Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 31, Issue 6

293 -- 300L. Ya. Savel ev. An Algorithm for Partitioning a Set into Simple Parts
301 -- 309Victor V. Kuliamin. Test Sequence Construction Using Minimum Information on the Tested System
310 -- 320Sergey V. Zelenov, Sophia A. Zelenova. Generation of Positive and Negative Tests for Parsers
321 -- 331S. S. Gorelov, V. A. Vasenin. Search Optimization in Semistructured Databases Using Hierarchy of Document Schemas
332 -- 339O. G. Sharov, A. N. Afanas ev. Syntax-Directed Implementation of Visual Languages Based on Automaton Graphical Grammars
340 -- 346V. A. Kostenko, E. S. Gur yanov. An Algorithm for Scheduling Exchanges over a Bus with Centralized Control and an Analysis of Its Efficiency
347 -- 349Irina Virbitskaite. Information Announcement on Sixth International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference Perspectives of System Informatics, 27-30 June 2006, Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, Russia

Volume 31, Issue 5

225 -- 236I. V. Konnov, Vladimir A. Zakharov. An Approach to the Verification of Symmetric Parameterized Distributed Systems
237 -- 269S. E. Bazhanov, V. P. Kutepov, D. A. Shestakov. Functional Parallel Typified Language and Its Implementation on Clusters
270 -- 281Nickolai A. Likhoded, S. V. Bakhanovich, A. V. Zherelo. Obtaining Affine Transformations to Improve Locality of Loop Nests
282 -- 291B. Kh. Barladian, A. G. Voloboi, N. I. V yukova, V. A. Galaktionov, N. B. Deryabin. Illumination Modeling and Generation of Realistic Images Using Internet Technologies

Volume 31, Issue 4

167 -- 178S. D. Shtovba. Ant Algorithms: Theory and Applications
179 -- 189F. M. Puchkov, K. A. Shapchenko. Static Analysis Method for Detecting Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
190 -- 196V. M. Mikhelev. Specific Features of the Control Structure in the Programming Language MARKIZ
197 -- 210A. V. Leonov, R. R. Khusnutdinov. Study and Development of the DTD Generation System for XML Documents
211 -- 223O. A. Slavin. Recognition Algorithms for Structured Documents with Variable Content

Volume 31, Issue 3

111 -- 112. On the Jubilee of Nikolai Petrovich Brusentsov s Birth
113 -- 122Rimma I. Podlovchenko, Dmitry M. Rusakov. Program Schemes with Constants
123 -- 132Victor V. Toporkov, A. S. Toporkova. Measuring the Execution Time of Fragmented Programs
133 -- 148D. A. Lizorkin. The Query Language to XML Documents Connected by XLink Links
149 -- 156S. L. Skorokhodov, D. V. Khristoforov. Overcoming Instability in Evaluation of Generalized Hypergeometric Integrals in the Case of Crowding of Singular Points
157 -- 165V. V. Monakhov, A. V. Kozhedub, P. A. Naumenko, L. A. Evstigneev, M. A. Krukelis, D. V. Solodovnikov, I. B. Kernitskii. BARSIC: A Programming System for Physicists

Volume 31, Issue 2

51 -- 55Sergei A. Abramov, A. A. Bogolubskaya, V. A. Rostovtsev, Victor F. Edneral. The research seminar on computer algebra in 2003-2004
56 -- 59Sergey P. Tsarev. On the rational summation problem
60 -- 64S. P. Polyakov. Symbolic additive decomposition of rational functions
65 -- 72Anna A. Ryabenko, S. L. Skorokhodov. Asymptotics of sums of hypergeometric terms
73 -- 80Vladimir P. Gerdt, D. A. Yanovich. Parallel computation of Janet and Gröbner bases over rational numbers
81 -- 86A. S. Semenov. Involutive divisions: Slice and pair properties
87 -- 90Vladimir V. Kornyak. Cohomologies of restricted Lie algebras of Hamiltonian vector fields: Computer analysis
91 -- 96Marina V. Kondratieva, A. I. Ovchinnikov. Characteristic sets for ordinary differential equations
97 -- 102A. V. Mesyanzhin. On a method for finding the roots of an ideal
103 -- 109A. I. Bogolubsky, S. L. Skorokhodov. Construction of generalized Gauss-Jacobi quadratures by means of computer algebra methods

Volume 31, Issue 1

1 -- 9V. A. Nepomniaschy. Symbolic method of verification of definite iterations over altered data structures
10 -- 19Alexander Kossatchev, Mikhail Posypkin. Survey of compiler testing methods
20 -- 28Alexey Kalinov, Konstantin Karganov, K. V. Khorenko. An approach to the development of debuggers that use semantics of constructs of parallel programs
29 -- 33Ekaterina Gorshkova, Boris Novikov, D. D. Belov, V. S. Gurov, S. V. Spiridonov. A UML-based modeling of web application controller
34 -- 46D. A. Lizorkin, K. Yu. Lisovsky. Implementation of the XML linking language XLink by functional methods