Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 30, Issue 6

303 -- 304. Svyatoslav Sergeevich Lavrov: In Memory of an Outstanding Scientist and Wonderful Man
305 -- 322Igor B. Bourdonov. Backtracking Problem in the Traversal of an Unknown Directed Graph by a Finite Robot
323 -- 336A. V. Leonov, R. R. Khusnutdinov. Construction of an Optimal Relational Schema for Storing XML Documents in an RDBMS without Using DTD/XML Schema
337 -- 346Leonid B. Sokolinsky. Survey of Architectures of Parallel Database Systems
347 -- 358A. Lukin, D. Kubasov. High-Quality Algorithm for Bayer Pattern Interpolation
359 -- 360Leonid A. Kalinichenko, Mikhail R. Kogalovsky. The Thirtieth Anniversary of the Data Bank Task Group

Volume 30, Issue 5

241 -- 241Yuri Bayakovskii. Convergence of Computer Graphics and Machine Vision (From the Editor of the Special Issue)
242 -- 257V. G. Zhislina, Denis V. Ivanov, V. F. Kuriakin, Victor S. Lempitsky, E. M. Martinova, K. V. Rodyushkin, T. V. Firsova, A. A. Khropov, A. V. Shokurov. Creating and Animating Personalized Head Models from Digital Photographs and Video
258 -- 265A. G. Voloboi, V. A. Galaktionov, Kirill Dmitriev, Edward A. Kopylov. Bidirectional Ray Tracing for the Integration of Illumination by the Quasi-Monte Carlo Method
266 -- 272B. Kh. Barladian, A. G. Voloboi, V. A. Galaktionov, Edward A. Kopylov. An Effective Tone Mapping Operator for High Dynamic Range Images
273 -- 277G. V. Borisenko, A. M. Denisov, A. S. Krylov. A Diffusion Filtering Method for Image Processing
278 -- 294N. V. Sveshnikova, D. V. Yurin. A Priori and A Posteriori Error Estimates in Recovery of 3D Scenes by Factorization Algorithms
295 -- 302Alexandre V. Zamulin. An Abstract Compiler Model as a Result of the Algebraic Semantics of a Programming Language

Volume 30, Issue 4

181 -- 187S. M. Achasova. Simple Self-Reproduction Programs in a Cellular Space Based on the Parallel Substitution Algorithm
188 -- 203Igor B. Bourdonov. Traversal of an Unknown Directed Graph by a Finite Robot
204 -- 208A. N. Ivanov. Graphic Language for Describing Constraints on Diagrams of UML Classes
209 -- 217Alexey Kalinov, Ilya Ledovskih. An Extension of Fortran for High Performance Parallel Computing
218 -- 229Alexander Kossatchev, P. Kutter, Mikhail Posypkin. Automated Generation of Strictly Conforming Tests Based on Formal Specification of Dynamic Semantics of the Programming Language
230 -- 240Nguyen Manh Hung. Thesaurus Implementation in Integrated System of Information Resources (ISIR)

Volume 30, Issue 3

121 -- 133Rimma I. Podlovchenko, V. E. Khachatryan. A New Approach to Solving Equivalence Problem
134 -- 141O. N. Malykh, Yu. S. Shakhnovskii. Optimization of a Data Dependence Graph for the Local Microcode Compaction Problem. Part 2: Algorithms and Experimental Verification
141 -- 149A. I. Ovchinnikov. Characterizable Radical Differential Ideals and Some Properties of Characteristic Sets
150 -- 156S. L. Skorokhodov. Symbolic Transformations in the Problem of Analytic Continuation of the Hypergeometric Function pFp-1(z) to the Neighborhood of the Point z = 1 in the Logarithmic Case
157 -- 163Vladimir V. Kornyak. A Modular Algorithm for Computing Cohomologies of Lie Algebras and Superalgebras
164 -- 172F. Clauss, I. Yu. Chupaeva. Application of Symbolic Approach to the Bernstein Expansion for Program Analysis and Optimization
173 -- 179A. M. Gorelik. Object-Oriented Programming in Modern Fortran

Volume 30, Issue 2

57 -- 60Sergei A. Abramov, Victor F. Edneral, V. A. Rostovtsev. The Research Seminar on Computer Algebra in 2002-2003
61 -- 67D. E. Khmelnov. Search for Polynomial Solutions of Linear Functional Systems by Means of Induced Recurrences
68 -- 74E. S. Shemyakova. Involutive Divisions. Graphs
75 -- 82Alexander Gusev, N. A. Chekanov, V. A. Rostovtsev, Sergey I. Vinitsky, Yoshio Uwano. A Comparison of Algorithms for the Normalization and Quantization of Polynomial Hamiltonians
83 -- 87Sergei A. Abramov, Anna A. Ryabenko. Sparse Power Series and Parameterized Linear Operators
88 -- 94A. I. Zobnin. Generalized Reduction in Rings of Differential Polynomials
95 -- 99A. I. Bogolubsky, S. L. Skorokhodov. Pade Approximants, Symbolic Evaluations, and Computation of Solitons in Two-Field Antiferromagnet Model
100 -- 104V. V. Kislenkov. Grid-Oriented Computation: Integrated Library GridComp
105 -- 109Gennadi I. Malaschonok, E. S. Satina. Fast Multiplication and Sparse Structures
110 -- 114O. D. Golubitsky, S. Falconer. Infinite Strings Generated by Insertions
115 -- 117Victor F. Edneral, Raya Khanin. Investigation of the Double Pendulum System by the Normal Form Method in MATHEMATICA
118 -- 119S. I. Serdyukova. Numerical Investigation of Breather-Type Solutions by Using REDUCE

Volume 30, Issue 1

2 -- 17Igor B. Bourdonov, Alexander Kossatchev, Victor V. Kuliamin. Irredundant Algorithms for Traversing Directed Graphs: The Nondeterministic Case
18 -- 24A. M. Frolov. A Hybrid Approach to Enhancing the Reliability of Software
25 -- 33E. A. Aksenova, A. A. Lazutina, A. V. Sokolov. Study of a Non-Markovian Stack Management Model in a Two-Level Memory
34 -- 46O. N. Malykh, Yu. S. Shakhnovskii. Optimization of a Data Dependence Graph for the Local Microcode Compaction Problem. Part 1: Problem Statement
47 -- 51Ekaterina Gorshkova, Boris Novikov. Use of Statechart Diagrams for Modeling of Hypertext
52 -- 56Alexandre V. Zamulin. Fifth International Conference Perspectives of System Informatics