Journal: Publications

Volume 2, Issue 4

83 -- 99Malcolm Wolski, Joanna Richardson. A Model for Institutional Infrastructure to Support Digital Scholarship

Volume 2, Issue 3

61 -- 70Felicitas Hesselmann, Verena Wienefoet, Martin Reinhart. Measuring Scientific Misconduct - Lessons from Criminology
71 -- 82Helene Z. Hill, Joel H. Pitt. Failure to Replicate: A Sign of Scientific Misconduct?

Volume 2, Issue 2

44 -- 50R. Grant Steen. The Demographics of Deception: What Motivates Authors Who Engage in Misconduct?
51 -- 60Matan Shelomi. Editorial Misconduct - Definition, Cases, and Causes

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 13Yongyan Li. Chinese Doctors Connecting to the English Publishing World: Literature Access, Editorial Services, and Training in Publication Skills
14 -- 26Emma Bilbrey, Natalie O'Dell, Jonathan Creamer. A Novel Rubric for Rating the Quality of Retraction Notices
27 -- 37R. Grant Steen, Robert M. Hamer. A Case-Control Comparison of Retracted and Non-Retracted Clinical Trials: Can Retraction Be Predicted?
38 -- 43Martin Paul Eve. The Means of (Re-)Production: Expertise, Open Tools, Standards and Communication