Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 27, Issue 6

289 -- 296Svyatoslav Sergeevich Lavrov. On the Relationship between Foundations of Programming and Mathematics
297 -- 308Leonid B. Sokolinsky. Organization of Parallel Query Processing in Multiprocessor Database Machines with Hierarchical Architecture
309 -- 319Nikolay A. Anisimov, E. A. Golenkov, D. I. Kharitonov. Compositional Petri Net Approach to the Development of Concurrent and Distributed Systems
320 -- 328A. M. Gorelik. Up-to-Date International Standards of the Fortran Programming Language
329 -- 335Michael Okhtilev. Construction of Programs for Real-Time Processing and Analysis of Measuring Information
336 -- 344V. A. Koloskov, M. V. Medvedeva. Models of Active Environment of Self-Organization of Fault-Tolerant Multimicrocontroller
345 -- 347E. A. Zhogolev. The Research Workshop on Computer-Aided Programming in 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 Academic Years

Volume 27, Issue 5

227 -- 237Vladimir L. Averbukh. Visualization Metaphors
238 -- 244Victor V. Toporkov. Satisfiability of Dataflow Models of Distributed Programs
245 -- 251A. G. Tormasov, M. A. Khasin, Yu. I. Pakhomov. Ensuring Fault-Tolerance in Distributed Media
252 -- 259V. V. Prokhorov, D. V. Smirnov. A Model of Estimation and Optimization of Expenditures in Multilevel Fuzzy Environments
260 -- 276A. A. Shalyto, N. I. Tukkel. SWITCH Technology: An Automated Approach to Developing Software for Reactive Systems
277 -- 288B. F. Melnikov. Heuristics in Programming of Nondeterministic Games

Volume 27, Issue 4

169 -- 169Victor E. Malyshkin. From the Editor of the Special Issue on Parallel Computations
170 -- 182Olga L. Bandman. Fine-Grained Parallelism in Computational Mathematics
183 -- 193Irina A. Lomazova. Recursive Nested Petri Nets: Analysis of Semantic Properties and Expessibility
194 -- 199S. V. Bakhanovich, Nickolai A. Likhoded. A Method for Parallelizing Algorithms by Vector Scheduling Functions
200 -- 206A. S. Nepomniaschaya. Representation of Edmonds Algorithm for Finding Optimum Graph Branching on Associative Parallel Processors
207 -- 216V. A. Torgashev, I. V. Tsarev. Means for Organization of Parallel Computations and Programming for Multiprocessors with Dynamic Architecture
217 -- 226Alexander P. Vazhenin, Nikolay N. Mirenkov. Visual Programming System VIM

Volume 27, Issue 3

111 -- 122Alexey Kalinov, Alexey L. Lastovetsky, Ilya Ledovskih, Mikhail Posypkin. Compilation of Vector Statements of C[] Language for Architectures with Multilevel Memory Hierarchy
123 -- 129V. A. Krukov, R. V. Udovichenko. Debugging DVM Programs
130 -- 138E. A. Zhogolev. Graphical Editors and Graphic Grammars
139 -- 141Yuri A. Blinkov. Method of Separative Monomials for Involutive Divisions
142 -- 145Vladimir V. Kornyak. Computation of Cohomologies of Lie Superalgebras: Algorithm and Implementation
146 -- 164Victor N. Kasyanov. Graph Applications in Programming
165 -- 167L. V. Gorodnyaya, D. V. Irtegov, N. N. Nepeivoda, Igor V. Pottosin, Tatiana G. Churina. All-Siberian Open Olympiad in Programming (Novosibirsk State University)

Volume 27, Issue 2

57 -- 0Igor V. Pottosin. Preface to the Special Issue of the Journal
58 -- 68V. A. Nepomniaschy, Gennady I. Alekseev, Alexandre V. Bystrov, Sergey P. Mylnikov, E. V. Okunishnikova, P. A. Chubarev, Tatiana G. Churina. Verification of Estelle-Specified Communication Protocols Using High-Level Petri Nets
69 -- 77Danil E. Baburin, Mikhail A. Bulyonkov, Pavel G. Emelianov, N. N. Filatkina. Visualization Facilities in Program Reengineering
78 -- 85S. I. Katkov, Igor V. Pottosin. Support Facilities for Development of Parallel Computational Algorithms
86 -- 94S. K. Chernonozhkin. Automated Test Generation and Static Analysis
95 -- 100Evgueni S. Petrov, Tatyana M. Yakhno. Subdefinite Models and Logic Programming: Implementation of Constraints
101 -- 110M. Yu. Loenko. Evaluating Elementary Functions with Guaranteed Precision

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 3Sergei A. Abramov, A. P. Kryukov, V. A. Rostovtsev. The Scientific Research Seminar on Computer Algebra in 1999-2000
4 -- 5S. I. Serdyukova. Solution of the Inverse Problem for the Two-Dimensional Discrete Schrödinger Equation Using REDUCE
6 -- 11A. M. Mitichkina, Anna A. Ryabenko. Representation of Algebraic Functions As Power and Fractional Power Series of Special Type
12 -- 17D. E. Khmelnov. MEG-Eliminations
18 -- 21Alexander Gusev, V. N. Samoilov, V. A. Rostovtsev, Sergey I. Vinitsky. Algebraic Perturbation Theory for Hydrogen Atom in Weak Electric Fields
22 -- 24Vladimir P. Gerdt, D. A. Yanovich, Yuri A. Blinkov. Fast Search for the Janet Divisor
25 -- 28Marina V. Kondratieva, V. A. Mityunin. Computation of the Differential Dimension Polynomial When Changing Generators in the Dirac Equations
29 -- 34A. V. Niukkanen, P. A. Niukkanen. Diagram Technique for Hypergeometric Series of Several Variables
35 -- 42Ha Q. Le. On the q-Analogue of Zeilberger s Algorithm to Rational Functions
43 -- 49M. V. Sosnin. An Algorithm for Nonparametric Decomposition of Differential Polynomials
50 -- 56V. M. Mikhelev. Data Definition in the Programming Language MARKIZ