Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 29, Issue 6

295 -- 295. On the 75th Birthday of Vladimir Vasil evich Lipaev
296 -- 297Alexandre Petrenko. Verification, Validation, and Testing of Software: Special Issue of the Programmirovanie Journal
298 -- 309Vladimir Vasil evich Lipaev. A Methodology of Verification and Testing of Large Software Systems
310 -- 322Victor V. Kuliamin, Alexander K. Petrenko, Alexander Kossatchev, Igor B. Burdonov. The UniTesK Approach to Designing Test Suites
323 -- 327L. Ol khovich, D. V. Koznov. OCL-Based Automated Validation Method for UML Specifications
328 -- 337Alexandre V. Zamulin. Algebraic Semantics of an Imperative Programming Language
338 -- 350V. A. Nepomniaschy, Igor S. Anureev, Alexey V. Promsky. Towards Verification of C Programs: Axiomatic Semantics of the C-kernel Language

Volume 29, Issue 5

239 -- 244D. Yu. Buryak, Yu. V. Vizil ter. Automated Construction of Identification Procedures for Objects Belonging to Several Classes
245 -- 258Igor B. Bourdonov, Alexander Kossatchev, Victor V. Kuliamin. Irredundant Algorithms for Traversing Directed Graphs: The Deterministic Case
259 -- 270Alexandre V. Zamulin. Formal Semantics of Java Expressions and Statements
270 -- 276Rimma I. Podlovchenko. On Program Schemes with Commuting and Monotone Operators
277 -- 282V. A. Vasenin, E. E. Dolgalev. ProXForms Language at the Stage of Web Technologies Evolution from HTML Forms to XForms
283 -- 293L. G. Novak, Sergei D. Kuznetsov. Canonical Forms of XML Schemas

Volume 29, Issue 4

183 -- 186L. N. Korolev. From the Editor of the Special Issue
187 -- 198A. Yu. Dorogov. Implementation of Spectral Transformations in the Class of Fast Neural Networks
199 -- 209V. A. Kostenko, A. V. Vinokurov. Locally Optimal Algorithms for Designing Schedules Based on Hopfield Networks
210 -- 218Alexander Zhirkov, D. N. Kortchagine, A. S. Lukin, A. S. Krylov, Yuri Bayakovskii. Graphic Representation Method and Neural Network Recognition of Time-Frequency Vectors of Speech Information
219 -- 227M. I. Markin. Synthesis of Neural Network-Based Approximators with Heterogeneous Architecture
228 -- 237Mikhail Petrovskiy. Outlier Detection Algorithms in Data Mining Systems

Volume 29, Issue 3

121 -- 129Victor V. Toporkov. Decidability of the Analysis Problem for Dataflow Models of Programs
130 -- 139Alexandre V. Zamulin. An ASM-based Formal Model of a Java Program
140 -- 146S. V. Coox. Axiomatization of the Evolution of XML Database Schema
147 -- 160Pierfrancesco Bellini, M. Buonopane, Paolo Nesi. Assessment of a Flexible Architecture for Distributed Control*
161 -- 172V. A. Vasenin, V. V. Korneev, M. Yu. Landina, V. A. Roganov. Functional Active Monitoring System FLAME
173 -- 179Nickolai A. Likhoded. Distribution of Operations and Data Arrays over Processors

Volume 29, Issue 2

55 -- 58Sergei A. Abramov, A. P. Kryukov, V. A. Rostovtsev. The Scientific Research Seminar on Computer Algebra in 2001-2002
59 -- 71Gennadi I. Malaschonok. Solution of Systems of Linear Equations by the p-Adic Method
72 -- 74Vladimir P. Gerdt, D. A. Yanovich. Implementation of the FGLM Algorithm and Finding Roots of Polynomial Involutive Systems
75 -- 82S. L. Skorokhodov. Computer Algebra and Computing Special Functions
83 -- 87Giuseppa CarrĂ  Ferro, Vladimir P. Gerdt. Improved Kolchin-Ritt Algorithm
88 -- 93V. V. Kislenkov. Grid-Oriented Computation: Modified Bessel Functions nu(z) and nu(z)
94 -- 99Vladimir V. Kornyak. A Method of Splitting Cochain Complexes for Computing Cohomology: Lie Algebra of Hamiltonian Vector Fields H(2|0)
100 -- 103A. M. Mitichkina. Implementation of an Algorithm for Finding Analyticity Conditions for a Solution of a Difference Equation
104 -- 111Sergey V. Zelenov, Sophia A. Zelenova, Alexander Kossatchev, Alexander K. Petrenko. Test Generation for Compilers and Other Formal Text Processors
112 -- 119V. V. Panyukov. Construction of the Convex Hull of a Set for a Minimum Number of Iterations

Volume 29, Issue 1

1 -- 0. On the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Academician Sergei Alekseevich Lebedev
2 -- 12N. V. Bocharov. Concurrent Programming Technologies and Techniques
13 -- 27G. A. Tarnavsky, Vitalii A. Vshivkov, A. G. Tarnavsky. Parallelization of Algorithms and Codes of the Computational System Potok-3
28 -- 42Li Chunlin, Zhengding Lu, Li Layuan. Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Agent Platform
43 -- 54V. E. Khachatryan. Complete System of Equivalent Transformations for Multitape Automata