Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 39, Issue 4

913 -- 943Charlotte Vilhelmsen, Richard Martin Lusby, Jesper Larsen. Tramp ship routing and scheduling with voyage separation requirements
945 -- 975Alena Otto, Nils Boysen, Armin Scholl, Rico Walter. Ergonomic workplace design in the fast pick area
977 -- 1010Daniela Guericke, Leena Suhl. The home health care problem with working regulations
1011 -- 1033Stefan Miskovic. A VNS-LP algorithm for the robust dynamic maximal covering location problem
1035 -- 1053Andreas Falke, Harald Hruschka. A Monte Carlo study of design-generating algorithms for the latent class mixed logit model
1055 -- 1069Dong-Mei Zhu, Wai-Ki Ching, Robert J. Elliott, Tak Kuen Siu, Lianmin Zhang. A Higher-order interactive hidden Markov model and its applications
1071 -- 1096F. Zeynep Sargut, Caner Altuntas, Dilek Cetin Tulazoglu. Multi-objective integrated acyclic crew rostering and vehicle assignment problem in public bus transportation
1097 -- 1125Benjamin Legros, Sihan Ding, Rob van der Mei, Oualid Jouini. Call centers with a postponed callback offer

Volume 39, Issue 3

623 -- 658Jonas Ingels, Broos Maenhout. Employee substitutability as a tool to improve the robustness in personnel scheduling
659 -- 687Musa Çaglar, Sinan Gürel. Public R&D project portfolio selection problem with cancellations
689 -- 709Youssef Boulaksil, Jan C. Fransoo, Tarkan Tan. Capacity reservation and utilization for a manufacturer with uncertain capacity and demand
711 -- 748Sajjad Rahimi-Ghahroodi, Ahmad Al Hanbali, W. H. M. Zijm, Jan-Kees C. W. van Ommeren, Andrei Sleptchenko. Integrated planning of spare parts and service engineers with partial backlogging
749 -- 773Thijs van der Klauw, Marco E. T. Gerards, Johann L. Hurink. Resource allocation problems in decentralized energy management
775 -- 791Mercedes Pelegrín, Blas Pelegrín. Nash equilibria in location games on a network
793 -- 819Friederike Paetz, Winfried J. Steiner. The benefits of incorporating utility dependencies in finite mixture probit models
821 -- 860Ruiyue Lin, Zhiping Chen, Qianhui Hu, Zongxin Li. Dynamic network DEA approach with diversification to multi-period performance evaluation of funds
861 -- 880Akram Dehnokhalaji, Behjat Hallaji, Narges Soltani, Jafar Sadeghi. Convex cone-based ranking of decision-making units in DEA
881 -- 911Mohsen Afsharian, Heinz Ahn. Multi-period productivity measurement under centralized management with an empirical illustration to German saving banks

Volume 39, Issue 2

353 -- 371Cédric Verbeeck, Vincent Van Peteghem, Mario Vanhoucke, Pieter Vansteenwegen, El Houssaine Aghezzaf. A metaheuristic solution approach for the time-constrained project scheduling problem
373 -- 401Mehdi Nourinejad, Matthew J. Roorda. A continuous approximation model for the fleet composition problem on the rectangular grid
403 -- 445Anett Weber, Winfried J. Steiner, Stefan Lang 0003. A comparison of semiparametric and heterogeneous store sales models for optimal category pricing
447 -- 472Michail Chronopoulos, Verena Hagspiel, Stein-Erik Fleten. Stepwise investment and capacity sizing under uncertainty
473 -- 503Stefan Fedtke, Nils Boysen. Gantry crane and shuttle car scheduling in modern rail-rail transshipment yards
505 -- 539Amita Sharma, Sebastian Utz, Aparna Mehra. Omega-CVaR portfolio optimization and its worst case analysis
541 -- 556Timo Gschwind, Stefan Irnich. Stabilized column generation for the temporal knapsack problem using dual-optimal inequalities
557 -- 587Onur Can Saka, Sinan Gürel, Tom Van Woensel. Using cost change estimates in a local search heuristic for the pollution routing problem
589 -- 606Onur Kaya, Aylin Lelizar Polat. Coordinated pricing and inventory decisions for perishable products
607 -- 622Christian Larsen. Inventory control with and without deliveries in several pieces

Volume 39, Issue 1

1 -- 64Karina Copil, Martin Wörbelauer, Herbert Meyr, Horst Tempelmeier. Simultaneous lotsizing and scheduling problems: a classification and review of models
65 -- 93Ulrich Dorndorf, Florian Jaehn, Erwin Pesch. Flight gate assignment and recovery strategies with stochastic arrival and departure times
95 -- 135Seçil Savasaneril, Ece Sayin. Dynamic lead time quotation under responsive inventory and multiple customer classes
137 -- 164Nils Boysen, Joachim Scholl, Konrad Stephan. When road trains supply freight trains: scheduling the container loading process by gantry crane between multi-trailer trucks and freight trains
165 -- 191H. G. H. Tiemessen, Moritz Fleischmann, G. J. van Houtum. Dynamic control in multi-item production/inventory systems
193 -- 229Tom Vogel, Bernardo Almada-Lobo, Christian Almeder. Integrated versus hierarchical approach to aggregate production planning and master production scheduling
231 -- 272Ismaila Abderhamane Ndiaye, Emmanuel Néron, Antoine Jouglet. Macroscopic evacuation plans for natural disasters
273 -- 301Pablo Escalona, Fernando Ordóñez, Ismael Kauak. Critical level rationing in inventory systems with continuously distributed demand
303 -- 319Margaretha Gansterer, Murat Küçüktepe, Richard F. Hartl. The multi-vehicle profitable pickup and delivery problem
321 -- 345Simon Emde. Scheduling the replenishment of just-in-time supermarkets in assembly plants
347 -- 0. Outstanding reviewer award 2016
349 -- 352. Acknowledgement to Referees