Journal: Publications

Volume 4, Issue 4

29 -- 0Xiaotian Chen. A Middle-of-the-Road Proposal amid the Sci-Hub Controversy: Share "Unofficial" Copies of Articles without Embargo, Legally
30 -- 0Josh Brown, Tom Demeranville, Alice Meadows. Open Access in Context: Connecting Authors, Publications and Workflows Using ORCID Identifiers
31 -- 0Rosângela Schwarz Rodrigues, Vitor Taga, Mariana Faustino dos Passos. Research Articles about Open Access Indexed by Scopus: A Content Analysis
32 -- 0Ed Vollans. Think of It as a Trailer... for a Book
33 -- 0Alan Singleton. ...Plus la Même Chose..

Volume 4, Issue 3

19 -- 0Phuong Dzung Pho, Thi Minh Phuong Tran. Obstacles to Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities: A Case Study of Vietnamese Scholars
20 -- 0Miguel R. Guevara, Marcelo Mendoza. Publishing Patterns in BRIC Countries: A Network Analysis
21 -- 0Dalibor Fiala, Cecília Havrilová, Martin Dostál, Ján Paralic. Editorial Board Membership, Time to Accept, and the Effect on the Citation Counts of Journal Articles
22 -- 0Carol Tenopir, Elizabeth Dalton, Allison Fish, Lisa Christian, Misty Jones, MacKenzie Smith. What Motivates Authors of Scholarly Articles? The Importance of Journal Attributes and Potential Audience on Publication Choice
23 -- 0Seden Can, Erkan Karabacak, Jingjing Qin. Structure of Moves in Research Article Abstracts in Applied Linguistics
24 -- 0Cecile Badenhorst, Xiaolin Xu. Academic Publishing: Making the Implicit Explicit
25 -- 0Yongyan Li. Chinese Postgraduate Medical Students Researching for Publication
26 -- 0Ron Martinez, Karin Graf. Thesis Supervisors as Literacy Brokers in Brazil
27 -- 0Margaret Cargill. Introduction to the Special Issue: Researching, Teaching, and Supporting Research Publication - Issues for Users of English as an Additional Language
28 -- 0Alan Singleton. Plus ça Change.....

Volume 4, Issue 2

9 -- 0Mei Tian, Yan Su, Xin Ru. Perish or Publish in China: Pressures on Young Chinese Scholars to Publish in Internationally Indexed Journals
10 -- 0Stephen K. Donovan. Editing in Jamaica 1989-1998
11 -- 0Mary Ellen Kerans, Anne Murray, Sergi Sabatè. Content and Phrasing in Titles of Original Research and Review Articles in 2015: Range of Practice in Four Clinical Journals
12 -- 0Joana Vieira Santos, Paulo Nunes da Silva. Issues with Publishing Abstracts in English: Challenges for Portuguese Linguists' Authorial Voices
13 -- 0Costantino Thanos. A Vision for Open Cyber-Scholarly Infrastructures
14 -- 0Andrada Elena Urda-Cîmpean, Sorana D. Bolboaca, Andrei Achimas-Cadariu, Tudor Catalin Drugan. Knowledge Production in Two Types of Medical PhD Routes - What's to Gain?
15 -- 0Simon Das. Magazine Publishing Innovation: Two Case Studies on Managing Creativity
16 -- 0Birgit Schmidt, Astrid Orth, Gwen Franck, Iryna Kuchma, Petr Knoth, José Carvalho. Stepping up Open Science Training for European Research
17 -- 0Benedikt Fecher, Gert G. Wagner. Open Access, Innovation, and Research Infrastructure
18 -- 0Geneviève Bordet. Counteracting Domain Loss and Epistemicide in Specialized Discourse: A Case Study on the Translation of Anglophone Metaphors to French

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 0Sandra Miguel, Ely Francina Tannuri de Oliveira, Maria Cláudia Cabrini Gracio. Scientific Production on Open Access: A Worldwide Bibliometric Analysis in the Academic and Scientific Context
2 -- 0Simon Spedding. Open Access Publishing of Health Research: Does Open Access Publishing Facilitate the Translation of Research into Health Policy and Practice?
4 -- 0Dirce Maria Santin, Samile Andréa de Souza Vanz, Sonia Elisa Caregnato. Internationality of Publications, Co-Authorship, References and Citations in Brazilian Evolutionary Biology
5 -- 0Oliver Shaw. English or Englishes in Global Academia: A Text-Historical Take on Genre Analysis
6 -- 0James Corcoran, Karen Englander. A Proposal for Critical-Pragmatic Pedagogical Approaches to English for Research Publication Purposes
7 -- 0Lyle Skains. Creative Commons and Appropriation: Implicit Collaboration in Digital Works
8 -- 0Alan Singleton. Publications March 2016