Journal: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA

Volume 116, Issue 6

1844 -- 1850Jeffrey Heer. Agency plus automation: Designing artificial intelligence into interactive systems
1851 -- 1856Sara Diamond. Addressing the imagination gap through STEAMM+D and indigenous knowledge
1870 -- 1877Aniket Kittur, Lixiu Yu, Tom Hope, Joel Chan, Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, Karni Gilon, Felicia Y. Ng, Robert E. Kraut, Dafna Shahaf. Scaling up analogical innovation with crowds and AI
1902 -- 1909Laura Trouille, Chris J. Lintott, Lucy Fortson. Citizen science frontiers: Efficiency, engagement, and serendipitous discovery with human-machine systems

Volume 116, Issue 52

26961 -- 26969Francesca Melozzi, Eyal Bergmann, Julie A. Harris, Itamar Kahn, Viktor K. Jirsa, Christophe Bernard 0001. Individual structural features constrain the mouse functional connectome
27151 -- 27158Ye Yuan, Ziv Bar-Joseph. Deep learning for inferring gene relationships from single-cell expression data

Volume 116, Issue 50

24972 -- 24978Wilko Schwarting, Alyssa Pierson, Javier Alonso-Mora, Sertac Karaman, Daniela Rus. Social behavior for autonomous vehicles

Volume 116, Issue 48

23930 -- 23935Donald Ruggiero Lo Sardo, Stefan Thurner, Johannes Sorger, Georg Duftschmid, Gottfried Endel, Peter Klimek. Quantification of the resilience of primary care networks by stress testing the health care system

Volume 116, Issue 42

20800 -- 20803Stephen Ornes. Core Concept: Blockchain offers applications well beyond Bitcoin but faces its own limitations

Volume 116, Issue 4

1074 -- 1077M. Mitchell Waldrop. News Feature: What are the limits of deep learning?

Volume 116, Issue 38

18765 -- 18766Gal Katzhendler, Daphna Weinshall. Potential upside of high initial visual acuity?
18767 -- 18768Lukas Vogelsang, Sharon Gilad-Gutnick, Sidney Diamond, Albert Yonas, Pawan Sinha. Response to Katzhendler and Weinshall: Initial visual degradation during development may be adaptive

Volume 116, Issue 30

14785 -- 14787Dale Purves. Opinion: What does AI's success playing complex board games tell brain scientists?

Volume 116, Issue 2

401 -- 406Minkyoung Kim, Dean Paini, Raja Jurdak. Modeling stochastic processes in disease spread across a heterogeneous social system

Volume 116, Issue 18

8852 -- 8858Zachary Wu, S. B. Jennifer Kan, Russell D. Lewis, Bruce J. Wittmann, Frances H. Arnold. Machine learning-assisted directed protein evolution with combinatorial libraries

Volume 116, Issue 16

7723 -- 7731Dmitry Krotov, John J. Hopfield. Unsupervised learning by competing hidden units

Volume 116, Issue 13

5943 -- 5948Dimitris Bertsimas, Arthur Delarue, Sébastien Martin. Optimizing schools' start time and bus routes
5949 -- 5954Simina Brânzei, Yuval Peres. Online learning with an almost perfect expert

Volume 116, Issue 11

4760 -- 4763Stephen Ornes. Science and Culture: Computers take art in new directions, challenging the meaning of "creativity"