Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 40, Issue 4

831 -- 835Alexander H. Hübner, Pedro Amorim, Heinrich Kuhn, Stefan Minner, Tom Van Woensel. Retail operations
837 -- 873Bernhard Baumgartner, Daniel Guhl, Thomas Kneib, Winfried J. Steiner. Flexible estimation of time-varying effects for frequently purchased retail goods: a modeling approach based on household panel data
875 -- 912Hans Corsten, Michael Hopf, Benedikt Kasper, Clemens Thielen. Assortment planning for multiple chain stores
913 -- 944Thomas Wensing, Michael G. Sternbeck, Heinrich Kuhn. Optimizing case-pack sizes in the bricks-and-mortar retail trade
945 -- 968Özgün Turgut, Florian Taube, Stefan Minner. Data-driven retail inventory management with backroom effect
969 -- 996Robert Klein, Jochen Mackert, Michael Neugebauer, Claudius Steinhardt. A model-based approximation of opportunity cost for dynamic pricing in attended home delivery
997 -- 1027Manuel Ostermeier, Sara Martins, Pedro Amorim, Alexander H. Hübner. Loading constraints for a multi-compartment vehicle routing problem
1029 -- 1075Henriette Koch, Andreas Bortfeldt, Gerhard Wäscher. A hybrid algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with backhauls, time windows and three-dimensional loading constraints
1077 -- 1108Adria Soriano, Margaretha Gansterer, Richard F. Hartl. The two-region multi-depot pickup and delivery problem
1109 -- 1139Daniel Schubert, André Scholz, Gerhard Wäscher. Integrated order picking and vehicle routing with due dates
1141 -- 1170Nils Boysen, David Boywitz, Felix Weidinger. Deep-lane storage of time-critical items: one-sided versus two-sided access

Volume 40, Issue 3

583 -- 611Dominik Kress, Sebastian Meiswinkel, Erwin Pesch. Mechanism design for machine scheduling problems: classification and literature overview
613 -- 635Margaretha Gansterer, Richard F. Hartl. Centralized bundle generation in auction-based collaborative transportation
637 -- 678Maryam Radman, Kourosh Eshghi. Designing a multi-service healthcare network based on the impact of patients' flow among medical services
679 -- 709Alexander H. Hübner, Heinrich Kuhn, Manuel Walther. Combining clinical departments and wards in maximum-care hospitals
711 -- 750Jochen Gönsch, Michael Hassler, Rouven Schur. Optimizing conditional value-at-risk in dynamic pricing
751 -- 780Pedram Sahba, Baris Balcioglu, Dragan Banjevic. Multilevel rationing policy for spare parts when demand is state dependent
781 -- 808Soondo Hong. The effects of picker-oriented operational factors on hand-off delay in a bucket brigade order picking system
809 -- 829Matthias Bultmann, Sigrid Knust, Stefan Waldherr. Flow shop scheduling with flexible processing times

Volume 40, Issue 2

317 -- 318Nils Boysen, Dirk Briskorn, Sigrid Knust. Rail terminal operations
319 -- 339Martin Tschöke, Nils Boysen. Container supply with multi-trailer trucks: parking strategies to speed up the gantry crane-based loading of freight trains in rail yards
341 -- 366Hilde Heggen, Kris Braekers, An Caris. A multi-objective approach for intermodal train load planning
367 -- 393Florian Jaehn, Alena Otto, Kilian Seifried. Shunting operations at flat yards: retrieving freight railcars from storage tracks
395 -- 447Antonino Chiarello, Manlio Gaudioso, Marcello Sammarra. Truck synchronization at single door cross-docking terminals
449 -- 477Gudrun P. Kiesmüller, Karl Inderfurth. Approaches for periodic inventory control under random production yield and fixed setup cost
479 -- 0Gudrun P. Kiesmüller, Karl Inderfurth. Publisher Correction: Approaches for periodic inventory control under random production yield and fixed setup cost
481 -- 516W. Grauberger, Alf Kimms. Computing pure Nash equilibria in network revenue management games
517 -- 540Daniel Hach, Stefan Spinler. Robustness of capacity markets: a stochastic dynamic capacity investment model
541 -- 582Huiling Wu, Chengguo Weng, Yan Zeng. Equilibrium consumption and portfolio decisions with stochastic discount rate and time-varying utility functions

Volume 40, Issue 1

1 -- 21Stefan Schwerdfeger, Nils Boysen, Dirk Briskorn. Just-in-time logistics for far-distant suppliers: scheduling truck departures from an intermediate cross-docking terminal
23 -- 68Feng Li, Qingyuan Zhu, Jun Zhuang. Analysis of fire protection efficiency in the United States: a two-stage DEA-based approach
69 -- 95Judith Timmer, Richard J. Boucherie, Esmé Lammers, Niek Baer, Maarten Bos, Arjan Feenstra. Estimating the potential of collaborating professionals, with an application to the Dutch film industry
97 -- 124Thomas Kirschstein, Christian Bierwirth. The selective Traveling Salesman Problem with emission allocation rules
125 -- 157Rahma Lahyani, Leandro C. Coelho, Jacques Renaud. Alternative formulations and improved bounds for the multi-depot fleet size and mix vehicle routing problem
159 -- 186Zümbül Atan, Lawrence V. Snyder, George R. Wilson. Transshipment policies for systems with multiple retailers and two demand classes
187 -- 231Nilay Noyan, Gökçe Kahvecioglu. Stochastic last mile relief network design with resource reallocation
233 -- 263Loe Schlicher, Marco Slikker, Geert-Jan van Houtum. Pooling of critical, low-utilization resources with unavailability
265 -- 310Hannes Schwarz, Valentin Bertsch, Wolf Fichtner. Two-stage stochastic, large-scale optimization of a decentralized energy system: a case study focusing on solar PV, heat pumps and storage in a residential quarter
311 -- 0. Outstanding reviewer award 2017
313 -- 316. Acknowledgement to Referees