Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 45, Issue 8

439 -- 447Ilseyar Alimova, Elena Tutubalina. Entity-Level Classification of Adverse Drug Reaction: A Comparative Analysis of Neural Network Models
448 -- 457D. O. Lazarev, Nikolay N. Kuzyurin. On Online Algorithms for Bin, Strip, and Box Packing, and Their Worst-Case and Average-Case Analysis
458 -- 466Boris M. Shabanov, Oleg I. Samovarov. Building the Software-Defined Data Center
467 -- 472Alexander V. Shokurov. Minimal Basis of the Syzygy Module of Leading Terms
473 -- 484Alexey V. Vishnyakov, Alexey R. Nurmukhametov, Shamil F. Kurmangaleev, Sergey S. Gaisaryan. A Method for Analyzing Code-Reuse Attacks
485 -- 496Denis V. Buzdalov, Alexander K. Petrenko, Alexey V. Khoroshilov. On Representation of Simulation Time in Functional Programming Style
497 -- 505Eugene I. Gusev. Optimizing Access to Memory Pages in Software-Implemented Global Page Cache Systems
506 -- 516Zulfiqar Ahmad, Ali Imran Jehangiri, Mehreen Iftikhar, Arif Iqbal Umer, Ibrar Afzal. Data-Oriented Scheduling with Dynamic-Clustering Fault-Tolerant Technique for Scientific Workflows in Clouds
517 -- 531Marcelo Alaniz, Sergio Nesmachnow. A semi-Automatic Approach for Parallel Problem Solving using the Multi-BSP Model
532 -- 543Mikhail G. Babenko, Andrei Tchernykh, Nikolay I. Chervyakov, Viktor Andreevich Kuchukov, Vanessa Miranda-López, Raul Rivera-Rodriguez, Zhihui Du, El-Ghazali Talbi. Positional Characteristics for Efficient Number Comparison over the Homomorphic Encryption
544 -- 556Santiago Iturriaga, Sergio Nesmachnow, Gerardo Goñi, Bernabé Dorronsoro, Andrei Tchernykh. Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimizing Cost and QoS on Cloud-based Content Distribution Networks
557 -- 569Mikhail V. Ivanov, Oleg Sergiyenko, Vera Tyrsa, Lars Lindner, Julio Cesar Rodríguez-Quiñonez, Wendy Flores-Fuentes, Moises Rivas-López, Daniel Hernández-Balbuena, Juan Ivan Nieto-Hipólito. Software Advances using n-agents Wireless Communication Integration for Optimization of Surrounding Recognition and Robotic Group Dead Reckoning
570 -- 580Ahmed-Khan. DOOR: Distributed Object Oriented Software Restructuring Approach Using Neural Network
581 -- 589Sohail Sarwar, Zia Ul-Qayyum, Muhammad Safyan, Muddesar Iqbal, Yasir Mahmood 0001. Graphs Resemblance based Software Birthmarks through Data Mining for Piracy Control
590 -- 599Evgeniy Shishkin. Debugging Smart Contract's Business Logic Using Symbolic Model Checking
600 -- 610Ying Sun, Zijun Zhao, Xiaobin Ma, Zhihui Du. Hybrid Model for Efficient Anomaly Detection in Short-timescale GWAC Light Curves and Similar Datasets

Volume 45, Issue 7

357 -- 364Rustam Azimov, Semyon Grigorev. Path Querying with Conjunctive Grammars by Matrix Multiplication
365 -- 371S. A. Asryan, S. S. Gaissaryan, Shamil F. Kurmangaleev, A. M. Aghabalyan, N. G. Hovsepyan, S. S. Sargsyan. Dynamic Detection of Use-After-Free Bugs
372 -- 380A. A. Avetisyan, Mikhail Drobyshevskiy, D. Yu. Turdakov, Tsolak Ghukasyan. Methods for Information Diffusion Analysis
381 -- 389A. B. Bugerya, E. S. Kim, M. A. Solovev. Parallelization of Implementations of Purely Sequential Algorithms
390 -- 397N. Yu. Fokina, M. A. Solovev. Automated Generation of Machine Instruction Decoders
398 -- 404Dmitry Grushin, N. N. Kuzyurin. On Effective Scheduling in Computing Clusters
405 -- 416Ya. R. Nedumov, Sergei D. Kuznetsov. Exploratory Search for Scientific Articles
417 -- 423A. V. Nikeshin, V. Z. Shnitman. Testing the Conformance of Implementations of the EAP Protocol and Its Methods to Internet Specifications
424 -- 437M. A. Solov'ev, M. G. Bakulin, M. S. Gorbachev, D. V. Manushin, Vartan A. Padaryan, S. S. Panasenko. Next-Generation Intermediate Representations for Binary Code Analysis

Volume 45, Issue 6

303 -- 310D. A. Gavrilov, Leonid M. Mestetskiy, Andrey B. Semenov. A Method for Aircraft Labeling in Aerial and Satellite Images Based on Continuous Morphological Models
311 -- 318Leonid V. Novotortsev, Alexey G. Voloboy. Detection and 3D Reconstruction of Buildings from Aerial Images
319 -- 323Yauhen Klimiankou. Design and Implementation of Port-Mapped IO Management Subsystem and Kernel Interface for True Microkernels on IA-32 Processors
324 -- 332Sergey I. Malkovsky, Aleksei A. Sorokin, Sergey P. Korolev, A. A. Zatsarinnyi, G. I. Tsoi. Performance Evaluation of a Hybrid Computer Cluster Built on IBM POWER8 Microprocessors
333 -- 345Ya. A. Skorokhodov. CUDA-Based Method to Boost Target Performance Evaluation of Space Systems for Automatic Mobile Object Identification and Localization
346 -- 355Dmitry V. Luciv, Dmitrij V. Koznov, A. A. Shelikhovskii, Konstantin Yu. Romanovsky, George A. Chernishev, Andrey N. Terekhov, Dmitry A. Grigoriev, Anna N. Smirnova, D. V. Borovkov, A. I. Vasenina. Interactive Near Duplicate Search in Software Documentation

Volume 45, Issue 5

221 -- 227Ilya A. Hodashinsky, Konstantin S. Sarin. Feature selection: Comparative Analysis of Binary Metaheuristics and Population Based Algorithm with Adaptive Memory
228 -- 240Sergey V. Vychegzhanin, Evgeny V. Kotelnikov. Stance Detection Based on Ensembles of Classifiers
241 -- 250Yury L. Karpov, Leonid E. Karpov, Yuri G. Smetanin. Elimination of Negative Circuits in Certain Neural Network Structures to Achieve Stable Solutions
251 -- 256Valery A. Kostenko, A. A. Chupakhin. Approaches to Improving the Efficiency of Data Centers
257 -- 267A. P. Sokolov, A. Yu. Pershin. Graph-Based Software Framework for Implementation of Complex Computational Methods
268 -- 287Mamta Pandey, Ratnesh Litoriya, Prateek Pandey. Application of Fuzzy DEMATEL Approach in Analyzing Mobile App Issues
288 -- 297Sergei A. Abramov, Denis E. Khmelnov. Package of Procedures for Inverting Matrices Whose Entries are Linear Difference Operators
298 -- 302Anna A. Ryabenko. Particular Solutions of Linear Differential and (q-) Difference Systems with Hypergeometric Right-hand Sides

Volume 45, Issue 4

141 -- 146A. A. Dovganich, A. S. Krylov. A Nonlocal Image Denoising Algorithm Using the Structural Similarity Metric
147 -- 155A. D. Zhdanov, D. D. Zhdanov, N. N. Bogdanov, I. S. Potemin, Vladimir A. Galaktionov, M. I. Sorokin. Discomfort of Visual Perception in Virtual and Mixed Reality Systems
156 -- 162Victor N. Kasyanov, T. A. Zolotukhin, D. S. Gordeev. Visualization Methods and Algorithms for Graph Representation of Functional Programs
163 -- 170D. Kuplyakov, Evgeny Shalnov, V. S. Konushin, A. S. Konushin. A Distributed Tracking Algorithm for Counting People in Video
171 -- 179S. A. Nosova, V. E. Turlapov. Detection of Brain Cells in Optical Microscopy Based on Textural Features with Machine Learning Methods
180 -- 186K. V. Ryabinin, Mariia Kolesnik. Adaptive Scientific Visualization Tools for a Smart Paleontological Museum
187 -- 195V. V. Sanzharov, V. A. Frolov. Level of Detail for Precomputed Procedural Textures
196 -- 201A. A. Zakharova, S. G. Nebaba, D. A. Zavyalov. Algorithms and Software Increasing the Efficiency of Processing Multidimensional Heterogeneous Data
202 -- 212S. E. Slyadnev, V. E. Turlapov. To the Development of Open Source Software for the Reconstruction of CAD Models
213 -- 220Anna Sokolova, Anton Konushin 0001. Methods of Gait Recognition in Video

Volume 45, Issue 3

89 -- 95Vladimir V. Voevodin, Nina N. Popova. Infrastructure of Supercomputing Technologies
96 -- 98Victor B. Zakharov, Michael G. Mal'kovskii, A. I. Mostyaev. On Solving the Problem of 7-Piece Chess Endgames
99 -- 115Igor V. Mashechkin, Mikhail Petrovskiy, Dmitry V. Tsarev, Maxim N. Chikunov. Machine Learning Methods for Detecting and Monitoring Extremist Information on the Internet
116 -- 120Mikhail Mikhailovich Gorbunov-Posadov, T. A. Polilova. Tools to Support Scientific Online Publishing
121 -- 132V. A. Bakhtin, V. A. Krukov. DVM-Approach to the Automation of the Development of Parallel Programs for Clusters
133 -- 139N. Yu. Bagrov, A. S. Konushin, V. S. Konushin. A Semi-Automatic Method of Collecting Samples for Learning a Face Identification Algorithm

Volume 45, Issue 2

27 -- 36A. B. Batkhin. Computation of the Resonance Set of a Polynomial under Constraints on Its Coefficients
37 -- 50Alexander D. Bruno. Computation of the Fundamental Units of Number Rings Using a Generalized Continued Fraction
51 -- 57Sergey A. Gutnik, Vasily A. Sarychev. Application of Computer Algebra Methods to Investigate the Dynamics of the System of Two Connected Bodies Moving along a Circular Orbit
58 -- 64Dmitry S. Kulyabov, Anna V. Korolkova, Leonid A. Sevastyanov. New Features in the Second Version of the Cadabra Computer Algebra System
65 -- 72S. N. Perepechko. Counting Near-Perfect Matchings on C m × C n Tori of Odd Order in the Maple System
73 -- 80Alexander N. Prokopenya, Mukhtar Zh. Minglibayev, S. A. Shomshekova. Applications of Computer Algebra in the Study of the Two-Planet Problem of Three Bodies with Variable Masses
81 -- 87G. Shpiz, Alexander Kryukov. Canonical Representation of Polynomial Expressions with Indices

Volume 45, Issue 1

1 -- 11A. Yu. Filatov, V. V. Mikheev. Quantitative Evaluation of Thread-Local Garbage Collection Efficiency for Java
12 -- 17Elena Limonova, N. A. Bocharov, N. B. Paramonov, D. S. Bogdanov, Vladimir V. Arlazarov, O. A. Slavin, Dmitry P. Nikolaev. Performance Evaluation of a Recognition System on the VLIW Architecture by the Example of the Elbrus Platform
18 -- 26A. I. Nikiforov, R. V. Sadovnikov. Application of Parallel Programming Methods for Simulating Flow Diversion Technologies on Hybrid Architecture Computers