Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 32, Issue 4

861 -- 862Martin Grunow, Jack G. A. J. van der Vorst. Food production and supply chain management
863 -- 904Renzo Akkerman, Poorya Farahani, Martin Grunow. Quality, safety and sustainability in food distribution: a review of quantitative operations management approaches and challenges
905 -- 925Onur A. Kilic, Dirk Pieter van Donk, Jacob Wijngaard, S. Armagan Tarim. Order acceptance in food processing systems with random raw material requirements
927 -- 955Bilge Bilgen, Hans Otto Günther. Integrated production and distribution planning in the fast moving consumer goods industry: a block planning application
957 -- 978Aiying Rong, Martin Grunow. A methodology for controlling dispersion in food production and distribution
979 -- 996Stefan Minner, Sandra Transchel. Periodic review inventory-control for perishable products under service-level constraints

Volume 32, Issue 3

423 -- 426Ek Peng Chew, Hans Otto Günther, Kap Hwan Kim, Herbert Kopfer. IT-based planning and control of seaport container terminals and freight transportation systems
427 -- 452Jörg Wiese, Leena Suhl, Natalia Kliewer. Mathematical models and solution methods for optimal container terminal yard layouts
453 -- 476Iris F. A. Vis, Roel G. van Anholt. Performance analysis of berth configurations at container terminals
477 -- 499Niels Lang, Albert W. Veenstra. A quantitative analysis of container vessel arrival planning strategies
501 -- 517Maarten Hendriks, Marco Laumanns, Erjen Lefeber, Jan Tijmen Udding. Robust cyclic berth planning of container vessels
519 -- 541Liang-Ping Ku, Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew, Kok-Choon Tan. An optimisation framework for yard planning in a container terminal: case with automated rail-mounted gantry cranes
543 -- 567Pasquale Legato, Rina Mary Mazza, Roberto Trunfio. Simulation-based optimization for discharge/loading operations at a maritime container terminal
569 -- 591Frank Meisel, Matthias G. Wichmann. Container sequencing for quay cranes with internal reshuffles
593 -- 615Taejin Park, Ri Choe, Seung Min Ok, Kwang Ryel Ryu. Real-time scheduling for twin RMGs in an automated container yard
617 -- 632Ulrich Dorndorf, Frank Schneider. Scheduling automated triple cross-over stacking cranes in a container yard
633 -- 661Matthew E. H. Petering. Development and simulation analysis of real-time, dual-load yard truck control systems for seaport container transshipment terminals
663 -- 685Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew, Kok-Choon Tan, Yuan Wang 0003. Vehicle dispatching algorithms for container transshipment hubs
687 -- 716Bram Borgman, Eelco van Asperen, Rommert Dekker. Online rules for container stacking
717 -- 738Kevin Cullinane, Tengfei Wang. The efficiency analysis of container port production using DEA panel data approaches
739 -- 763Eugene Y. C. Wong, Henry Y. K. Lau, Kai-Ling Mak. Immunity-based evolutionary algorithm for optimal global container repositioning in liner shipping
765 -- 786Ilkyeong Moon, Anh-Dung Do Ngoc, Yun-Su Hur. Positioning empty containers among multiple ports with leasing and purchasing considerations
787 -- 808Ruiyou Zhang, Won Young Yun, Herbert Kopfer. Heuristic-based truck scheduling for inland container transportation
809 -- 830Carolin Püttmann, Hartmut Stadtler. A collaborative planning approach for intermodal freight transportation
831 -- 859Jörn Schönberger. Adaptive demand peak management in online transport process planning

Volume 32, Issue 2

231 -- 261Lisbeth Buschkühl, Florian Sahling, Stefan Helber, Horst Tempelmeier. Dynamic capacitated lot-sizing problems: a classification and review of solution approaches
263 -- 291Jan Christian Lang, Wolfgang Domschke. Efficient reformulations for dynamic lot-sizing problems with product substitution
293 -- 317Ek Peng Chew, Loo Hay Lee, Yew Loon Lau. Component allocation and ordering policy in a multi-component, multi-product assembled to stock system
319 -- 341Karin T. Möllering, Ulrich W. Thonemann. An optimal constant level rationing policy under service level constraints
343 -- 368Christian Heimerl, Rainer Kolisch. Scheduling and staffing multiple projects with a multi-skilled workforce
369 -- 394Doreen Krüger, Armin Scholl. Managing and modelling general resource transfers in (multi-)project scheduling
395 -- 421Martijn Mes, Matthieu van der Heijden, Peter Schuur. Look-ahead strategies for dynamic pickup and delivery problems

Volume 32, Issue 1

1 -- 20Holger Asseburg, Christian Hofmann. Relative performance evaluation and contract externalities
21 -- 48Winfried J. Steiner. A Stackelberg-Nash model for new product design
49 -- 60Günter Bamberg, Andreas Neuhierl. On the non-existence of conditional value-at-risk under heavy tails and short sales
61 -- 76Rainer Baule. Optimal portfolio selection for the small investor considering risk and transaction costs
77 -- 107Alexandre Beaudry, Gilbert Laporte, M. Teresa Melo, Stefan Nickel. Dynamic transportation of patients in hospitals
109 -- 134Stefan Helber, Kirsten Henken. Profit-oriented shift scheduling of inbound contact centers with skills-based routing, impatient customers, and retrials
135 -- 161Nils Boysen, Malte Fliedner, Armin Scholl. Scheduling inbound and outbound trucks at cross docking terminals
163 -- 193Robert L. Burdett, Erhan Kozan. A sequencing approach for creating new train timetables
195 -- 210María del Mar Muñoz, Mariano Luque, Francisco Ruiz 0002. INTEREST: a reference-point-based interactive procedure for stochastic multiobjective programming problems
211 -- 227Petri Eskelinen, Kaisa Miettinen, Kathrin Klamroth, Jussi Hakanen. Pareto navigator for interactive nonlinear multiobjective optimization
229 -- 230. Acknowledgement to Referees