Journal: Programming and Computer Software

Volume 47, Issue 5

335 -- 343F. A. Anikeev, G. O. Raiko, Elena Limonova, Mikhail A. Aliev, Dmitry P. Nikolaev. Efficient Implementation of Fast Hough Transform Using CPCA Coprocessor
344 -- 352I. V. Bolotnikov, A. E. Borodin. Interprocedural Static Analysis for Finding Bugs in Go Programs
353 -- 373Alexander D. Bruno, Alexander B. Batkhin. Algorithms and Programs for Calculating the Roots of Polynomial of One or Two Variables
374 -- 388Artem Slezkin, Ilya A. Hodashinsky, Alexander A. Shelupanov. Binarization of the Swallow Swarm Optimization for Feature Selection
389 -- 401Irina B. Virbitskaite, Andrey Yu Zubarev. 'True Concurrency' Semantics for Time Petri Nets with Weak Time and Persistent Atomic Policies
402 -- 414G. C. Mallika, Abeer Alsadoon, Duong-Thu-Hang Pham, Ha Thi Mai, Salma Abdullah, P. W. C. Prasad, Tran Quoc Vinh Nguyen. A Novel Intelligent System for Detection of Type 2 Diabetes with Modified Loss Function and Regularization

Volume 47, Issue 4

225 -- 234V. P. Bocharnikov, S. V. Sveshnikov. p-Adic Representation of Subsets of a Bounded Number Set
235 -- 239V. A. Kostenko, A. A. Morkvin. Constructing Onboard Switched Networks of Minimum Complexity
240 -- 248S. I. Zhukov. Ensuring Interoperable IoT Device-to-Cloud Communication between AWS and Azure Infrastructures
249 -- 260A. V. Kozachok, A. A. Spirin. Model of Pseudo-Random Sequences Generated by Encryption and Compression Algorithms
261 -- 270D. Yu. Turdakov, S. V. Garbuk, P. V. Khenkin, I. S. Kozlov, A. V. Laguta, M. I. Varlamov. A Model and Method for Detecting Information Campaigns
271 -- 297Alexey V. Vishnyakov, Alexey R. Nurmukhametov. Survey of Methods for Automated Code-Reuse Exploit Generation
298 -- 326Vladimir A. Frolov, Alexey G. Voloboy, S. V. Ershov, Vladimir A. Galaktionov. Light Transport in Realistic Rendering: State-of-the-Art Simulation Methods
327 -- 333D. Lashchenova, A. Gromov, A. Konushin, A. Mesheryakova. The Improvement of Segmentation of Lung Pathologies and Pleural Effusion on CT-scans of Patients with Covid-19

Volume 47, Issue 3

153 -- 160Viacheslav V. Danilov, Olga M. Gerget, K. Yu. Klyshnikov, A. F. Frangi, E. A. Ovcharenko. Analysis of Deep Neural Networks for Detection of Coronary Artery Stenosis
161 -- 166K. V. Ryabinin, Mariia Kolesnik. Automated Creation of Cyber-Physical Museum Exhibits Using a Scientific Visualization System on a Chip
167 -- 176Petr Yu. Timokhin, Mikhail V. Mikhaylyuk, Klim D. Panteley. 360-Degree Video Based on Regular Dodecahedron: Technology and Methods of Implementation in Virtual Environment Systems
177 -- 184Aleksey K. Alekseev, Alexander E. Bondarev, Vladimir A. Galaktionov, Artem E. Kuvshinnikov. Generalized Computational Experiment and Verification Problems
185 -- 193Andrey D. Zhdanov, Dmitry D. Zhdanov. Progressive Backward Photon Mapping
194 -- 200S. V. Ershov, E. D. Birukov, Alexey G. Voloboy, Vladimir A. Galaktionov. Noise Dependence on the Number of Rays in Bidirectional Stochastic Ray Tracing with Photon Maps
201 -- 206Andrey Moskalenko, Mikhail Erofeev, Dmitriy S. Vatolin. Method for Enhancing High-Resolution Image Inpainting with Two-Stage Approach
207 -- 214Maxim Penkin, Andrey S. Krylov, Alexander V. Khvostikov. Hybrid Method for Gibbs-Ringing Artifact Suppression in Magnetic Resonance Images
215 -- 223Delia Irazú Hernández Farías, Rafael Guzmán-Cabrera, Teodoro Córdova-Fraga, José Zacarías Huamaní Luna, José Francisco Gómez-Aguilar. Modification of the Marching Cubes Algorithm to Obtain a 3D Representation of a Planar Image

Volume 47, Issue 2

99 -- 107Alexander B. Batkhin. Invariant Coordinate Subspaces of Normal Form of a System of Ordinary Differential Equations
108 -- 118Pavel G. Emelyanov, Madhava Krishna C, Vadiraj Kulkarni, S. K. Nandy 0001, Denis K. Ponomaryov, Soumyendu Raha. Factorization of Boolean Polynomials: Parallel Algorithms and Experimental Evaluation
119 -- 123Sergey A. Gutnik, Vasily A. Sarychev. Symbolic-Analytic Methods for Studying Equilibrium Orientations of a Satellite on a Circular Orbit
124 -- 132Vladimir V. Kornyak. Dynamic Simulation of Quantum Entanglement in Finite Quantum Mechanics: A Computer Algebra Approach
133 -- 138Dmitry S. Kulyabov, Anna V. Korolkova. Computer Algebra in JULIA
139 -- 143Vyacheslav I. Kuzovatov, Alexey A. Kytmanov, Evgeniya K. Myshkina. An Algorithm for Constructing the Resultant of Two Entire Functions
144 -- 152Sergey A. Abramov, Anna A. Ryabenko, Denis E. Khmelnov. Procedures for Constructing Truncated Solutions of Linear Differential Equations with Infinite and Truncated Power Series in the Role of Coefficients

Volume 47, Issue 1

1 -- 5Marina S. Apanovich, Alexander P. Lyapin, Konstantin V. Shadrin. Solving the Cauchy Problem for a Two-Dimensional Difference Equation at a Point Using Computer Algebra Methods
6 -- 16Dmitry V. Divakov, Anastasia A. Tiutiunnik. Symbolic Investigation of Eigenvectors for General Solution of a System of ODEs with a Symbolic Coefficient Matrix
17 -- 24Migran N. Gevorkyan, Anna V. Korolkova, Dmitry S. Kulyabov. Using a Template Engine as a Computer Algebra Tool
25 -- 28Grigory B. Shpiz, Alexander P. Kryukov. The Method of Colored Graphs for Simplifying Expressions with Indices
29 -- 33Nikolay N. Osipov, Alexey A. Kytmanov. An Algorithm for Solving a Family of Fourth-Degree Diophantine Equations that Satisfy Runge's Condition
34 -- 42A. A. Panferov. Construction of Partial Laurent Solutions to Truncated Differential Systems
43 -- 49Alexander N. Prokopenya. Searching for Equilibrium States of Atwood's Machine with Two Oscillating Bodies by Means of Computer Algebra
50 -- 55Alexander V. Seliverstov. Heuristic Algorithms for Recognition of Some Cubic Hypersurfaces
56 -- 66Tsolak Ghukasyan, Yeva Yeshilbashyan, Karen Avetisyan. Subwords-Only Alternatives to fastText for Morphologically Rich Languages
67 -- 75Petr Yu. Timokhin, Mikhail V. Mikhaylyuk, Evgeniy M. Vozhegov, Klim D. Panteley. Technology and Methods for Deferred Synthesis of 4K Stereo Clips for Complex Dynamic Virtual Scenes
76 -- 87E. Yu. Denisov, Alexey G. Voloboy, E. D. Biryukov, M. S. Kopylov, I. A. Kalugina. Automated Software Testing Technologies for Realistic Computer Graphics
88 -- 98Ekaterina N. Shemetova, Semyon V. Grigorev. Path Querying on Acyclic Graphs Using Boolean Grammars