Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 35, Issue 6

301 -- 313Igor B. Bourdonov, Alexander Kossatchev. Complete open-state testing of limitedly nondeterministic systems
314 -- 320Vadim S. Mutilin. Multithreaded testing of program interfaces
321 -- 339A. Yu. Drozdov, S. V. Novikov. A program auto-parallelizer based on the component technology of optimizing compiler construction
340 -- 350Alexey V. Bosov. Modeling and optimization of functioning of the information web portal
351 -- 364Dmitriy Vatolin, Sergey Grishin. Double up-conversion of video frame rate based on bidirectional motion compensation

Volume 35, Issue 5

241 -- 256Mikhail R. Kogalovsky, Leonid A. Kalinichenko. Conceptual and ontological modeling in information systems
257 -- 265S. D. Kuznetsov, Yu. A. Kudryavtsev. A mathematical model of the OLAP cubes
266 -- 281Mars K. Valiev, Michael I. Dekhtyar, Alexander Ja. Dikovsky. Systems of agents controlled by logical programs: Complexity of verification
291 -- 300A. Yu. Drozdov. Component approach for construction of optimizing compilers

Volume 35, Issue 4

183 -- 189S. D. Makhortov. LP structures on type lattices and some refactoring problems
190 -- 197S. M. Achasova. Program constructor of cellular self-reproducing structures
198 -- 211Igor B. Bourdonov, Alexander Kossatchev. Systems with priorities: Conformance, testing, and composition
212 -- 222Victor V. Kuliamin. Integration of verification methods for program systems
223 -- 234Arutyun Avetisyan, S. S. Gaisaryan, Varvara V. Babkova. Iterative development of parallel programs in the ParJava environment
235 -- 240Pavel P. Oleynik. Implementation of the hierarchy of atomic literal types in an object system based of RDBMS

Volume 35, Issue 3

136 -- 144Dmitry V. Levshin, A. S. Markov. Algorithms for integrating PostgreSQL with the semantic web

Volume 35, Issue 2

57 -- 62Sergei A. Abramov, A. A. Bogolubskaya, V. A. Rostovtsev, Victor F. Edneral. The research seminar on computer algebra in 2007-2008
79 -- 89N. N. Vasiliev, D. A. Pavlov. Enumeration of finite monomial orderings and combinatorics of universal Gröbner bases
90 -- 97Vladimir P. Gerdt, Mikhail V. Zinin. Role of involutive criteria in computing Boolean Gröbner bases
98 -- 104A. V. Purgin. Distributive lattices of right divisors of linear ordinary differential operators
105 -- 119E. N. Dolgova, A. V. Chernov. Automatic reconstruction of data types in the decompilation problem

Volume 35, Issue 1

6 -- 17V. P. Ivannikov, Arutyun Avetisyan, Sergey S. Gaissaryan, M. S. Akopyan. Implementation of parallel programs interpreter in the development environment ParJava
35 -- 42Igor S. Anureev. Operational ontological approach to formal programming language specification
43 -- 55E. V. Kuzmin, Valery A. Sokolov, D. Ju. Chalyy. Application of the trace assertion method to the specification, design, and verification of automaton programs