Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 29, Issue 4

551 -- 577Aaron A. Levis, Lazaros G. Papageorgiou. Active demand management for substitute products through price optimisation
579 -- 595Harald Hruschka. Clusterwise pricing in stores of a retail chain
597 -- 626Yacine Rekik, Zied Jemaï, Evren Sahin, Yves Dallery. Improving the performance of retail stores subject to execution errors: coordination versus RFID technology
627 -- 641Jie Bao, Chulung Lee, Loo Hay Lee. The value of Electronic Marketplace in a perishable product inventory system with auto-correlated demand
643 -- 660Jacob Wijngaard, Fikri Karaesmen. Advance demand information and a restricted production capacity: on the optimality of order base-stock policies
661 -- 0Peng-Sheng You, Mon-Ting Wu. Optimal ordering and pricing policy for an inventory system with order cancellations
681 -- 697Liang-Yuh Ouyang, Bor-Ren Chuang, Yu-Jen Lin. Effective investment to reduce lost-sales rate in a periodic review inventory model
699 -- 722Hartanto Wong, Bram Kranenburg, Geert-Jan van Houtum, Dirk Cattrysse. Efficient heuristics for two-echelon spare parts inventory systems with an aggregate mean waiting time constraint per local warehouse
723 -- 744Hartmut Stadtler. A general quantity discount and supplier selection mixed integer programming model
745 -- 763Marc Schleyer, Kai Furmans. An analytical method for the calculation of the waiting time distribution of a discrete time G/G/1-queueing system with batch arrivals
765 -- 781Alok Singh 0001, Ashok Kumar Gupta. Two heuristics for the one-dimensional bin-packing problem
783 -- 803Katja Schimmelpfeng, Stefan Helber. Application of a real-world university-course timetabling model solved by integer programming

Volume 29, Issue 3

373 -- 374Hans Otto Günther, Tae-Eog Lee. Scheduling and control of automated manufacturing systems
375 -- 389James R. Morrison, Donald P. Martin. Performance evaluation of photolithography cluster tools
391 -- 419Chen-Fu Chien, Chien-Hung Chen. A novel timetabling algorithm for a furnace process for semiconductor fabrication with constrained waiting and frequency-based setups
421 -- 443Naiqi Wu, MengChu Zhou. Real-time deadlock-free scheduling for semiconductor track systems based on colored timed Petri nets
445 -- 470Ada Che, Chengbin Chu. Cyclic hoist scheduling in large real-life electroplating lines
471 -- 487Yoonho Seo, Chulung Lee, Chiung Moon. Tabu search algorithm for flexible flow path design of unidirectional automated-guided vehicle systems
489 -- 512Dongsheng Xu, Ning Shi, Raymond K. Cheung. Heavy traffic analysis of a single vehicle loop in an automated storage and retrieval system
513 -- 533Tobias Brüggemann, Johann L. Hurink. Two very large-scale neighborhoods for single machine scheduling
535 -- 549Belarmino Adenso-Díaz, Santiago García Carbajal, Sebastián Lozano. An efficient GRASP algorithm for disassembly sequence planning

Volume 29, Issue 2

193 -- 205Jean-Philippe Gayon, Yves Dallery. Dynamic vs static pricing in a make-to-stock queue with partially controlled production
207 -- 233Yacine Rekik, Evren Sahin, Yves Dallery. A comprehensive analysis of the Newsvendor model with unreliable supply
235 -- 0Amir Azaron, Hideki Katagiri, Kosuke Kato, Masatoshi Sakawa. A multi-objective discrete reliability optimization problem for dissimilar-unit standby systems
259 -- 294Peter Grundke. Computational aspects of integrated market and credit portfolio models
295 -- 309Mustafa Ç. Pinar. Robust scenario optimization based on downside-risk measure for multi-period portfolio selection
311 -- 334Pedro Cortesão Godinho, João Paulo Costa. A stochastic multimode model for time-cost tradeoffs under management flexibility
335 -- 350Alexander Engau, Margaret M. Wiecek. Exact generation of epsilon-efficient solutions in multiple objective programming
351 -- 372Salwani Abdullah, Samad Ahmadi, Edmund K. Burke, Moshe Dror. Investigating Ahuja-Orlin's large neighbourhood search approach for examination timetabling

Volume 29, Issue 1

1 -- 3Alf Kimms, Robert Klein. Revenue management
5 -- 20Alf Kimms, Michael Müller-Bungart. Simulation of stochastic demand data streams for network revenue management problems
21 -- 38Abhijit Gosavi, Emrah Ozkaya, Aykut F. Kahraman. Simulation optimization for revenue management of airlines with cancellations and overbooking
39 -- 60Robert Klein. Network capacity control using self-adjusting bid-prices
61 -- 83Darius Walczak, Shelby Brumelle. Semi-Markov information model for revenue management and dynamic pricing
85 -- 103Yongbo Xiao, Jian Chen, Frank Y. Chen. On a semi-dynamic pricing and seat inventory allocation problem
105 -- 121Paul Bartodziej, Ulrich Derigs, Markus Zils. O&D revenue management in cargo airlines - a mathematical programming approach
123 -- 136Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew, Mong Soon Sim. A heuristic to solve a sea cargo revenue management problem
137 -- 156Florian Defregger, Heinrich Kuhn. Revenue management for a make-to-order company with limited inventory capacity
157 -- 171Thomas Spengler, Stefan Rehkopf, Thomas Volling. Revenue management in make-to-order manufacturing - an application to the iron and steel industry
173 -- 192Gerald Reiner, Martin Natter. An encompassing view on markdown pricing strategies: an analysis of the Austrian mobile phone market