Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 31, Issue 4

707 -- 725Vera C. Hemmelmayr, Karl F. Doerner, Richard F. Hartl, Martin W. P. Savelsbergh. Delivery strategies for blood products supplies
727 -- 0Ingmar Steinzen, Leena Suhl, Natalia Kliewer. Branching strategies to improve regularity of crew schedules in ex-urban public transit
745 -- 0Jan Riezebos, Wout van Wezel. k-Shortest routing of trains on shunting yards
759 -- 0Pyung-Hoi Koo. The use of bucket brigades in zone order picking systems
775 -- 800Ana Moura, José Fernando Oliveira. An integrated approach to the vehicle routing and container loading problems
801 -- 835Matthew E. H. Petering, Yong Wu 0001, Wenkai Li, Mark Goh, Robert de Souza. Development and simulation analysis of real-time yard crane control systems for seaport container transshipment terminals

Volume 31, Issue 3

461 -- 463Stefan Nickel, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama. Logistics network design
465 -- 481Giuseppe Bruno, Gennaro Improta, Antonino Sgalambro. Models for the schedule optimization problem at a public transit terminal
483 -- 505Iván A. Contreras, Juan A. Díaz, Elena Fernández. Lagrangean relaxation for the capacitated hub location problem with single assignment
507 -- 532Saskia Kauder, Herbert Meyr. Strategic network planning for an international automotive manufacturer
533 -- 554Kerem Can Özkisacik, I. Kuban Altinel, Necati Aras. Solving probabilistic multi-facility Weber problem by vector quantization
555 -- 571Frank Plastria, Lieselot Vanhaverbeke. Maximal covering location problem with price decision for revenue maximization in a competitive environment
573 -- 599Maria Isabel Gomes Salema, Ana Paula F. D. Barbosa-Póvoa, Augusto Q. Novais. A strategic and tactical model for closed-loop supply chains
601 -- 627Boglárka Tóth, Frank Plastria, José Fernández 0001, Blas Pelegrín. On the impact of spatial pattern, aggregation, and model parameters in planar Huff-type competitive location and design problems
629 -- 0Can Yildirmaz, Selçuk Karabati, Serpil Sayin. Pricing and lot-sizing decisions in a two-echelon system with transportation costs
651 -- 678Karl F. Doerner, Walter J. Gutjahr, Pamela C. Nolz. Multi-criteria location planning for public facilities in tsunami-prone coastal areas
679 -- 705M. Elena Sáiz, Eligius M. T. Hendrix, José Fernández 0001, Blas Pelegrín. On a branch-and-bound approach for a Huff-like Stackelberg location problem

Volume 31, Issue 2

311 -- 0Ralf Bihlmaier, Achim Koberstein, René Obst. Modeling and optimizing of strategic and tactical production planning in the automotive industry under uncertainty
337 -- 0Tarkan Tan, Osman Alp. An integrated approach to inventory and flexible capacity management subject to fixed costs and non-stationary stochastic demand
361 -- 383Nawel Amrouche, Georges Zaccour. A shelf-space-dependent wholesale price when manufacturer and retailer brands compete
385 -- 404Horst Tempelmeier, Lisbeth Buschkühl. A heuristic for the dynamic multi-level capacitated lotsizing problem with linked lotsizes for general product structures
405 -- 429Paul Bartodziej, Ulrich Derigs, Dominik Malcherek, Ulrich Vogel. Models and algorithms for solving combined vehicle and crew scheduling problems with rest constraints : an application to road feeder service planning in air cargo transportation
431 -- 459Ramón Alvarez-Valdés, Francisco Parreño, José Manuel Tamarit. A branch and bound algorithm for the strip packing problem

Volume 31, Issue 1

1 -- 3Hans Otto Günther, Herbert Meyr. Supply chain planning and Advanced Planning Systems
5 -- 30Hartmut Stadtler. A framework for collaborative planning and state-of-the-art
31 -- 62Rainer Quante, Herbert Meyr, Moritz Fleischmann. Revenue management and demand fulfillment: matching applications, models, and software
63 -- 93Matthias Kannegiesser, Hans Otto Günther, Paul van Beek, Martin Grunow, Christoph Habla. Value chain management for commodities: a case study from the chemical industry
95 -- 119Christian Almeder, Margaretha Preusser, Richard F. Hartl. Simulation and optimization of supply chains: alternative or complementary approaches?
121 -- 0Youssef Boulaksil, Jan C. Fransoo, Ernico N. G. van Halm. Setting safety stocks in multi-stage inventory systems under rolling horizon mathematical programming models
141 -- 166Marcus Brandenburg, Franz-Josef Tölle. MILP-based campaign scheduling in a specialty chemicals plant: a case study
167 -- 194Pieter L. M. van Nyen, J. Will M. Bertrand, Henny P. G. van Ooijen, Nico J. Vandaele. Supplier managed inventory in the OEM supply chain: the impact of relationship types on total costs and cost distribution
195 -- 228Bogdan C. Bichescu, Michael J. Fry. Vendor-managed inventory and the effect of channel power
229 -- 256Herbert Meyr. Customer segmentation, allocation planning and order promising in make-to-stock production
257 -- 0Thomas R. Ervolina, Markus Ettl, Young M. Lee, Daniel J. Peters. Managing product availability in an assemble-to-order supply chain with multiple customer segments
281 -- 307Richard Pibernik, Prashant Yadav. Inventory reservation and real-time order promising in a Make-to-Stock system
309 -- 310. Acknowledgement to Referees