Journal: Publications

Volume 7, Issue 4

60 -- 0Vítor Vasata Macchi Silva, José Luis Duarte Ribeiro, Gonzalo Rubén Alvarez, Sonia Elisa Caregnato. Competence-Based Management Research in the Web of Science and Scopus Databases: Scientific Production, Collaboration, and Impact
61 -- 0Marna Broekhoff. Perceived Challenges to Anglophone Publication at Three Universities in Chile
62 -- 0Justus Henke. Third Mission as an Opportunity for Professionalization in Science Management
63 -- 0Megan Taylor. Mapping the Publishing Challenges for an Open Access University Press
64 -- 0Nataliia Sokolovska, Benedikt Fecher, Gert G. Wagner. Communication on the Science-Policy Interface: An Overview of Conceptual Models
65 -- 0Marcel Knöchelmann. Open Science in the Humanities, or: Open Humanities?
66 -- 0Jaroslava Kubátová. Does Academic Publishing Lead to Work-Related Stress or Happiness?
67 -- 0Carlo Galli, Roberto Sala, Maria Teresa Colangelo, Stefano Guizzardi. Between Innovation and Standardization, Is There Still a Room for Scientific Reports? The Rise of a Formatting Tradition in Periodontal Research

Volume 7, Issue 3

45 -- 0Jan Erik Frantsvåg. The DOAJ Spring Cleaning 2016 and What Was Removed - Tragic Loss or Good Riddance?
46 -- 0Michael J. Fell. The Economic Impacts of Open Science: A Rapid Evidence Assessment
47 -- 0Margaret Cargill, Sally Burgess, Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir. Editorial: Publishing Research Internationally: Multilingual Perspectives from Research and Practice
48 -- 0Alex O. Holcombe. Contributorship, Not Authorship: Use CRediT to Indicate Who Did What
49 -- 0Mercedes Baquero-Arribas, Luis Dorado, Isabel Bernal. Open Access Routes Dichotomy and Opportunities: Consolidation, Analysis and Trends at the Spanish National Research Council
50 -- 0Gregory Jansen, Aaron Coburn, Adam Soroka, Will Thomas, Richard Marciano. DRAS-TIC Linked Data: Evenly Distributing the Past
51 -- 0Maria Esteva, Craig Jansen, Pedro Arduino, Mahyar Sharifi-Mood, Clint N. Dawson, Josue Balandrano Coronel. Curation and Publication of Simulation Data in DesignSafe, a Natural Hazards Engineering Open Platform and Repository
52 -- 0Bart Penders, J. Britt Holbrook, Sarah de Rijcke. Rinse and Repeat: Understanding the Value of Replication across Different Ways of Knowing
53 -- 0Peter Harremoës. Replication Papers
54 -- 0Susanne Beck, Maral Mahdad, Karin Beukel, Marion K. Poetz. The Value of Scientific Knowledge Dissemination for Scientists - A Value Capture Perspective
55 -- 0Alexandra Jobmann, Nina Schönfelder. The Transcript OPEN Library Political Science Model: A Sustainable Way into Open Access for E-Books in the Humanities and Social Sciences
56 -- 0Elizabeth Gadd, Chris Morrison, Jane Secker. The Impact of Open Access on Teaching - How Far Have We Come?
57 -- 0Martina Gaisch, Daniela Noemeyer, Regina Aichinger. Third Mission Activities at Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences: Results from an Expert Survey
58 -- 0Xiaotian Chen. Scholarly Journals' Publication Frequency and Number of Articles in 2018-2019: A Study of SCI, SSCI, CSCD, and CSSCI Journals
59 -- 0J. Israel Martínez-López, Samantha Barrón-González, Alejandro Martínez López. Which Are the Tools Available for Scholars? A Review of Assisting Software for Authors during Peer Reviewing Process

Volume 7, Issue 2

23 -- 0Lisa Matthias, Najko Jahn, Mikael Laakso. The Two-Way Street of Open Access Journal Publishing: Flip It and Reverse It
24 -- 0Valerie Matarese, Karen Shashok. Transparent Attribution of Contributions to Research: Aligning Guidelines to Real-Life Practices
25 -- 0Kristin Solli, Ingjerd Legreid Ødemark. Multilingual Research Writing beyond English: The Case of Norwegian Academic Discourse in an Era of Multilingual Publication Practices
26 -- 0Jan Erik Frantsvåg, Tormod Eismann Strømme. Few Open Access Journals Are Compliant with Plan S
27 -- 0Mary Jane Curry, Theresa Lillis. Unpacking the Lore on Multilingual Scholars Publishing in English: A Discussion Paper
28 -- 0Catherine Aster. Spotlight at Stanford as a Use Case
29 -- 0Sara Mannheimer, Jason A. Clark, James Espeland, Kyle Hagerman. Building a Dataset Search for Institutions: Project Update
30 -- 0David Scherer, Daniel Valen. Balancing Multiple Roles of Repositories: Developing a Comprehensive Repository at Carnegie Mellon University
31 -- 0Anna Kristina Hultgren. English as the Language for Academic Publication: on Equity, Disadvantage and 'Non-Nativeness' as a Red Herring
32 -- 0Fabio Zagonari. Scientific Production and Productivity for Characterizing an Author's Publication History: Simple and Nested Gini's and Hirsch's Indexes Combined
33 -- 0Emilija Stojmenova Duh, Andrej Duh, Uros Droftina, Tim Kos, Urban Duh, Tanja Simonic Korosak, Dean Korosak. Publish-and-Flourish: Using Blockchain Platform to Enable Cooperative Scholarly Communication
34 -- 0Jonathan P. Tennant, Harry Crane, Tom Crick, Jacinto Davila, Asura Enkhbayar, Johanna Havemann, Bianca Kramer, Ryan Martin, Paola Masuzzo, Andy Nobes, Curt Rice, Bárbara Rivera-López, Tony Ross-Hellauer, Susanne Sattler, Paul D. Thacker, Marc Vanholsbeeck. Ten Hot Topics around Scholarly Publishing
35 -- 0Panagiotis Tsigaris, Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva. Did the Research Faculty at a Small Canadian Business School Publish in "Predatory" Venues? This Depends on the Publishing Blacklist
36 -- 0Neil Jefferies, Fiona Murphy, Anusha Ranganathan, Hollydawn Murray. Data2paper: Giving Researchers Credit for Their Data
37 -- 0Rachel Smart. What Is an Institutional Repository to Do? Implementing Open Access Harvesting Workflows
38 -- 0Lyubomir Penev, Mariya Dimitrova, Viktor Senderov, Georgi Zhelezov, Teodor Georgiev, Pavel Stoev, Kiril Simov. OpenBiodiv: A Knowledge Graph for Literature-Extracted Linked Open Data in Biodiversity Science
39 -- 0Andrew Hankinson, Donald Brower, Neil Jefferies, Rosalyn Metz, Julian Morley, Simeon Warner, Andrew Woods. The Oxford Common File Layout: A Common Approach to Digital Preservation
40 -- 0Chris Hartgerink. Verified, Shared, Modular, and Provenance Based Research Communication with the Dat Protocol
41 -- 0Andrea C. Bertino, Heather Staines. Enabling A Conversation Across Scholarly Monographs through Open Annotation
42 -- 0Mark E. Phillips, Pamela Andrews, Ana Krahmer. Understanding Connections: Examining Digital Library and Institutional Repository Use Overlap
43 -- 0Svetla Baykoucheva. Eugene Garfield's Ideas and Legacy and Their Impact on the Culture of Research
44 -- 0Tom Narock, Evan B. Goldstein. Quantifying the Growth of Preprint Services Hosted by the Center for Open Science

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 0Ivana Drvenica, Giangiacomo Bravo, Lucija Vejmelka, Aleksandar Dekanski, Olgica Nedic. Peer Review of Reviewers: The Author's Perspective
2 -- 0Esther Salmerón-Manzano, Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro. Unaccompanied Minors: Worldwide Research Perspectives
3 -- 0Anja Oberländer, Torsten Reimer. Open Access and the Library
4 -- 0Klaus Wohlrabe, Félix de Moya Anegón, Lutz Bornmann. How Efficiently Do Elite US Universities Produce Highly Cited Papers?
5 -- 0. Publications in 2018
6 -- 0Preedip Balaji Babu, M. Dhanamjaya. Preprints in Scholarly Communication: Re-Imagining Metrics and Infrastructures
7 -- 0Josep Soler, Andrew Cooper. Unexpected Emails to Submit Your Work: Spam or Legitimate Offers? The Implications for Novice English L2 Writers
8 -- 0Teresa Morell, Susana Pastor Cesteros. Genre Pedagogy and Bilingual Graduate Students' Academic Writing
9 -- 0Juliana E. Raffaghelli, Stefania Manca. Is There a Social Life in Open Data? The Case of Open Data Practices in Educational Technology Research
10 -- 0Lynn P. Nygaard. The Institutional Context of 'Linguistic Injustice': Norwegian Social Scientists and Situated Multilingualism
11 -- 0Amy L. Chapman, Christine Greenhow. Citizen-Scholars: Social Media and the Changing Nature of Scholarship
12 -- 0Nuria Bautista-Puig, Daniela De Filippo, Elba Mauleón, Elías Sanz-Casado. Scientific Landscape of Citizen Science Publications: Dynamics, Content and Presence in Social Media
13 -- 0Afshin Sadeghi, Sarven Capadisli, Johannes Wilm, Christoph Lange 0002, Philipp Mayr. Opening and Reusing Transparent Peer Reviews with Automatic Article Annotation
14 -- 0Otmane Azeroual, Joachim Schöpfel. Quality Issues of CRIS Data: An Exploratory Investigation with Universities from Twelve Countries
15 -- 0Francesco Pomponi, Bernardino D'Amico, Tom Rye. Who Is (Likely) Peer-Reviewing Your Papers? A Partial Insight into the World's Top Reviewers
16 -- 0Juliet L. Hardesty, Nicholas Homenda. The Ecosystem of Repository Migration
17 -- 0Yongyan Li, Patrick O'Connor. "Scientific Writing for Impact Is a Learned Skill - It Can Be Enhanced with Training": An Interview with Patrick O'Connor
18 -- 0Carol Tenopir, Lisa Christian, Jordan Kaufman. Seeking, Reading, and Use of Scholarly Articles: An International Study of Perceptions and Behavior of Researchers
19 -- 0Stefano Cossu. Labours of Love and Convenience: Dealing with Community-Supported Knowledge in Museums
20 -- 0Pat Strauss. Shakespeare and the English Poets: The Influence of Native Speaking English Reviewers on the Acceptance of Journal Articles
21 -- 0Eun-Young Julia Kim. Korean Scholars' Use of For-Pay Editors and Perceptions of Ethicality
22 -- 0Uchendu Eugene Chigbu. Visually Hypothesising in Scientific Paper Writing: Confirming and Refuting Qualitative Research Hypotheses Using Diagrams