Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 44, Issue 6

371 -- 380J. Banumathi, R. Kanthavel. Node Failure Aware Broadcasting Mechanism in Mobile Adhoc Network Environment
381 -- 387Thinakaran Vasantha Chithra, Arulappan Milton. Energy Proficient Flooding Scheme Using Reduced Coverage Set Algorithm for Unreliable Links
388 -- 397J. Vijayashree, H. Parveen Sultana. A Machine Learning Framework for Feature Selection in Heart Disease Classification Using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization with Support Vector Machine Classifier
398 -- 406R. Muruganantham, P. Ganeshkumar. Quality of Service Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Network Using Flower Pollination Algorithm
407 -- 416R. Raja, P. Ganeshkumar. QoSTRP: A Trusted Clustering Based Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
417 -- 427J. Jayashree, S. Ananda Kumar. Linear Discriminant Analysis Based Genetic Algorithm with Generalized Regression Neural Network - A Hybrid Expert System for Diagnosis of Diabetes
428 -- 434D. Sreenivasulu, P. Venkata Krishna. Deep Learning Based Efficient Channel Allocation Algorithm for Next Generation Cellular Networks
435 -- 444Ahmed M. Eassa, Mohamed Elhoseny, Hazem M. El-Bakry, Ahmed S. Salama. NoSQL Injection Attack Detection in Web Applications Using RESTful Service
445 -- 452F. V. Niskov, A. N. Fedotov, Shamil F. Kurmangaleev. Crash Processing for Selection of Unique Defects
453 -- 458I. A. Vasil'ev, P. V. Dovgalyuk, M. A. Klimushenkova. OS-Agnostic Identification of Processes and Threads in the Full System Emulation for Selective Instrumentation
459 -- 466M. V. Belyaev, N. V. Shimchik, V. N. Ignatyev, A. A. Belevantsev. Comparative Analysis of Two Approaches to Static Taint Analysis
467 -- 475A. Yu. Gerasimov, Leonid V. Kruglov, M. K. Ermakov, Sergey P. Vartanov. An Approach to Reachability Determination for Static Analysis Defects with the Help of Dynamic Symbolic Execution
476 -- 491R. A. Gilyazev, D. Yu. Turdakov. Active Learning and Crowdsourcing: A Survey of Optimization Methods for Data Labeling
492 -- 498Viacheslav V. Zosimov, O. V. Khrystodorov, Oleksandra S. Bulgakova. Dynamically Changing User Interfaces: Software Solutions Based on Automatically Collected User Information
499 -- 507Yu. L. Slovokhotov, I. S. Neretin. Toward Constructing a Modular Model of Distributed Intelligence
508 -- 525Enzo Fabbiani, Sergio Nesmachnow, Jamal Toutouh, Andrei Tchernykh, Arutyun Avetisyan, Gleb I. Radchenko. Analysis of Mobility Patterns for Public Transportation and Bus Stops Relocation
526 -- 532A. V. Tolok, N. B. Tolok, M. A. Loktev. Modeling Function Domain for Curves Constructed Based on a Linear Combination of Basis Bernstein Polynomials
533 -- 545Alexander D. Bruno. Algorithms for Solving an Algebraic Equation
546 -- 553Ryszard Kozera, Alexander N. Prokopenya, Artur Wilinski. Application of Computer Algebra to the Reconstruction of Surface from Its Photometric Images
554 -- 0Vladislav A. Zolotov, Konstantin S. Petrishchev, Vitaly A. Semenov. Erratum to: Methods of Spatial Indexing of Dynamic Scenes Based on Regular Octrees

Volume 44, Issue 5

295 -- 302Denis R. Kasimov, Aleksandr V. Kuchuganov, Valeriy N. Kuchuganov, P. P. Oskolkov. Approximation of Color Images Based on the Clusterization of the Color Palette and Smoothing Boundaries by Splines and Arcs
303 -- 315A. P. Kryukov, Andrey Demichev. Decentralized Data Storages: Technologies of Construction
316 -- 323A. Yu. Gerasimov. Directed Dynamic Symbolic Execution for Static Analysis Warnings Confirmation
324 -- 334Yu. L. Karpov, L. E. Karpov, Yu. G. Smetanin. Adaptation of General Concepts of Software Testing to Neural Networks
335 -- 343Dmitry Luciv, D. V. Koznov, George Chernishev, Andrey N. Terekhov, Konstantin Romanovsky, Dmitry A. Grigoriev. Detecting Near Duplicates in Software Documentation
344 -- 352A. K. Yatskov, M. I. Varlamov, D. Yu. Turdakov. Extraction of Data from Mass Media Web Sites
353 -- 362Victor Yurievich Korolev, Alexander Yu. Korchagin, I. V. Mashechkin, M. I. Petrovskii, Dmitry V. Tsarev. Applying Time Series for Background User Identification Based on Their Text Data Analysis
363 -- 370A. R. Nurmukhametov, E. A. Zhabotinskiy, Sh. F. Kurmangaleev, S. S. Gaissaryan, A. V. Vishnyakov. Fine-Grained Address Space Layout Randomization on Program Load

Volume 44, Issue 4

207 -- 212B. Kh. Barladian, Alexey G. Voloboy, Vladimir A. Galaktionov, V. V. Knyaz', I. V. Koverninskii, Yu. A. Solodelov, V. A. Frolov, L. Z. Shapiro. Efficient Implementation of OpenGL SC for Avionics Embedded Systems
213 -- 224D. D. Zhdanov, Vladimir A. Galaktionov, Alexey G. Voloboy, A. D. Zhdanov, A. A. Garbul, I. S. Potemin, V. G. Sokolov. Photorealistic Rendering of Images Formed by Augmented Reality Optical Systems
225 -- 232B. Kh. Barladian, Alexey G. Voloboy, Vladimir A. Galaktionov, L. Z. Shapiro. Integration of Realistic Computer Graphics into Computer-Aided Design and Product Lifecycle Management Systems
233 -- 239V. A. Frolov, V. V. Sanzharov. Modern Problems of Software Integration in Computer Graphics Applications and Ways to Solve Them
240 -- 247Nadezhda A. Anoshina, T. B. Sagindykov, Dmitry V. Sorokin. A Method for Generation of Synthetic 2D and 3D Cryo-EM Images
248 -- 257D. A. Lachinov, A. A. Getmanskaya, V. E. Turlapov. Refinement of the Coherent Point Drift Registration Results by the Example of Cephalometry Problems
258 -- 265S. Arseev, Anton Konushin, V. Liutov. Human Recognition by Appearance and Gait
266 -- 270Fedor Guryanov, Andrey S. Krylov. Optimization Method for Cell Image Registration
271 -- 277A. A. Mikhaylichenko, A. B. Kleshchenkov. Approach to Non-Contact Measurement of Geometric Parameters of Large-Sized Objects
278 -- 285K. V. Ryabinin, S. I. Chuprina. Using Scientific Visualization Systems to Automate Monitoring of Data Generated by Lightweight Programmable Electronic Devices
286 -- 294Kirill A. Sidorov. Estimating the AGE of Birch Bark Manuscripts using Computational Paleography

Volume 44, Issue 3

139 -- 147A. I. Kuzmin. Learning the Regularization Operator for the Optical Flow Problem
148 -- 158V. A. Bobkov, A. P. Kudryashov, S. V. Mel'man. On the Recovery of Motion of Dynamic Objects from Stereo Images
159 -- 169Sophia A. Zelenova, Sergey V. Zelenov. Schedulability Analysis for Strictly Periodic Tasks in RTOS
170 -- 180N. N. Diep, A. A. Zhdanov. Neuron-Like Approach to Speech Recognition
181 -- 189Renzo Massobrio, Sergio Nesmachnow, Andrei Tchernykh, Arutyun Avetisyan, Gleb I. Radchenko. Towards a Cloud Computing Paradigm for Big Data Analysis in Smart Cities
190 -- 199A. V. Kozachok, E. V. Kochetkov. Prototype of a Verified Program Code Execution System
200 -- 206Vartan A. Padaryan, I. N. Ledovskikh. On the Representation of Results of Binary Code Reverse Engineering

Volume 44, Issue 2

75 -- 85A. B. Batkhin. Parameterization of a Set Determined by the Generalized Discriminant of a Polynomial
86 -- 93M. N. Gevorkyan, Anastasiya V. Demidova, Tatiana R. Velieva, Anna V. Korolkova, Dmitry S. Kulyabov, Leonid A. Sevastyanov. Implementing a Method for Stochastization of One-Step Processes in a Computer Algebra System
94 -- 99Sergey A. Gutnik, Vasily A. Sarychev. Application of Symbolic Computation Methods for Investigation of Stationary Motions of an Axisymmetric Satellite
100 -- 104V. I. Kuzovatov, A. A. Kytmanov. Algorithm for Constructing an Analog of Plan's Formula
105 -- 111A. A. Panferov. Satellite Unknowns in Irreducible Differential Systems
112 -- 119Ryszard Kozera, Alexander N. Prokopenya. Application of Computer Algebra to Photometric Stereo with Two Light Sources
120 -- 130Sergei A. Abramov, Anna A. Ryabenko, D. E. Khmelnov. Laurent, Rational, and Hypergeometric Solutions of Linear q-Difference Systems of Arbitrary Order with Polynomial Coefficients
131 -- 137Timur M. Sadykov. Computational Problems of Multivariate Hypergeometric Theory

Volume 44, Issue 1

1 -- 14Jacques Julliand, Olga Kouchnarenko, Pierre-Alain Masson, Guillaume Voiron. Test Generation from Event System Abstractions to Cover Their States and Transitions
15 -- 22Dmitry Shachnev, Dmitry Karpenko. Using Subject Area Ontology for Automating Processes in Sphere of Scientific Investigation and Education
23 -- 34Natalya Olegovna Garanina, Elena A. Sidorova, A. S. Seryi. Multiagent Approach to Coreference Resolution Based on the Multifactor Similarity in Ontology Population
35 -- 42N. I. V'yukova, V. A. Galatenko, S. V. Samborskii. Support for Parallel and Concurrent Programming in C++
43 -- 50V. P. Kozyrev, M. A. Saburov. Satisfying DO-178C Structural Coverage Objectives
51 -- 61Vladimir Pavlov, Vadim Pak. Theorem Prover for Intuitionistic Logic Based on the Inverse Method
62 -- 74George Chernishev, Vyacheslav Galaktionov, Valentin Grigorev, Evgeniy Klyuchikov, Kirill Smirnov 0001. PosDB: An Architecture Overview