, Gianpaolo Oriolo. Design of trees in the hose model: The balanced case
607 -- 612Zsolt Fekete. Source location with rigidity and tree packing requirements
613 -- 620Mohammed Fazle Baki. A new asymmetric pyramidally solvable class of the traveling salesman problem
621 -- 629Jesper Larsson Träff. Direct graph ::::k::::-partitioning with a Kernighan-Lin like heuristic
630 -- 638Yaodong Cui. Simplest optimal cutting patterns for equal rectangles
639 -- 646Mariana S. Escalante, M. S. Montelar, Graciela L. Nasini. Minimal ::::N::::::+::-rank graphs: Progress on Lipták and Tunçel s conjecture
647 -- 652Guanglu Zhou, Liqun Qi. On the convergence of an inexact Newton-type method
653 -- 659Nilay Noyan, Gábor Rudolf, Andrzej Ruszczynski. Relaxations of linear programming problems with first order stochastic dominance constraints
660 -- 672Abdullah Konak, Sadan Kulturel-Konak, Bryan A. Norman, Alice E. Smith. A new mixed integer programming formulation for facility layout design using flexible bays
673 -- 682Zuo-Jun Max Shen. A profit-maximizing supply chain network design model with demand choice flexibility
683 -- 691Dvir Shabtay, George Steiner. Two due date assignment problems in scheduling a single machine
692 -- 696Jongho Park, Soo Y. Chang, Kangbok Lee. Online and semi-online scheduling of two machines under a grade of service provision
697 -- 705Nathan P. Sherman, Jeffrey P. Kharoufeh. An M/M/1 retrial queue with unreliable server
706 -- 712Kyung C. Chae, Sang Min Lee, Ho Woo Lee. On stochastic decomposition in the GI/M/1 queue with single exponential vacation
713 -- 718Anna Jaskiewicz, Andrzej S. Nowak. Optimality in Feller semi-Markov control processes

Volume 34, Issue 5

481 -- 490Michele Aghassi, Dimitris Bertsimas, Georgia Perakis. Solving asymmetric variational inequalities via convex optimization
491 -- 498Elena Grigorieva, P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Rudolf Müller, Dries Vermeulen. The communication complexity of private value single-item auctions
499 -- 507Shuchi Chawla, Uday Rajan, R. Ravi, Amitabh Sinha. Min-Max payoffs in a two-player location game
508 -- 516Ningxiong Xu. Flexible supply policy with options and capacity constraints
517 -- 524Ju-liang Zhang, Jian Chen. Bayesian solution to pricing and inventory control under unknown demand distribution
525 -- 530Delia Montoro-Cazorla, Rafael Pérez-Ocón. Reliability of a system under two types of failures using a Markovian arrival process
531 -- 538Jiyeon Lee, Jongwoo Kim. A workload-dependent ::::M::::/::::G::::/1 queue under a two-stage service policy
539 -- 547A. D. Banik, U. C. Gupta, S. S. Pathak. Finite buffer vacation models under E-limited with limit variation service and Markovian arrival process
548 -- 556Che Soong Kim, Aliaksandr Kanechny, Alexander N. Dudin. Threshold control by a single-server retrial queue with batch arrivals and group services
557 -- 563Javiera Barrera, Thierry Huillet, Christian Paroissin. Limiting search cost distribution for the move-to-front rule with random request probabilities
564 -- 568Friedrich Eisenbrand, Gennady Shmonin. Carathéodory bounds for integer cones
569 -- 576Hatem Ben Amor, Jacques Desrosiers, François Soumis. Recovering an optimal LP basis from an optimal dual solution
577 -- 582Geir Dahl, David Huygens, Ali Ridha Mahjoub, Pierre Pesneau. On the ::::k:::: edge-disjoint 2-hop-constrained paths polytope
583 -- 590Tobias Brüggemann, Johann Hurink, Walter Kern. Quality of move-optimal schedules for minimizing total weighted completion time
591 -- 598Francis Sourd. Dynasearch for the earliness-tardiness scheduling problem with release dates and setup constraints

Volume 34, Issue 4

361 -- 372Tobias Achterberg, Thorsten Koch, Alexander Martin. MIPLIB 2003
373 -- 381Ramprasad Potluri, Lawrence E. Holloway. Determining the right-hand vectors of an irredundant linear inequality system
382 -- 386Juan González-Hernández, J. Rigoberto Gabriel. On the consistency of the mass transfer problem
387 -- 393Pierre Bonami, Michel Minoux. Exact MAX-2SAT solution via lift-and-project closure
394 -- 404Alberto Ceselli, Giovanni Righini. An optimization algorithm for a penalized knapsack problem
405 -- 411Dennis C. Dietz. A mathematical programming approach to key-based election analysis
412 -- 420Zeynep Müge Avsar, Melike Baykal-Gursoy. A note on two-person zero-sum communicating stochastic games
421 -- 426Dachuan Xu, Donglei Du. The ::::k::::-level facility location game
427 -- 436J. J. Saameño Rodríguez, C. Guerrero García, José Muñoz-Pérez, Enrique Mérida Casermeiro. A general model for the undesirable single facility location problem
437 -- 444Eduardo Uchoa. Reduction tests for the prize-collecting Steiner problem
445 -- 450Robert D. Carr, Ojas Parekh. A 1/2-integral relaxation for the ::::A::::-matching problem
451 -- 458Carl Bussema, Eric Torng. Greedy multiprocessor server scheduling
459 -- 464Irina V. Gribkovskaia, Chung-Yee Lee, Vitaly A. Strusevich, Dominique de Werra. Three is easy, two is hard: open shop sum-batch scheduling problem refined
465 -- 472Janny May-Yee Leung, Eugene Levner. An efficient algorithm for multi-hoist cyclic scheduling with fixed processing times
473 -- 476Zhe George Zhang. On the convexity of the two-threshold policy for an M/G/1 queue with vacations
477 -- 0Marie-Christine Costa, Lucas Létocart, Frédéric Roupin. Erratum to A greedy algorithm for multicut and integral multiflow in rooted tress [Oper. Res. Lett 31(1) (2003) 21-27]

Volume 34, Issue 3

241 -- 250Yongpei Guan, Shabbir Ahmed, Andrew J. Miller, George L. Nemhauser. On formulations of the stochastic uncapacitated lot-sizing problem
251 -- 256Hark-Chin Hwang, Wikrom Jaruphongsa. Dynamic lot-sizing model with demand time windows and speculative cost structure
257 -- 263Adriana Felicia Gabor, Jan-Kees C. W. van Ommeren. An approximation algorithm for a facility location problem with stochastic demands and inventories
264 -- 268Abdelaziz Foul. A 1-center problem on the plane with uniformly distributed demand points
269 -- 274Vladimir G. Deineko, Bettina Klinz, Gerhard J. Woeginger. Exact algorithms for the Hamiltonian cycle problem in planar graphs
275 -- 282Andreas Westerlund, Maud Göthe-Lundgren, Torbjörn Larsson. A note on relatives to the Held and Karp 1-tree problem
283 -- 288Zeev Nutov, Israel Beniaminy, Raphael Yuster. A (1-1/::::e::::)-approximation algorithm for the generalized assignment problem
289 -- 295Giuseppe Lancia, Romeo Rizzi. A polynomial case of the parsimony haplotyping problem
296 -- 306François Vanderbeck, Martin W. P. Savelsbergh. A generic view of Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition in mixed integer programming
307 -- 315Matthew D. Bailey, Steven M. Shechter, Andrew J. Schaefer. SPAR: stochastic programming with adversarial recourse
316 -- 322Alexey Y. Golubin. Optimal decision rule in forming an insurance portfolio
323 -- 332Xin Chen, David Simchi-Levi. Coordinating inventory control and pricing strategies: The continuous review model
333 -- 338Jeroen Van Velthoven, Benny Van Houdt, Chris Blondia. On the probability of abandonment in queues with limited sojourn and waiting times
339 -- 348F. Avram, Antonio Gómez-Corral. On the optimal control of a two-queue polling model
349 -- 354J. D. Griffiths, G. M. Leonenko, J. E. Williams. The transient solution to ::::M::::/::::E::::::::::k::::::/1 queue
355 -- 360Ivo J. B. F. Adan, J. S. H. van Leeuwaarden, Erik M. M. Winands. On the application of Rouché s theorem in queueing theory

Volume 34, Issue 2

121 -- 126Madhur Malik, S. R. Mohan. Cone complementarity problems with finite solution sets
127 -- 134Y. Y. Zhou, Xiaoqi Yang. Augmented Lagrangian function, non-quadratic growth condition and exact penalization
135 -- 141Jinyan Fan, Puyan Nie. Quadratic programs over the Stiefel manifold
142 -- 148Nicolae Popovici. Structure of efficient sets in lexicographic quasiconvex multicriteria optimization
149 -- 154M. V. Devyaterikova, A. A. Kolokolov. On the stability of some integer programming algorithms
155 -- 164Lars Relund Nielsen, Daniele Pretolani, Kim Allan Andersen. Finding the ::::K:::: shortest hyperpaths using reoptimization
165 -- 174Igor Averbakh, Vasilij Lebedev. The competitive salesman problem on a network: a worst-case approach
175 -- 179Vladimir G. Deineko, Gerhard J. Woeginger. On the robust assignment problem under a fixed number of cost scenarios
180 -- 190Vivek F. Farias, Benjamin Van Roy. Approximation algorithms for dynamic resource allocation
191 -- 198Refael Hassin, Moshe Haviv. Who should be given priority in a queue?
199 -- 204Jiankui Yang, J. G. Dai, Jian-Gong You, Hanqin Zhang. A simple proof of diffusion approximations for LBFS re-entrant lines
205 -- 213Thomas Hanschke. Approximations for the mean queue length of the GI:::::::X:::::::/G:::(::::b::::, ::::b::::):::/::::c:::: queue
214 -- 218Serhan Ziya, Hayriye Ayhan, Robert D. Foley. Optimal prices for finite capacity queueing systems
219 -- 227Nelly Litvak. Optimal picking of large orders in carousel systems
228 -- 238Thomas L. Magnanti, Zuo-Jun Max Shen, Jia Shu, David Simchi-Levi, Chung-Piaw Teo. Inventory placement in acyclic supply chain networks
239 -- 240Jean Derks. Book review

Volume 34, Issue 1

1 -- 8Alexander Shapiro. On complexity of multistage stochastic programs
9 -- 16Derek E. Armstrong, Sheldon H. Jacobson. Order preserving reductions and polynomial improving paths
17 -- 21Olivier Gossner, Penélope Hernández. Coordination through De Bruijn sequences
22 -- 28Pedro C. Calleja, Arantza Estévez-Fernández, Peter Borm, Herbert Hamers. Job scheduling, cooperation, and control
29 -- 36Nihat Kasap, Haldun Aytug, Anand Paul. Minimizing makespan on a single machine subject to random breakdowns
37 -- 40T. C. Edwin Cheng, Yong He, Han Hoogeveen, Min Ji, Gerhard J. Woeginger. Scheduling with step-improving processing times
41 -- 45Özlem Ergun, James B. Orlin. Fast neighborhood search for the single machine total weighted tardiness problem
46 -- 48Anand Paul. On the unimodality of the manufacturer s objective function in the newsvendor model
49 -- 52José E. Valdés, Rómulo I. Zequeira. On the optimal allocation of two active redundancies in a two-component series system
53 -- 57Donglei Du, Santosh N. Kabadi. An improved algorithm for decomposing arc flows into multipath flows
58 -- 68Natashia Boland, John Dethridge, Irina Dumitrescu. Accelerated label setting algorithms for the elementary resource constrained shortest path problem
69 -- 76Adam Kasperski, Pawel Zielinski. The robust shortest path problem in series-parallel multidigraphs with interval data
77 -- 84Anna Galluccio, Paolo Nobili. Improved approximation of maximum vertex cover
85 -- 93José R. Correa. Resource augmentation in two-dimensional packing with orthogonal rotations
94 -- 96Nicolai N. Pisaruk. A 2-approximation algorithm for the network substitution problem
97 -- 105Arie Tamir. Locating two obnoxious facilities using the weighted maximin criterion
106 -- 110Vladimir G. Deineko, Michael Hoffmann, Yoshio Okamoto, Gerhard J. Woeginger. The traveling salesman problem with few inner points
111 -- 120Snezana Mitrovic-Minic, Ramesh Krishnamurti. The multiple TSP with time windows: vehicle bounds based on precedence graphs