Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 41, Issue 4

867 -- 870Stefan Helber, Ton de Kok, Heinrich Kuhn, Michael Manitz, Andrea Matta, Raik Stolletz. Quantitative approaches in production management
871 -- 893Frank Benda, Roland Braune, Karl F. Doerner, Richard F. Hartl. A machine learning approach for flow shop scheduling problems with alternative resources, sequence-dependent setup times, and blocking
895 -- 942Dirk Briskorn, Philipp Zeise. A cyclic production scheme for the synchronized and integrated two-level lot-sizing and scheduling problem with no-wait restrictions and stochastic demand
943 -- 979Andreas Hottenrott, Martin Grunow. Flexible layouts for the mixed-model assembly of heterogeneous vehicles
981 -- 1024Konstantin Kloos, Richard Pibernik, Benedikt Schulte. Allocation planning in sales hierarchies with stochastic demand and service-level targets
1025 -- 1056Hartmut Stadtler, Malte Meistering. Model formulations for the capacitated lot-sizing problem with service-level constraints
1057 -- 1085Baris Tan. Production Control with Price, Cost, and Demand Uncertainty
1087 -- 1121David Füßler, Nils Boysen, Konrad Stephan. Trolley line picking: storage assignment and order sequencing to increase picking performance
1123 -- 1149Barnabé Walheer. Dynamic directional nonparametric profit efficiency analysis for a single decision-making unit: an aggregation approach

Volume 41, Issue 3

613 -- 614Jason Atkin, Han Hoogeveen, Raik Stolletz. Airport operations management
615 -- 639Bert Dijk, Bruno F. Santos, João P. Pita. The recoverable robust stand allocation problem: a GRU airport case study
641 -- 681Marcella Samà, Andrea D'Ariano, Konstantin Palagachev, Matthias Gerdts. Integration methods for aircraft scheduling and trajectory optimization at a busy terminal manoeuvring area
683 -- 725Altan Yalcin, Achim Koberstein, Kai-Oliver Schocke. Motion and layout planning in a grid-based early baggage storage system
727 -- 756David Füßler, Stefan Fedtke, Nils Boysen. The cafeteria problem: order sequencing and picker routing in on-the-line picking systems
757 -- 785German A. Velasquez, Maria E. Mayorga, Eduardo A. R. Cruz. Prepositioning inventory for disasters: a robust and equitable model
787 -- 807Fangqing Wei, Junfei Chu, Jiayun Song, Feng Yang 0005. A cross-bargaining game approach for direction selection in the directional distance function
809 -- 830Hoon Jang. Designing capacity rollout plan for neonatal care service system in Korea
831 -- 865Jürgen Branke, Wen Zhang. Identifying efficient solutions via simulation: myopic multi-objective budget allocation for the bi-objective case

Volume 41, Issue 2

327 -- 356Sinem Savaser, Ömer Burak Kinay, Bahar Yetis Kara, Pelin Cay. Organ transplantation logistics: a case for Turkey
357 -- 389Alessandro Hill, Roberto Baldacci, Edna Ayako Hoshino. Capacitated ring arborescence problems with profits
391 -- 413Yue Zhou-Kangas, Kaisa Miettinen. Decision making in multiobjective optimization problems under uncertainty: balancing between robustness and quality
415 -- 468Afsaneh Amiri, Majid Salari. Time-constrained maximal covering routing problem
469 -- 489Nir Halman, Mikhail Y. Kovalyov, Alain Quilliot, Dvir Shabtay, Moshe Zofi. Bi-criteria path problem with minimum length and maximum survival probability
491 -- 512Timo Gschwind. Route feasibility testing and forward time slack for the Synchronized Pickup and Delivery Problem
513 -- 548Chandra Ade Irawan, Graham Wall, Dylan F. Jones. An optimisation model for scheduling the decommissioning of an offshore wind farm
549 -- 580Alena Otto, Erwin Pesch. The train-to-yard assignment problem
581 -- 611Frank Gurski, Carolin Rehs, Jochen Rethmann, Egon Wanke. Controlling distribution conveyors and multiline palletizers: theoretical foundations and online algorithms

Volume 41, Issue 1

1 -- 43Martin Wörbelauer, Herbert Meyr, Bernardo Almada-Lobo. Simultaneous lotsizing and scheduling considering secondary resources: a general model, literature review and classification
45 -- 69Dirk Briskorn, Florian Jaehn, Andreas Wiehl. A generator for test instances of scheduling problems concerning cranes in transshipment terminals
71 -- 97A. Lust, Karl-Heinz Waldmann. A general storage model with applications to energy systems
99 -- 145Zühal Kartal, Mohan Krishnamoorthy, Andreas T. Ernst. p-hub center problem with routing considerations
147 -- 178Qiushi Chen, Lei Zhao, Jan C. Fransoo, Zhe Li. Dual-mode inventory management under a chance credit constraint
179 -- 217Dominik Kress, David Müller, Jenny Nossack. A worker constrained flexible job shop scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times
219 -- 254Yangyang Liang, Nanfang Cui, Tian Wang, Erik Demeulemeester. Robust resource-constrained max-NPV project scheduling with stochastic activity duration
255 -- 290N. C. Caballé, I. T. Castro. Assessment of the maintenance cost and analysis of availability measures in a finite life cycle for a system subject to competing failures
291 -- 315Nico Goossens, Ananth Krishnamurthy, Nico Vandaele. Analysis of a fork/join station with inputs from a finite population subnetwork with multi-server stations
317 -- 0. Outstanding Reviewer Award 2018
319 -- 326. Acknowledgement to Reviewers