Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 24, Issue 4

371 -- 401Guido Berning, Marcus Brandenburg, Korhan Gürsoy, Vipul Mehta, Franz-Josef Tölle. An integrated system solution for supply chain optimization in the chemical process industry
403 -- 429Carlos A. Méndez, Jaime Cerdá. An MILP-based approach to the short-term scheduling of make-and-pack continuous production plants
431 -- 448Christian Timpe. Solving planning and scheduling problems with combined integer and constraint programming
449 -- 465Francisca H. E. Wouda, Paul van Beek, Jack G. A. J. van der Vorst, Heiko Tacke. An application of mixed-integer linear programming models on the redesign of the supply network of Nutricia Dairy & Drinks Group in Hungary
467 -- 495V. Cristina Ivanescu, Jan C. Fransoo, J. Will M. Bertrand. Makespan estimation and order acceptance in batch process industries when processing times are uncertain
497 -- 520Wolf Fichtner, Martin Wietschel, Otto Rentz. Long term planning of inter-company energy supply concepts
521 -- 0. Book review
522 -- 0. Acknowledgement to Referees

Volume 24, Issue 3

219 -- 250Josef Kallrath. Planning and scheduling in the process industry
251 -- 279Klaus Neumann 0001, Christoph Schwindt, Norbert Trautmann. Advanced production scheduling for batch plants in process industries
281 -- 314Martin Grunow, Hans Otto Günther, Matthias Lehmann. Campaign planning for multi-stage batch processes in the chemical industry
315 -- 341Josef Kallrath. Combined strategic and operational planning - an MILP success story in chemical industry
343 -- 370Rodolfo García-Flores, Xue-Zhong Wang. A multi-agent system for chemical supply chain simulation and management support

Volume 24, Issue 2

127 -- 143Harald Hruschka, Werner Fettes, Markus Probst, Christian Mies. A flexible brand choice model based on neural net methodology A comparison to the linear utility multinomial logit model and its latent class extension
145 -- 150Harald L. Battermann, Udo Broll, Jack E. Wahl. Insurance demand and the elasticity of risk aversion
151 -- 177Anja De Waegenaere, Jacco L. Wielhouwer. Optimal tax depreciation lives and charges under regulatory constraints
179 -- 192Ramón Alvarez-Valdés, Antonio Parajón, José Manuel Tamarit. A computational study of LP-based heuristic algorithms for two-dimensional guillotine cutting stock problems
193 -- 213Kaisa Miettinen, Marko M. Mäkelä. On scalarizing functions in multiobjective optimization
215 -- 218Nejat Anbarci. A simple two-axiom characterization of the Nash solution

Volume 24, Issue 1

1 -- 18Knut Alicke. Modeling and optimization of the intermodal terminal Mega Hub
19 -- 30Peter Brucker, Silvia Heitmann, Sigrid Knust. Scheduling railway traffic at a construction site
31 -- 58Matthieu van der Heijden, Mark J. R. Ebben, Noud Gademann, Aart van Harten. Scheduling vehicles in automated transportation systems Algorithms and case study
59 -- 78Christoph Haehling von Lanzenauer, Karsten Pilz-Glombik. Coordinating supply chain decisions: an optimization model
79 -- 98Kuno J. M. Huisman, Peter M. Kort. Strategic technology investment under uncertainty
99 -- 124Marion S. Rauner. Resource allocation for HIV/AIDS control programs: a model-based policy analysis
125 -- 126. Special Issue on Risk Management Submission Deadline: June 30, 2002