Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 39, Issue 6

269 -- 278Igor B. Bourdonov, Alexander Kossatchev. Agreement between conformance and composition
279 -- 284I. E. Bronshteyn. Study of defects in a program code in Python
285 -- 294Alexander Kudryavtsev, Vladimir Koshelev, Arutvun Avetisyan. Prospects for virtualization of high-performance x64 systems
295 -- 300Dmitry Grushin, N. N. Kuzyurin. Energy-efficient computing for a group of clusters
301 -- 308S. S. Marchenkov. Bounded monotone recursion and multihead automata
309 -- 317Anna Yarygina. Execution and optimization techniques for approximate queries in heterogeneous systems

Volume 39, Issue 5

221 -- 232Anatoly G. Bakhmurov, R. L. Smelyansky. Problems of instrumental support for the development of distributed embedded real-time systems
233 -- 241R. L. Smelyansky. Model of distributed computing system operation with time
242 -- 254R. L. Smelyansky, Anatoly G. Bakhmurov, Dmitry Yu. Volkanov, E. V. Chemeritskii. Integrated environment for the analysis and design of distributed real-time embedded computing systems
255 -- 267V. A. Kostenko. Scheduling algorithms for real-time computing systems admitting simulation models

Volume 39, Issue 4

163 -- 181Igor B. Bourdonov, Alexander Kossatchev. Formalization of a test experiment-II
182 -- 193Mikhail R. Kogalovsky. Metadata in computer systems
194 -- 206E. M. Novikov. An approach to implementation of aspect-oriented programming for C
207 -- 211A. A. Kytmanov, A. V. Shchuplev. An algorithm for constructing toric compactifications
212 -- 219Ekaterina Shemyakova. A package to work with linear partial differential operators

Volume 39, Issue 3

115 -- 123Ya. R. Nedumov, D. Yu. Turdakov, V. D. Maiorov, P. E. Ovchinnikov. Automation of data normalization for implementing master data management systems
124 -- 134Rimma I. Podlovchenko. On a class of algebraic models of programs of practical interest
135 -- 142A. V. Korol'kova, D. S. Kulyabov, L. A. Sevast'yanov. Tensor computations in computer algebra systems
143 -- 149Vladimir P. Gerdt, Alexander N. Prokopenya. Simulation of quantum error correction by means of QuantumCircuit package
150 -- 157Natasha Malaschonok, M. A. Rybakov. Symbolic-numerical solution of systems of linear ordinary differential equations with required accuracy
158 -- 162I. N. Skopin, D. Yu. Tribis. A method for solving mass point-in-covering problems for arbitrary coverings using GPU

Volume 39, Issue 2

57 -- 60S. V. Paramonov. On rational solutions of linear partial differential or difference equations
61 -- 66J. Hu, Y. Hou, Albert D. Rich, David J. Jeffrey. Indefinite integration as term rewriting: Integrals containing tangent
67 -- 73Valery G. Romanovski, Matej Mencinger, Brigita Fercec. Investigation of center manifolds of three-dimensional systems using computer algebra
74 -- 80Dzmitry A. Budzko, Alexander N. Prokopenya. Symbolic-numerical methods for searching equilibrium states in a restricted four-body problem
81 -- 90Vladimir P. Gerdt, Amir Hashemi. On the use of Buchberger criteria in G2V algorithm for calculating Gröbner bases
91 -- 109Sergei A. Abramov, Denis E. Khmelnov. Linear differential and difference systems: EGδ- and EGσ- eliminations
110 -- 113Denis A. Yanovich. Parallel modular computation of Gröbner and involutive bases

Volume 39, Issue 1

1 -- 9V. A. Vasenin, M. A. Krivchikov. A model of dynamical concurrent program execution
10 -- 24P. S. Kostenetskii, Leonid B. Sokolinsky. Simulation of hierarchical multiprocessor database systems
25 -- 33Vitaly A. Antonenko, Ruslan L. Smelyanskiy. Simulation of malicious activity in wide area networks
34 -- 42N. A. Astrakhantsev, D. Yu. Turdakov. Automatic construction and enrichment of informal ontologies: A survey
43 -- 48K. A. Kuznetsov. Scientific data integration system in the linked open data space
49 -- 55V. O. Savitskii, D. V. Sidorov. Fast analysis of source code in C and C++