Journal: Publications

Volume 10, Issue 4

33 -- 0Robert G. Alexander, Stephen L. Macknik, Susana Martinez-Conde. What the Neuroscience and Psychology of Magic Reveal about Misinformation
34 -- 0Fernando L. Almeida, José Morais, José Duarte Santos. A Bibliometric Analysis of the Scientific Outcomes of European Projects on the Digital Transformation of SMEs
35 -- 0Zsolt Kohus, Márton Demeter, Gyula Péter Szigeti, László Kun, Eszter Lukács, Katalin Czakó. The Influence of International Collaboration on the Scientific Impact in V4 Countries
36 -- 0Nicholas Yee Liang Hing, Xin Ci Wong, Pei Xuan Kuan, Mohan Dass Pathmanathan, Mohd Aizuddin Abdul Rahman, Kalaiarasu M. Peariasamy. Scientific Abstract to Full Paper: Publication Rate over a 3-Year Period in a Malaysian Clinical Research Conference
37 -- 0Diana Amirbekova, Timur Narbaev, Meruyert Kussaiyn. The Research Environment in a Developing Economy: Reforms, Patterns, and Challenges in Kazakhstan
38 -- 0Akira Akabayashi, Eisuke Nakazawa, Katsumi Mori. Do Papers with Japanese Authors Have a Different Number of Authors? A Follow-Up Study after 25 Years and Implication for Other Countries
39 -- 0Barbara McGillivray, Paola Marongiu, Nilo Pedrazzini, Marton Ribary, Mandy Wigdorowitz, Eleonora Zordan. Deep Impact: A Study on the Impact of Data Papers and Datasets in the Humanities and Social Sciences
40 -- 0Alexander Kuchansky, Andrii Biloshchytskyi, Yurii Andrashko, Svitlana Biloshchytska, Adil Faizullin. The Scientific Productivity of Collective Subjects Based on the Time-Weighted PageRank Method with Citation Intensity
41 -- 0Roberto Carlos Dávila Morán. The Perception of Academic Plagiarism in Industrial Engineering Students at a Public University in Lima
42 -- 0Milica Sevkusic, Eleni Toli, Katerina Lenaki, Kalliopi Kanavou, Electra Sifakaki, Biljana Kosanovic, Ilias Papastamatiou, Elli Papadopoulou. Building National Open Science Cloud Initiatives (NOSCIs) in Southeast Europe: Supporting Research and Scholarly Communication
43 -- 0Danijela Pongrac, Mihaela Banek Zorica, Roman Domovic. Scholars' Domain of Information Space
44 -- 0Guy Assaker, Wassim Shahin. What Drives Faculty Publication Citations in the Business Field? Empirical Results from an AACSB Middle Eastern Institution
45 -- 0Parminder Bakshi-Hamm, Andreas Hamm. Knowledge Production: Analysing Gender- and Country-Dependent Factors in Research Topics through Term Communities
46 -- 0Inga Patarcic, Jadranka Stojanovski. Adoption of Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines across Journals
47 -- 0Eitan Frachtenberg. Multifactor Citation Analysis over Five Years: A Case Study of SIGMETRICS Papers
48 -- 0Mikhail M. Gorbunov-Posadov. Dynamically Updated Alive Publication Date
49 -- 0Stefano De Paoli, Emilie Blotière, Paula Forbes, Sona Arasteh-Roodsary. Measuring and Promoting the Success of an Open Science Discovery Platform through "Compass Indicators": The GoTriple Case
50 -- 0Lindung Parningotan Manik, Zaenal Akbar, Aris Yaman, Ariani Indrawati. Indonesian Scientists' Behavior Relative to Research Data Governance in Preventing WMD-Applicable Technology Transfer
51 -- 0Ákos Lencsés, Péter Süto. Challenges of Promoting Open Science within the NI4OS-Europe Project in Hungary
52 -- 0Alisa Martek, Dorja Mucnjak, Dolores Mumelas. Citizen Science in Europe - Challenges in Conducting Citizen Science Activities in Cooperation of University and Public Libraries

Volume 10, Issue 3

21 -- 0Andreas Nishikawa-Pacher. Research Questions with PICO: A Universal Mnemonic
22 -- 0Katie Wilson, Chun-Kai (Karl) Huang, Lucy Montgomery, Cameron Neylon, Rebecca N. Handcock, Alkim Ozaygen, Aniek Roelofs. Changing the Academic Gender Narrative through Open Access
23 -- 0Eun-Sil Kim, Eungi Kim. A Comparison of Asian Law Journals Published in Asian and Western Countries
24 -- 0Bjørn Hofmann. Open Science Knowledge Production: Addressing Epistemological Challenges and Ethical Implications
25 -- 0Elizabeth Troncoso, Francisco Ganga-Contreras, Margarita Briceño. Correction: Troncoso et al. Incentive Policies for Scientific Publications in the State Universities of Chile. Publications 2022, 10, 20
26 -- 0Gustavo F. Vaccaro, Pablo Sánchez-Núñez, Patricia Witt-Rodríguez. Bibliometrics Evaluation of Scientific Journals and Country Research Output of Dental Research in Latin America Using Scimago Journal and Country Rank
27 -- 0Eisuke Nakazawa, Shoichi Maeda, Makoto Udagawa, Akira Akabayashi. Should the Use of Patient Medical Information in Research Require the Approval of Attending Physicians?
28 -- 0Wanida Mala, Polrat Wilairatana, Apichai Wattanapisit, Kwuntida Uthaisar Kotepui, Manas Kotepui. Malaria Publications before and during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Bibliometric Analysis
29 -- 0Nicole Shu Ling Yeo-Teh, Bor Luen Tang. Sustained Rise in Retractions in the Life Sciences Literature during the Pandemic Years 2020 and 2021
30 -- 0Pinar E. Dönmez. The COVID-19 Pandemic, Academia, Gender, and Beyond: A Review
31 -- 0Luís Corujo. "Who Is the FAIRest of Them All?" Authors, Entities, and Journals Regarding FAIR Data Principles
32 -- 0Tomislav Malvic, Zeljko Andreic, Uros Barudzija, Gordan Bedekovic, Lidia Hrncevic, Josip Ivsinovic, Tomislav Korman, Zoran Kovac, Kresimir Pavlic, Borivoje Pasic. Citation Rate Challenges for a Small Journal Indexed in Scopus and WoS - Case Study from Central Europe (Croatia), Editorial View

Volume 10, Issue 2

14 -- 0Pilar Mur-Dueñas, Rosa Lorés. When Science Communication Becomes Parascience: Blurred Boundaries, Diffuse Roles
15 -- 0Pedro Jerónimo, Marta Sanchez Esparza. Disinformation at a Local Level: An Emerging Discussion
16 -- 0Sorana-Alexandra Constantinescu, Maria-Henriete Pozsar. Was This Supposed to Be on the Test? Academic Leadership, Gender and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Denmark, Hungary, Romania, and United Kingdom
17 -- 0Otmane Azeroual, Tibor Koltay. RecSys Pertaining to Research Information with Collaborative Filtering Methods: Characteristics and Challenges
18 -- 0Catalin Toma, Liliana Padureanu, Bogdan Toma. Correction of the Scientific Production: Publisher Performance Evaluation Using a Dataset of 4844 PubMed Retractions
19 -- 0Matthew G. Davey, Martin S. Davey, Aoife J. Lowery, Michael J. Kerin. What Proportion of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses Published in the Annals of Surgery Provide Definitive Conclusions - A Systematic Review and Bibliometric Analysis
20 -- 0Elizabeth Troncoso, Francisco Ganga-Contreras, Margarita Briceño. Incentive Policies for Scientific Publications in the State Universities of Chile

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 0Asli Vatansever. Feminization of Resistance: Reclaiming the Affective and the Indefinite as Counter-Strategy in Academic Labor Activism
2 -- 0Francisca Suau-Jiménez, Francisco Ivorra-Pérez. Reader Comments Agentive Power in COVID-19 Digital News Articles: Challenging Parascientific Information?
3 -- 0Olivier Pourret, Dasapta Erwin Irawan. Open Access in Geochemistry from Preprints to Data Sharing: Past, Present, and Future
4 -- 0Jan Engberg, Carmen Daniela Maier. Multimodal Generic Trends of Harvard Business Review Knowledge Communication in and beyond Social Media Context: Exploiting Affordances, Neglecting Opportunities
5 -- 0Louis Moustakas. A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Social Cohesion from 1994-2020
6 -- 0. Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Publications in 2021
7 -- 0Julien Longhi. The Parascientific Communication around Didier Raoult's Expertise and the Debates in the Media and on Digital Social Networks during the COVID-19 Crisis in France
8 -- 0Alexandre Martins de Oliveira, Fernando Manuel Pereira de Oliveira Carvalho, Nuno Rosa Reis. Institutions and Firms' Performance: A Bibliometric Analysis and Future Research Avenues
9 -- 0Marina Bondi. Dialogicity in Individual and Institutional Scientific Blogs
10 -- 0Josh Yamamoto, Eitan Frachtenberg. Gender Differences in Collaboration Patterns in Computer Science
11 -- 0Carmen Sancho Guinda. Scientific Stylisation or the 'Democracy Dilemma' of Graphical Abstracts
12 -- 0Katarina Krapez. Advancing Self-Evaluative and Self-Regulatory Mechanisms of Scholarly Journals: Editors' Perspectives on What Needs to Be Improved in the Editorial Process
13 -- 0Jan Erik Frantsvåg. Diamond Open Access in Norway 2017-2020