Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 35, Issue 4

771 -- 772Laureano F. Escudero, Stefan Minner. Editorial special issue on "Robust and stochastic optimization in production systems and supply chain management"
773 -- 806Douglas José Alem, Reinaldo Morabito. Risk-averse two-stage stochastic programs in furniture plants
807 -- 834Tim Schöneberg, Achim Koberstein, Leena Suhl. A stochastic programming approach to determine robust delivery profiles in area forwarding inbound logistics networks
835 -- 865Ban Kawas, Marco Laumanns, Eleni Pratsini. A robust optimization approach to enhancing reliability in production planning under non-compliance risks
867 -- 903Walid Klibi, Alain Martel. The design of robust value-creating supply chain networks
905 -- 933Ali Bozorgi-Amiri, Mohamad Saeed Jabalameli, S. M. J. Mirzapour Al-e-hashem. A multi-objective robust stochastic programming model for disaster relief logistics under uncertainty
935 -- 936Anil Arya, Stefan Minner, Thomas Pfeiffer. Editorial Special Issue on "Operations Research and Accounting in Supply Chain Coordination"
937 -- 956Ying-Ju Chen. Risk-incentives trade-off and outside options
957 -- 974François Larmande. Voluntary ambiguity in incentive contracts
975 -- 1007Michael Krapp, Johannes Nebel, Ramin Sahamie. Using forecasts and managerial accounting information to enhance closed-loop supply chain management
1009 -- 1037Markus Brunner. Wholesale price discrimination with interdependent retailers
1039 -- 1058Ni-Na Yan, Bao-Wen Sun. Coordinating loan strategies for supply chain financing with limited credit
1059 -- 1084Fouad El Ouardighi, Steffen Jørgensen, Federico Pasin. A dynamic game with monopolist manufacturer and price-competing duopolist retailers

Volume 35, Issue 3

543 -- 561Tammy Drezner, Zvi Drezner. Voronoi diagrams with overlapping regions
563 -- 583Remco Germs, Nicky D. van Foreest. Analysis of finite-buffer state-dependent bulk queues
585 -- 608Li Ding, Kevin D. Glazebrook. Dynamic routing in distinguishable parallel queues: an application of product returns for remanufacturing
609 -- 638Tal Raviv. An efficient algorithm for maximizing the expected profit from a serial production line with inspection stations and rework
639 -- 657Christopher Garcia, Ghaith Rabadi. Exact and approximate methods for parallel multiple-area spatial scheduling with release times
659 -- 689Yuri N. Sotskov, Tsung-Chyan Lai, Frank Werner 0001. Measures of problem uncertainty for scheduling with interval processing times
691 -- 710Rui Jiang, Michael Jong Kim, Viliam Makis. Availability maximization under partial observations
711 -- 733Alena Otto, Armin Scholl. Reducing ergonomic risks by job rotation scheduling
735 -- 769Jan Christian Lang, Thomas Widjaja. OREX-J: towards a universal software framework for the experimental analysis of optimization algorithms

Volume 35, Issue 2

325 -- 362Ulrich Derigs, Stefan Friederichs. Air cargo scheduling: integrated models and solution procedures
363 -- 398Byung Kwon Lee, Kap Hwan Kim. Optimizing the yard layout in container terminals
399 -- 416Florian Jaehn. Positioning of loading units in a transshipment yard storage area
417 -- 439Xinjia Jiang, Ek Peng Chew, Loo Hay Lee, Kok-Choon Tan. Flexible space-sharing strategy for storage yard management in a transshipment hub port
441 -- 456M. P. M. Hendriks, Erjen Lefeber, Jan Tijmen Udding. Simultaneous berth allocation and yard planning at tactical level
457 -- 478Kris Braekers, An Caris, Gerrit K. Janssens. Integrated planning of loaded and empty container movements
479 -- 504Nils Boysen, Dirk Briskorn, Martin Tschöke. Truck scheduling in cross-docking terminals with fixed outbound departures
505 -- 542Gleb Belov, Vadim M. Kartak, Heide Rohling, Guntram Scheithauer. Conservative scales in packing problems

Volume 35, Issue 1

1 -- 32Sofia Panagiotidou, George Nenes, Christos Zikopoulos. Optimal procurement and sampling decisions under stochastic yield of returns in reverse supply chains
33 -- 73Florian Seeanner, Herbert Meyr. Multi-stage simultaneous lot-sizing and scheduling for flow line production
75 -- 105Stefan Helber, Florian Sahling, Katja Schimmelpfeng. Dynamic capacitated lot sizing with random demand and dynamic safety stocks
107 -- 126Thomas Wensing, Heinrich Kuhn. Analysis of a multi-component periodic review inventory system in an assembly environment
127 -- 151Ek Peng Chew, Loo Hay Lee, Shudong Liu. Dynamic rationing and ordering policies for multiple demand classes
153 -- 162Sven Axsäter. When is it feasible to model low discrete demand by a normal distribution?
163 -- 190Ek Peng Chew, Loo Hay Lee, Chee-Khian Sim. The impact of supply chain visibility when lead time is random
191 -- 219Peter Letmathe, Lars Petersen, Marcus Schweitzer. Capacity management under uncertainty with inter-process, intra-process and demand interdependencies in high-flexibility environments
221 -- 249Nasuh C. Buyukkaramikli, J. Will M. Bertrand, Henny P. G. van Ooijen. Periodic capacity management under a lead-time performance constraint
251 -- 290Michiel M. Jansen, Ton G. de Kok, Jan C. Fransoo. Lead time anticipation in Supply Chain Operations Planning
291 -- 320Armin Scholl, Nils Boysen, Malte Fliedner. The assembly line balancing and scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times: problem extension, model formulation and efficient heuristics
321 -- 323. Acknowledgement to Referees