Journal: Publications

Volume 3, Issue 4

219 -- 231Andrew Kirby. The Challenges of Journal Startup in the Digital Era
232 -- 236Andrew Kirby. Editors and Journal Startup in the Digital Era
237 -- 247Margaret K. Merga. Do Adolescents Prefer Electronic Books to Paper Books?
248 -- 262Andrew Gray. Considering Non-Open Access Publication Charges in the "Total Cost of Publication"
263 -- 284Reggie Raju, Jaya Raju, Jill Claassen. Open Scholarship Practices Reshaping South Africa's Scholarly Publishing Roadmap

Volume 3, Issue 3

150 -- 154Philip E. Steinberg. Reclaiming Society Publishing
155 -- 167Stuart Lawson. Fee Waivers for Open Access Journals
168 -- 173Ali Modarres. It's not Just the Author: The Reader and the Editor Are Dead, Too
174 -- 189Mary R. Brooks, Stephen Ison. Themed Volumes: A Blessing or a Curse?
190 -- 210Amy Forrester. Barriers to Open Access Publishing: Views from the Library Literature
211 -- 218Hiroshi Okano. Cultural Editing for Linking City, Culture and Society

Volume 3, Issue 2

43 -- 64Meng Ge. English Writing for International Publication in the Age of Globalization: Practices and Perceptions of Mainland Chinese Academics in the Humanities and Social Sciences
65 -- 88Julia Gross, John Charles Ryan. Landscapes of Research: Perceptions of Open Access (OA) Publishing in the Arts and Humanities
89 -- 103Na Luo. Two Chinese Medical Master's Students Aspiring to Publish Internationally: A Longitudinal Study of Legitimate Peripheral Participation in Their Communities of Practice
104 -- 119Christine Pearson Casanave, Yongyan Li. Novices' Struggles with Conceptual and Theoretical Framing in Writing Dissertations and Papers for Publication
120 -- 130Jennifer S. Mindell. Journal of Transport and Health, a New Cross-Disciplinary Journal
131 -- 149Yongyan Li. Accessing Fellow Academics as Research Participants: Constraints, Collegiality, and "Academic Citizenship"

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 16Heather Morrison, Jihane Salhab, Alexis Calvé-Genest, Tony Horava. Open Access Article Processing Charges: DOAJ Survey May 2014
17 -- 26Ashley S. Fulton, Alison M. Coates, Marie T. Williams, Peter R. C. Howe, Alison M. Hill. Persistent Citation of the Only Published Randomised Controlled Trial of Omega-3 Supplementation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Six Years after Its Retraction
27 -- 42Jun Lei, Guangwei Hu. Apprenticeship in Scholarly Publishing: A Student Perspective on Doctoral Supervisors' Roles