Journal: Publications

Volume 6, Issue 4

40 -- 0Cristiane B. D. Matielo, Deise S. Sarzi, Beatriz Justolin, Rafael P. M. Lemos, Flavio A. O. Camargo, Valdir M. Stefenon. Cannabis Publications: Six Decades of Research and a Gap on Studies with the Plant
41 -- 0Stephen K. Donovan. Planning for Academic Publishing after Retirement
42 -- 0Kate McCready, Emma Molls. Developing a Business Plan for a Library Publishing Program
43 -- 0Engin Arik, Sema Akboga. Women's Studies in the Muslim World: A Bibliometric Perspective
44 -- 0Luís Miguel Machado, Maria Manuel Borges, Renato Rocha Souza. The Evolution of the Concept of Semantic Web in the Context of Wikipedia: An Exploratory Approach to Study the Collective Conceptualization in a Digital Collaborative Environment
45 -- 0Anne-Katharina Weilenmann, Lawrence Rajendran. Against Storytelling - The New Paradigm of Scientific Publishing
46 -- 0Susanne Mikki, Øyvind Liland Gjesdal, Tormod E. Strømme. Grades of Openness: Open and Closed Articles in Norway
47 -- 0Juan Miguel Campanario. Journals that Rise from the Fourth Quartile to the First Quartile in Six Years or Less: Mechanisms of Change and the Role of Journal Self-Citations
48 -- 0Ángel Borrego, Lluís Anglada. Research Support Services in Spanish Academic Libraries: An Analysis of Their Strategic Plans and of an Opinion Survey Administered to Their Directors
49 -- 0Anne-Katharina Weilenmann. Scientific Communication - A Vision for Tomorrow

Volume 6, Issue 3

29 -- 0Karin Langenkamp, Bodo Rödel, Kerstin Taufenbach, Meike Weiland. Open Access in Vocational Education and Training Research
30 -- 0Myrto-Panagiota Zacharof, Anna Charalambidou. An Exploration of the Sub-Register of Chemical Engineering Research Papers Published in English
31 -- 0Julie Baldwin, Stephen Pinfield. The UK Scholarly Communication Licence: Attempting to Cut through the Gordian Knot of the Complexities of Funder Mandates, Publisher Embargoes and Researcher Caution in Achieving Open Access
32 -- 0Manvendra Janmaijaya, Amit K. Shukla, Ajith Abraham, Pranab K. Muhuri. A Scientometric Study of Neurocomputing Publications (1992-2018): An Aerial Overview of Intrinsic Structure
33 -- 0Menglin Chen. A Data-Driven Critical Review of Second Language Acquisition in the Past 30 Years
34 -- 0Victoria Tur-Viñes, Jesús Segarra-Saavedra, Tatiana Hidalgo-Marí. Use of Twitter in Spanish Communication Journals
35 -- 0Ashley S. Fulton, Alison M. Coates, Marie T. Williams, Peter R. C. Howe, Alison M. Hill. Persistent Citation of the Only Published Randomized Controlled Trial of Omega-3 Supplementation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Six Years after Its Retraction
36 -- 0Daniela De Filippo, Nuria Bautista-Puig, Elba Mauleón, Elías Sanz-Casado. A Bridge between Society and Universities: A Documentary Analysis of Science Shops
37 -- 0Sameer Kumar. Ethical Concerns in the Rise of Co-Authorship and Its Role as a Proxy of Research Collaborations
38 -- 0Jan Friesen, John T. Van Stan II, Skander Elleuche. Communicating Science through Comics: A Method
39 -- 0Dmitry M. Kochetkov. A Correlation Analysis of Normalized Indicators of Citation

Volume 6, Issue 2

13 -- 0Megan Taylor, Kathrine S. H. Jensen. Engaging and Supporting a University Press Scholarly Community
14 -- 0William Cabos, Juan Miguel Campanario. Exploring the Hjif-Index, an Analogue to the H-Like Index for Journal Impact Factors
15 -- 0Alexander Kohls, Salvatore Mele. Converting the Literature of a Scientific Field to Open Access through Global Collaboration: The Experience of SCOAP3 in Particle Physics
16 -- 0Oghenere Gabriel Salubi, Ezra Ondari-Okemwa, Fhulu Nekhwevha. Utilisation of Library Information Resources among Generation Z Students: Facts and Fiction
17 -- 0Rosalyn Bass, Sarah Slowe. Supporting Open Access at Kent - New Staff Roles
18 -- 0Ádám Kun. Publish and Who Should Perish: You or Science?
19 -- 0Irene Barbers, Nadja Kalinna, Bernhard Mittermaier. Data-Driven Transition: Joint Reporting of Subscription Expenditure and Publication Costs
20 -- 0Christine Antiope Daoutis, Maria de Montserrat Rodriguez-Marquez. Library-Mediated Deposit: A Gift to Researchers or a Curse on Open Access? Reflections from the Case of Surrey
21 -- 0Chris Hartgerink, Marino van Zelst. "As-You-Go" Instead of "After-the-Fact": A Network Approach to Scholarly Communication and Evaluation
22 -- 0Svetla Baykoucheva. Beyond Plagiarism: Scientific Ethics and Its Other Aspects
23 -- 0David Walters, Christopher Daley. Enhancing Institutional Publication Data Using Emergent Open Science Services
24 -- 0Thomas Arndt, Claudia Frick. Getting Scientists Ready for Open Access: The Approaches of Forschungszentrum Jülich
25 -- 0Olga Solovova, Joana Vieira Santos, Joaquim Veríssimo. Publish in English or Perish in Portuguese: Struggles and Constraints on the Semiperiphery
26 -- 0Cristobal Salinas Jr.. A Case Study for a New Peer-Review Journal on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education
27 -- 0Birgit Schmidt, Andrea Bertino, Daniel Beucke, Helene Brinken, Najko Jahn, Lisa Matthias, Julika Mimkes, Katharina Müller, Astrid Orth, Margo Bargheer. Open Science Support as a Portfolio of Services and Projects: From Awareness to Engagement
28 -- 0Tony Ross-Hellauer. Publications to Open Peer Review

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 0Richard H. McCuen. Advancing Scientific Knowledge: Ethical Issues in the Journal Publication Process
2 -- 0Shaoxiong (Brian) Xu, Guangwei Hu. Retraction Notices: Who Authored Them?
3 -- 0Arif Khan. A Study of Social Information Seeking (SIS) among LIS Research Scholars in Pakistan
5 -- 0Yongyan Li, Guangwei Hu. Collaborating with Management Academics in a New Economy: Benefits and Challenges
6 -- 0Dalia El Khaled, Nuria Novas Castellano, José A. Gazquez Parra, Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro. Dielectric and Bioimpedance Research Studies: A Scientometric Approach Using the Scopus Database
7 -- 0Isabelle Dorsch, Johanna M. Askeridis, Wolfgang G. Stock. Truebounded, Overbounded, or Underbounded? Scientists' Personal Publication Lists versus Lists Generated through Bibliographic Information Services
8 -- 0Stephen K. Donovan. Reflective Practice: Eight Stages of Publishing a Scientific Research Paper
9 -- 0Jorge Revez. Opening the Heart of Science: A Review of the Changing Roles of Research Libraries
10 -- 0David Banks. Thoughts on Publishing the Research Article over the Centuries
11 -- 0Shahryar Sorooshian, Yasaman Parsia. Substandard Journal Management: Wastage of Authors' Motivation
12 -- 0Ethan J. Allen, Roberta K. Weber, William Howerton. Library Assessment Research: A Content Comparison from Three American Library Journals