Journal: Production Engineering

Volume 12, Issue 6

691 -- 702Wan-Gi Cha, Sabrina Müller, Albert Albers, Wolfram Volk. Formability consideration during bead optimisation to stiffen deep drawn parts
703 -- 714Sepp Wimmer, Johannes Ellinger, Michael F. Zaeh. A cutting force model for finishing processes using helical end mills with significant runout
715 -- 722Berend Denkena, Benjamin Bergmann, Christian Teige. Frictionally damped tool holder for long projection cutting tools
723 -- 736Matthias Putz, Carsten Richter, Joachim Regel, Michael Bräunig. Industrial consideration of thermal issues in machine tools
737 -- 746Mostafa Zandieh, Sima Motallebi. Determination of production planning policies for different products in process industries: using discrete event simulation
747 -- 758Kristina Bär, Zaza Nadja Lee Herbert-Hansen, Waqas Khalid. Considering Industry 4.0 aspects in the supply chain for an SME
759 -- 767Jens Buergin, Sina Helming, Jan Andreas, Philippe Blaettchen, Yannick Schweizer, Frank Bitte, Benjamin Haefner, Gisela Lanza. Local order scheduling for mixed-model assembly lines in the aircraft manufacturing industry
769 -- 778Jahangir Rahimi-Jonghani, Hamzeh Shahrajabian. Improvement of deep drawing conditions utilizing LDPE/Gr/MWCNT composite films
779 -- 788Sven Coutandin, David Brandt, Paul H. Heinemann, Paul Ruhland, Jürgen Fleischer. Influence of punch sequence and prediction of wrinkling in textile forming with a multi-punch tool
789 -- 795Peter Groche, Annemie Kleemann, Stefan Köhler. Surface pre-treatment and its influence on electric functionality and the formability of screen printed steel sheet
797 -- 806Florian Hofbauer, Andreas Schirmeyer, Wolfram Volk. Improvement of surface quality of 1.6220 cast steel by calibrating process and effects on material behavior
807 -- 816Bernhard J. Stauder, Dietmar Gruber, Peter Schumacher. Specific fracture energy and de-agglomeration rate of silicate-bonded foundry sand cores

Volume 12, Issue 5

555 -- 566Mazyar Ghadiri Nejad, Ali Husseinzadeh Kashan, Seyed Mahdi Shavarani. A novel competitive hybrid approach based on grouping evolution strategy algorithm for solving U-shaped assembly line balancing problems
567 -- 578Jin Wang, Zhixin Jia. Efficiency improvement in electrical discharge machining (EDM) of constant section cavity based on experimental study and numerical calculations
579 -- 587Jun Wan, Li Ding, Jiafeng Yao, Hongtao Wu. A hybrid CHAOS-PSO algorithm for dimensional synthesis of a redundant manipulator based on tracking trajectories without or with singularities
589 -- 596Ali Karim, Philipp Lindner, Alexander Verl. Control-based compensation of friction and backlash within rack-and-pinion drives
597 -- 609Kun Fan, Yafei Zhai, Xinning Li, Meng Wang. Review and classification of hybrid shop scheduling
611 -- 619Cheng-Hsiang Liu, Rujapa Nanthapodej, Sheng-Yuan Hsu. Scheduling two interfering job sets on parallel machines under peak power constraint
621 -- 631Alireza Goli, Sayyed Mohammad Reza Davoodi. Coordination policy for production and delivery scheduling in the closed loop supply chain
633 -- 645Chris Berg Porsgaard, Mathias Haubjerg, Zaza Nadja Lee Hansen. A framework for operational due diligence
647 -- 658Saadia Saadi, Mébarek Djebabra, Wafa Boulagouas. Contribution to the declination of the dependability requirements using a three-dimensional decomposition of complex systems
659 -- 665Muhammad Azam, Liaquat Ahmad, Muhammad Aslam, Chi-Hyuck Jun. An attribute control chart using discriminant limits for monitoring process under the Weibull distribution
667 -- 677Florian Panzer, Martin Werz, Stefan Weihe. Experimental investigation of the friction stir welding dynamics of 6000 series aluminum alloys
679 -- 689Sara Mohammadifard, Malte Stonis, Jan Langner, Sven-Olaf Sauke, Farzaneh Khosravianarab, Hossein Larki Harchegani, Bernd-Arno Behrens. Modeling of an aluminum melting process using constructive polynomial functions

Volume 12, Issue 3-4

297 -- 307Thomas Aicher, Markus Spindler, Johannes Fottner, Birgit Vogel-Heuser. Analyzing the industrial scalability of backwards compatible intralogistics systems
309 -- 317Eberhard Abele, F. Dohnal, M. Feulner, T. Sielaff, C. Daume. Numerical investigation of chatter suppression via parametric anti-resonance in a motorized spindle unit during milling
319 -- 330Changjun Li, Bo Li, Qiang Hu. Cycle time prediction and improvement of chipset assembly and test production line based on variability
331 -- 340Georg Götz, Lucas Kiefer, Christoph Richter, Gunther Reinhart. A design approach for the development of flexible production machines
341 -- 352Erwin Rauch, Patrick Dallasega, Dominik T. Matt. Complexity reduction in engineer-to-order industry through real-time capable production planning and control
353 -- 365Nicklas Gregers Gregersen, Zaza Nadja Lee Hansen. Inventory centralization decision framework for spare parts
367 -- 375C. Kiener, R. Neher, M. Merklein. Influence of tribological conditions on cold forging of gears
377 -- 389Max Lutter-Günther, Christian Gebbe, Tobias Kamps, Christian Seidel, Gunther Reinhart. Powder recycling in laser beam melting: strategies, consumption modeling and influence on resource efficiency
391 -- 403A. Bachmann, M. Roehler, Sebastian J. Pieczona, M. Kessler, Michael F. Zäh. Torque-based adaptive temperature control in friction stir welding: a feasibility study
405 -- 417Andrea Hohmann, Stefan Albrecht, Jan Paul Lindner, Bernhard Voringer, Daniel Wehner, Klaus Drechsler, Philip Leistner. Resource efficiency and environmental impact of fiber reinforced plastic processing technologies
419 -- 429Johannes Richter, Malte Stonis, Jan Langner, Thoms Blohm, Bernd-Arno Behrens. Development of a predictive simulation method for thin flash generation in flashless precision forging processes of aluminum parts using FEA and experiments
431 -- 440Wolfgang Hintze, Rolf Clausen, Christoph Schütte, Kristoffer Kroll. Evaluation of the total cutting force in drilling of CFRP: a novel experimental method for the analysis of the cutting mechanism
441 -- 448Sebastian Prinz, Daniel Trauth, Patrick Mattfeld, Fritz Klocke. Influence of different grinding wheel and dressing roller specifications on grinding wheel wear
449 -- 455S. Koprowski, E. Uhlmann, W. Weingaertner. Influence of tilt and lead angles on 5-axis grinding with spherical mounted points
457 -- 464Benjamin Himmel, Dominik Rumschoettel, Wolfram Volk. Thermal process simulation of droplet based metal printing with aluminium
465 -- 472Petra Wiederkehr, Jim A. Bergmann. An integrated macroscopic model for simulating SLM and milling processes
473 -- 480Fritz Klocke, Benjamin Döbbeler, Thomas Lakner. Influence of the coolant nozzle orientation and size on the tool temperature under high-pressure coolant supply using an analogy test bench
481 -- 490Jing Ma, Qiang Wang, Zhibiao Zhao. RLS-based quality control method for reassembly under uncertainty
491 -- 500Matthias Hertel, Martin Dix, Matthias Putz. Analytic model of process forces for orthogonal turn-milling
501 -- 515Jonathan Ross, Jan Langner, Malte Stonis, Bernd-Arno Behrens. Investigation of the required clamping force at multidirectional undercut-forging
517 -- 524Sebastian Groth, Bernd Engel, Kay Langhammer. Algorithm for the quantitative description of freeform bend tubes produced by the three-roll-push-bending process
525 -- 533Dominik Kißkalt, Hans Fleischmann, Sven Kreitlein, Manuel Knott, Jörg Franke. A novel approach for data-driven process and condition monitoring systems on the example of mill-turn centers
535 -- 546F. Proes, C. Eichenseer, W. Hintze, N. Schell, W. Leahy, R. M'Saoubi, S. Sattel. In situ analysis of PCBN cutting tool materials during thermo-mechanical loading using synchrotron radiation
547 -- 553B. Denkena, Marc-André Dittrich, Y. Liu. A new process chain for recycling of cemented carbide milling tools

Volume 12, Issue 2

109 -- 111Jürgen Fleischer, Jonas Nieschlag. Introduction to CFRP-metal hybrids for lightweight structures
113 -- 120Lukas Groß, Alexander Herwig, David C. Berg, Carsten Schmidt, Berend Denkena, Peter Horst, Dieter Meiners. Production-based design of a hybrid load introduction element for thin-walled CFRP Structures
121 -- 130Alexander Herwig, Peter Horst, Carsten Schmidt, Florentin Pottmeyer, Kay André Weidenmann. Design and mechanical characterisation of a layer wise build AFP insert in comparison to a conventional solution
131 -- 140J. Gebhardt, Jan Schwennen, F. Lorenz, Jürgen Fleischer. Structure optimisation of metallic load introduction elements embedded in CFRP
141 -- 152Markus Muth, Jan Schwennen, Alexander Bernath, Julian Seuffert, Kay André Weidenmann, Jürgen Fleischer, Frank Henning. Numerical and experimental investigation of manufacturing and performance of metal inserts embedded in CFRP
153 -- 159Markus Pohl, Markus Stommel. Intrinsic CFRP-metal-hybrids with rubber interface for the improvement of the damping behaviour
161 -- 172Dietrich Berger, Marielouise Zaiß, Gisela Lanza, Jannik Summa, Michael Schwarz, Hans-Georg Herrmann, Markus Pohl, Fabian Günther, Markus Stommel. Predictive quality control of hybrid metal-CFRP components using information fusion
173 -- 183Konstantinos Anyfantis, Panagiotis Stavropoulos, George Chryssolouris. Fracture mechanics based assessment of manufacturing defects laying at the edge of CFRP-metal bondlines
185 -- 194Patrick Hergan, Julia Beter, Steffen Stelzer, Ewald Fauster, Ralf Schledjewski. Influence of processing parameters on quality factors of one-shot hybrid structures made by RTM
195 -- 201J. Studer, A. Keller, F. Leone, Daniel Stefaniak, C. Dransfeld, K. Masania. Local reinforcement of aerospace structures using co-curing RTM of metal foil hybrid composites
203 -- 213Daniel-Alexander Türk, Halldór Einarsson, Christophe Lecomte, Mirko Meboldt. Design and manufacturing of high-performance prostheses with additive manufacturing and fiber-reinforced polymers
215 -- 228Xiaochuan Sun, Luiz F. Kawashita, Tino Wollmann, Sebastian Spitzer, Albert Langkamp, Maik Gude. Experimental and numerical studies on the braiding of carbon fibres over structured end-fittings for the design and manufacture of high performance hybrid shafts
229 -- 238Daniel Barfuss, Raik Grützner, Franz Hirsch, Maik Gude, Roland Müller, Markus Kästner. Multi-scale structuring for thermoplastic-metal contour joints of hollow profiles
239 -- 247Jonas Nieschlag, Paul Ruhland, Simon Daubner, Simon-Frederik Koch, Jürgen Fleischer. Finite element optimisation for rotational moulding with a core to manufacture intrinsic hybrid FRP metal pipes
249 -- 257Robert Kießling, Jörn Ihlemann, Matthias Riemer, Welf-Guntram Drossel, Axel Dittes, Ingolf Scharf, Thomas Lampke, Semen Sharafiev, Mina Pouya, Martin Franz-Xaver Wagner. A process and load adjusted coating system for metallic inserts in hybrid composites
259 -- 267Robert Prussak, Daniel Stefaniak, Christian Huhne, Michael Sinapius. Evaluation of residual stress development in FRP-metal hybrids using fiber Bragg grating sensors
269 -- 278Jan Clausen, Milan Kelch, Franz-Josef Wöstmann, Matthias Busse. Mechanical characterization of integral aluminum-FRP-structures produced by high pressure die-casting
279 -- 287Aude Boudelier, Mathieu Ritou, Sébastien Garnier, Benoît Furet. Cutting force model for machining of CFRP laminatewith diamond abrasive cutter
289 -- 296Friedrich Bleicher, Gerhard Wiesinger, Christoph Kumpf, Daniel Finkeldei, Christian Baumann, Christoph Lechner. Vibration assisted drilling of CFRP/metal stacks at low frequencies and high amplitudes

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 10Vishal John Mathai, Harshit K. Dave, Keyur P. Desai. End wear compensation during planetary EDM of Ti-6Al-4V by adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system
11 -- 23Ekrem Oezkaya, Sebastian Michel, Dirk Biermann. Experimental studies and FEM simulation of helical-shaped deep hole twist drills
25 -- 33Eberhard Abele, K. Schützer, S. Güth, A. Meinhard. Deburring of cross-drilled holes with ball-end cutters - modeling the tool path
35 -- 43Neelam Rasche, Jan Langner, Malte Stonis, Bernd-Arno Behrens. Experimental investigation of different parameters at a combined cross wedge rolling and multi-directional forging process
45 -- 51Eugen Krebs, M. Wolf, Dirk Biermann, Wolfgang Tillmann, Dominic Stangier. High-quality cutting edge preparation of micromilling tools using wet abrasive jet machining process
53 -- 63Henrik Prinzhorn, Johannes Richter, Jan Langner, Malte Stonis, Peter Nyhuis. Lot sizing in the forging industry considering lot size dependent tool wear
65 -- 71Michael Niehues, Matthias Blum, Ulrich Teschemacher, Gunther Reinhart. Adaptive job shop control based on permanent order sequencing
73 -- 81Stefan Willeke, Henrik Prinzhorn, Malte Stonis, Peter Nyhuis. Preconditions for applying an energy price-oriented sequencing rule
83 -- 94Sam Mosallaeipour, Mazyar Ghadiri Nejad, Seyed Mahdi Shavarani, Ramtin Nazerian. Mobile robot scheduling for cycle time optimization in flow-shop cells, a case study
95 -- 108Yuchen Li, David Coit. Priority rules-based algorithmic design on two-sided assembly line balancing