Journal: Production Engineering

Volume 8, Issue 6

689 -- 0Bernd Kuhlenkötter, Jörg Franke, Thorsten Schüppstuhl, Alexander Verl. Special issue WGP: "Assembly, Handling and Industrial Robotics"
691 -- 700Jürgen Fleischer, Frederic Förster, Nicole Vargas Crispieri. Intelligent gripper technology for the handling of carbon fiber material
701 -- 709M. Höfener, T. Schüppstuhl. A method for increasing the accuracy of "on-workpiece" machining with small industrial robots for composite repair
711 -- 717In Seong Yoo, Maximilian Landgraf, Christina Ramer, Sebastian Reitelshöfer, Christian Ziegler, Jörg Franke. My new colleague has artificial muscles: a DEA based approach for inherently compliant robotic systems
719 -- 725C. Schlosser, T. Schüppstuhl. Numerical controlled robot crawler: new resource for industries with large scale products
727 -- 735Matthias Bartelt, Adrian Schyja, Bernd Kuhlenkötter. More than a Mockup
737 -- 744Michael F. Zaeh, Oliver Roesch. Improvement of the machining accuracy of milling robots
745 -- 754Christian Schlette, Anders Glent Buch, Eren Erdal Aksoy, Thomas Steil, Jeremie Papon, Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu, Florentin Wörgötter, Norbert Krüger, Jürgen Roßmann. A new benchmark for pose estimation with ground truth from virtual reality
755 -- 764Rainer Müller, Leenhard Hörauf, Matthias Vette, Javier Lopez San Martin, Aitor Alzaga, Jörg Hohmann, Kaspar Althoefer, Helge A. Würdemann. Robot guided bolt tensioning tool with adaptive process control for the automated assembly of wind turbine rotor blade bearings
765 -- 772Sebastian Hogreve, Kirsten Tracht. Design and implementation of multiaxial force sensing gripper fingers
773 -- 781Nikolas Antzoulatos, Elkin Castro, Daniele Scrimieri, Svetan M. Ratchev. A multi-agent architecture for plug and produce on an industrial assembly platform

Volume 8, Issue 5

551 -- 558A. M. Abrão, Berend Denkena, Bernd Breidenstein, Tobias Mörke. Surface and subsurface alterations induced by deep rolling of hardened AISI 1060 steel
559 -- 565Claudia Ehinger, Gunther Reinhart. Robot-based automation system for the flexible preforming of single-layer cut-outs in composite industry
567 -- 575Christoph Heise, Stefan Böhm, Stefan Schwarte, Hans-Jürgen Roscher, Burkhard Kranz. Hybrid cutting of granite by use of ultrasonic assistance
577 -- 584Martin Grüner, Marion Merklein. Determination of friction coefficients in deep drawing by modification of Siebel's formula for calculation of ideal drawing force
585 -- 591Berend Denkena, Jens Köhler, Stephan Woiwode. Dressing of vitrified bonded CBN tools for continuous generating grinding
593 -- 602Fritz Klocke, Daniel Trauth, M. Terhorst, P. Mattfeld. Friction analysis of alternative tribosystems for a foil free forming of stainless steel using strip drawing test: analysis of physicochemical interactions between coatings and lubricants
603 -- 611Michael Schwander, D. Füller, H. Köhler, F. Feuerhahn, M. Dias da Silva, M. Prieske, Frank Vollertsen. Pre-selection of laser-processed materials for dry forming tools by means of a dry oscillating ball-on-disc test
613 -- 618Bernhard Karpuschewski, H.-J. Pieper, Joachim Döring. Impact of the cooling system on the cutting of medical cobalt chromium with ceramic cutting inserts
619 -- 626M. Vidoni, M. Daamen, J. Gastreich, N. Offermanns, G. Hirt. Hot rolling of AISI 304 tailored strips produced by twin roll strip casting
627 -- 633Berend Denkena, Jens Köhler, Andreas Schindler. Behavior of the magnetic abrasive tool for cutting edge preparation of cemented carbide end mills
635 -- 643T. Senner, S. Kreissl, M. Merklein, J. Meinhardt, A. Lipp. A modular modeling approach for describing the in-plane forming behavior of unidirectional non-crimp-fabrics
645 -- 658Bernd-Arno Behrens, Timur Yilkiran, Sörn Ocylok, Andreas Weisheit, Ingomar Kelbassa. Deposition welding of hot forging dies using nanoparticle reinforced weld metal
659 -- 668Berend Denkena, Barbara Dengler, Karl Doreth, Claudia Krull, Graham Horton. Interpretation and optimization of material flow via system behavior reconstruction
669 -- 678Fritz Klocke, Steffen Buchholz, Jens Stauder. Technology chain optimization: a systematic approach considering the manufacturing history
679 -- 688Valerii Kushner, Michael Storchak. Determining mechanical characteristics of material resistance to deformation in machining

Volume 8, Issue 4

415 -- 421Berend Denkena, Jens Köhler, M. A. Dittrich. Chip formation and tool wear in turning of aluminum-alloyed UHC-steels
423 -- 429S. Rausch, Dirk Biermann, Petra Kersting. Five-axis grinding of wear-resistant, thermally sprayed coatings on free-formed surfaces
431 -- 442E. Uhlmann, T. Borsoi Klein, S. Koprowski. Tilt angle effects in surface grinding with mounted points
443 -- 451Bernd-Arno Behrens, Conrad Frischkorn, Martin Bonhage. Reprocessing of AW2007, AW6082 and AW7075 aluminium chips by using sintering and forging operations
453 -- 459Berend Denkena, Wladimir Bickel, R. Grabowski. Modeling and simulation of milling processes including process damping effects
461 -- 468E. Gräser, M. Hajeck, A. Bezold, C. Broeckmann, Markus Brumm, Fritz Klocke. Optimized density profiles for powder metallurgical gears
469 -- 476Partha Pratim Saha, Santanu Das. Minimization of exit burr in face milling of medium carbon steel by exit edge beveling
477 -- 489G. F. Barbosa, G. F. Peres, J. L. G. Hermosilla. R&R (repeatability and reproducibility) gage study applied on gaps' measurements of aircraft assemblies made by a laser technology device
491 -- 497D. Biermann, M. Kirschner, D. Eberhardt. A novel method for chip formation analyses in deep hole drilling with small diameters
499 -- 511Komkamol Chongbunwatana. Simulation of vapour keyhole and weld pool dynamics during laser beam welding
513 -- 519C. Eichenseer, C. Hartig, N. Schell, W. Hintze. In situ determination of internal stresses in mixed ceramic cutting tools during friction testing using synchrotron radiation
521 -- 533Thomas Irrenhauser, Gunther Reinhart. Evaluation of the economic feasibility of RFID in the supply chain
535 -- 541N. Stricker, R. Kopf, G. Lanza. Solving multi-criteria problems under risk: an approach explained using the example of rescheduling in dynamic environments
543 -- 550Ulrich Semmler, Michael Bräunig, Welf-Guntram Drossel, Gerhard Schmidt, Volker Wittstock. Thermal deformations of cutting tools: measurement and numerical simulation

Volume 8, Issue 3

253 -- 261Bernd-Arno Behrens, Berend Denkena, Hong-Seok Park, Jan Henjes, Stefan Kröning, Timur Yilkiran, Andreas Klassen. Application of methods for ecological optimization of crank shaft forging process
263 -- 272Fritz Klocke, Daniel Trauth, Fabian Schongen, A. Shirobokov. Analysis of friction between stainless steel sheets and machine hammer peened structured tool surfaces: experimental and numerical investigation of the lubricated interaction gap
273 -- 282Berend Denkena, Hendrik Stiffel, Eike Hasselberg, Dennis Nespor. Chip formation and modeling of dynamic force behavior in machining polycrystalline iron-aluminum
283 -- 290Stefan Veenaas, Hanna Wielage, Frank Vollertsen. Joining by laser shock forming: realization and acting pressures
291 -- 300Heinrich Wernsing, Maxim Gulpak, Christof Büskens, Jens Sölter, Ekkard Brinksmeier. Enhanced method for the evaluation of the thermal impact of dry machining processes
301 -- 307Ravi Shankar Anand, Karali Patra, Markus Steiner. Size effects in micro drilling of carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite
309 -- 317Florian Degen, Fritz Klocke, Thomas Bergs, Philipp Ganser. Comparison of rotational turning and hard turning regarding surface generation
319 -- 333J. R. Flachs, Meisam Salahshoor, Shreyes N. Melkote. Mechanistic models of thrust force and torque in step-drilling of Al7075-T651
335 -- 343Bernd-Arno Behrens, Conrad Frischkorn. Thixoforging of particle-reinforced steel materials
345 -- 353T. Siebrecht, Dirk Biermann, H. Ludwig, S. Rausch, Petra Kersting, Heribert Blum, Andreas Rademacher. Simulation of grinding processes using finite element analysis and geometric simulation of individual grains
355 -- 364R. Thornton, T. Slatter, R. Lewis. Effects of deep cryogenic treatment on the wear development of H13A tungsten carbide inserts when machining AISI 1045 steel
365 -- 372D. Biermann, M. Kirschner, Hans Jürgen Maier, Friedrich-Wilhelm Bach, K. Möhwald, J. Schaup. Active brazed ceramic cemented carbide compound drills for machining lamellar graphite cast iron
373 -- 382Stefan Ruhrmann, Jan Hochdörffer, Gisela Lanza. A methodological approach to evaluate supplier development based on real options
383 -- 395Günther Schuh, Wolfgang Schultze, Michael Schiffer, Annette Rieger, Stefan Rudolf, Heiko Lehbrink. Scenario-based determination of product feature uncertainties for robust product architectures
397 -- 406Iñaki Navarro de Sosa, André Bucht, Tom Junker, Kenny Pagel, Welf-Guntram Drossel. Novel compensation of axial thermal expansion in ball screw drives
407 -- 413Jorge Andrés García Barbosa, José Manuel Arroyo Osorio, Ernesto Córdoba Nieto. Simulation and verification of parametric numerical control programs using a virtual machine tool

Volume 8, Issue 1-2

1 -- 6Uwe Heisel, Thomas Stehle, Michael Schaal, Rocco Eisseler. Burr formation in short hole drilling by ultrasonic assistance
7 -- 15Sebastian Rösel, Marion Merklein. Improving formability due to an enhancement of sealing limits caused by using a smart fluid as active fluid medium for hydroforming
17 -- 24S. Seuren, Joachim Seitz, A. Krämer, Markus Bambach, Gerhard Hirt. Accounting for shear deformation in fast models for plate rolling
25 -- 32Marco Müller, Quang-Ut Huynh, Eckart Uhlmann, Manfred H. Wagner. Study of inkjet printing as additive manufacturing process for gradient polyurethane material
33 -- 40D. Biermann, H. Abrahams, S. Goeke. Optimization of guide pads for the BTA deep hole drilling of high alloyed steels by microfinishing
41 -- 50Jan C. Aurich, Marco Zimmermann, Stefan Schindler, Paul Steinmann. Analysis of the machining accuracy when dry turning via experiments and finite element simulations
51 -- 61Mischa Jahn, Heiko Brüning, Alfred Schmidt, Frank Vollertsen. Energy dissipation in laser-based free form heading: a numerical approach
63 -- 72Bernd-Arno Behrens, Hans Jürgen Maier, Friedrich-Wilhelm Bach, Wilfried Reimche, Grzegorz Mroz, Jens Schrödter, Jan Jocker. A method to detect the level and direction of mechanical forces with the aid of load-induced martensitic phase transformation
73 -- 79Ralf Frohmüller, Martin Beutner, Max Köchig, Bernhard Karpuschewski. High speed temperature measurement in gear hobbing: Part I - design, concept and physical operation mode of the infrared-camera
81 -- 89Laura Klein, Tobias Wagner, Christoph Buchheim, Dirk Biermann. A procedure for the evaluation and compensation of form errors by means of global isometric registration with subsequent local reoptimization
91 -- 99Bernd-Arno Behrens, Tobias Götze. Temperature-dependent anisotropic material modeling of the sheet metal component within the polymer injection forming process
101 -- 109Haiyan Zhang, Chen Zhang, Jilin Zhang, Laishui Zhou. Tool wear model based on least squares support vector machines and Kalman filter
111 -- 119Eberhard Abele, J. Tian. Estimation of the rotational speed limit of milling cutters with screwed indexable inserts
121 -- 129Uwe Heisel, Sergii Pasternak, Thomas Stehle, S. Schetter. Using alternative materials in the cutting tools applications
131 -- 141Kolja Andreas, Marion Merklein. Improvement of surface integrity of cold forging tools by adaption of tool making process
143 -- 152Kai Magenheimer, Gunther Reinhart, Cornelius S. L. Schutte. Lean management in indirect business areas: modeling, analysis, and evaluation of waste
153 -- 164Bernd-Arno Behrens, Peter Nyhuis, Ludger Overmeyer, Aaron Bentlage, Tilmann Rüther, Georg Ullmann. Towards a definition of large scale products
165 -- 173A. Nemeti, Berend Denkena. Time-oriented pricing for the tool and mould manufacturing industry
175 -- 185S. Schwarz, A. Sing, Michael F. Zaeh. Identification and evaluation of uncertainties and errors in dynamic models of casted machine tool components
187 -- 193Bijoy Mandal, Gobinda Chandra Das, Santanu Das, Simul Banerjee. Improving grinding fluid delivery using pneumatic barrier and compound nozzle
195 -- 205Andreas Schubert, Volker Wittstock, Stephan F. Jahn, Benedikt Müller, Michael Müller. Joining by forming of piezoceramic macro-fiber arrays within micro-structured surfaces of aluminum sheets
207 -- 216J. Fleischer, M. Otter, F. Beuke. Method to compensate production related deviations for the assembly of space-frame-structures
217 -- 224Makoto Fujishima, Masahiko Mori, Yohei Oda. Energy-efficient manufacturing on machine tools by machining process improvement
225 -- 231Martin Manns, Nestor Andres Arteaga Martin. A vagueness measure for concurrent engineering of manual assembly lines
233 -- 242Mohamed Kashkoush, Hoda ElMaraghy. Consensus tree method for generating master assembly sequence
243 -- 251Egon Müller, Timo Stock, Rainer Schillig. A method to generate energy value-streams in production and logistics in respect of time- and energy-consumption