Journal: Publications

Volume 8, Issue 4

45 -- 0Mangirdas Morkunas, Elze Rudiene, Lukas Giriunas, Laura Dauciuniene. Assessment of Factors Causing Bias in Marketing- Related Publications
46 -- 0Kym Fraser, Benedict Sheehy. Abundant Publications but Minuscule Impact: The Irrelevance of Academic Accounting Research on Practice and the Profession
47 -- 0Noelia Araújo Vila, Lucília A. Cardoso, Diego R. Toubes, Jose Antonio Fraiz Brea. Digital Competence in Spanish University Education and Its Use by Students
48 -- 0Santiago Tejedor, Laura Cervi, Ana Pérez Escoda, Fernanda Tusa Jumbo. Digital Literacy and Higher Education during COVID-19 Lockdown: Spain, Italy, and Ecuador
49 -- 0Mariana Cernicova-Buca, Katalin Luzan. Open Academic Book Publishing during COVID-19 Pandemic: A View on Romanian University Presses
50 -- 0Carlos Yure B. Oliveira, Cicero Diogo L. Oliveira, Marius N. Müller, Elizabeth P. Santos, Danielli M. M. Dantas, Alfredo O. Gálvez. A Scientometric Overview of Global Dinoflagellate Research
51 -- 0Joachim Schöpfel, Otmane Azeroual, Monika Jungbauer-Gans. Research Ethics, Open Science and CRIS
52 -- 0Sabina Civila, Luis M. Romero-Rodriguez, Amparo C. Civila Salas. The Demonization of Islam through Social Media: A Case Study of #Stopislam in Instagram
53 -- 0Ji-Ann Yang. Analysis of Concentrations of Loans by Using Book Circulation Data in Korea University Library
54 -- 0Gabrielle Samuel, Federica Lucivero. Responsible Open Science: Moving towards an Ethics of Environmental Sustainability
55 -- 0Marianne Duquenne, Hélène Prost, Joachim Schöpfel, Franck Dumeignil. Open Bioeconomy - A Bibliometric Study on the Accessibility of Articles in the Field of Bioeconomy

Volume 8, Issue 3

36 -- 0Ioan Ianos, Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor. An Overview of the Dynamics of Relative Research Performance in Central-Eastern Europe Using a Ranking-Based Analysis Derived from SCImago Data
37 -- 0Manh-Toan Ho, Thu-Trang Vuong, Thanh-Hang Pham, Anh-Phuong Luong, Thanh-Nhan Nguyen, Quan-Hoang Vuong. Correction: Ho, MT., et al. The Internal Capability of Vietnam Social Sciences and Humanities: A Perspective from the 2008-2019. Publications 2020, 8(2), 32
38 -- 0Carlo Galli, Maria Teresa Colangelo, Stefano Guizzardi. Striving for Modernity: Layout and Abstracts in the Biomedical Literature
39 -- 0Rachel Caldwell. A Provisional System to Evaluate Journal Publishers Based on Partnership Practices and Values Shared with Academic Institutions and Libraries
40 -- 0Hans Oh. A Call for a More Efficient Submission Process
41 -- 0Pedro Orgeira-Crespo, Carla Míguez-Álvarez, Miguel Cuevas-Alonso, María Isabel Doval-Ruiz. Decision Algorithm for the Automatic Determination of the Use of Non-Inclusive Terms in Academic Texts
42 -- 0Rainer Rubira-García, Silvia Margarita Baldiris Navarro, Jacqueline Venet-Gutiérrez, Silvia Magro-Vela. Theoretical Aspects of Scholarly Publishing about the Internet in Spanish Communication Journals
43 -- 0Shakil Ahmad, Yasir Javed, Shabir Hussain Khahro, Arslan Shahid. Research Contribution of the Oldest Seat of Higher Learning in Pakistan: A Bibliometric Analysis of University of the Punjab
44 -- 0Noella Edelmann, Judith Schoßböck. Open Access Perceptions, Strategies, and Digital Literacies: A Case Study of a Scholarly-Led Journal

Volume 8, Issue 2

17 -- 0Bo-Christer Björk, Sari Kanto-Karvonen, J. Tuomas Harviainen. How Frequently Are Articles in Predatory Open Access Journals Cited
18 -- 0Kyle J. Burghardt, Bradley H. Howlett, Audrey S. Khoury, Stephanie M. Fern, Paul R. Burghardt. Three Commonly Utilized Scholarly Databases and a Social Network Site Provide Different, But Related, Metrics of Pharmacy Faculty Publication
19 -- 0Barbara Lemon, Kerry Blinco, Brendan Somes. Building NED: Open Access to Australia's Digital Documentary Heritage
20 -- 0Vasily Bunakov, Frances Madden. Integration of a National E-Theses Online Service with Institutional Repositories
21 -- 0Koenraad De Smedt, Dimitris Koureas, Peter Wittenburg. FAIR Digital Objects for Science: From Data Pieces to Actionable Knowledge Units
22 -- 0Annie Wu, Santi Thompson, Anne M. Washington, Sean Watkins, Andrew Weidner, Dean Seeman, Nicholas Woodward. Bridge2Hyku: Meeting Practitioners' Needs in Digital Collection Migration to Open Source Samvera Repository
23 -- 0Jack M. Maness, Kim Pham, Fernando Reyes, Jeff Rynhart. A Vertical Cooperation Model to Manage Digital Collections and Institutional Resources
24 -- 0Lucca de Farias Ramalho, Washington de Carvalho Segundo. R-Shiny as an Interface for Data Visualization and Data Analysis on the Brazilian Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (BDTD)
25 -- 0Clara Turp, Lee Wilson, Julienne Pascoe, Alex Garnett. The Fast and the FRDR: Improving Metadata for Data Discovery in Canada
26 -- 0Gemma E. Derrick. Editorial-Embracing How Scholarly Publishing Can Build a New Research Culture, Post-COVID-19
27 -- 0Itziar Sobrino-García. Copyright in the Scientific Community. The Limitations and Exceptions in the European Union and Spanish Legal Frameworks
28 -- 0Hui Zhang. Toward Easy Deposit: Lowering the Barriers of Green Open Access with Data Integration and Automation
29 -- 0Carmen López-Vergara, Pilar Flores Asenjo, Alfonso Rosa-García. Incentives to Open Access: Perspectives of Health Science Researchers
30 -- 0Ádám Kun. Time to Acceptance of 3 Days for Papers About COVID-19
31 -- 0Pascal-Nicolas Becker, Michele Mennielli, Katharina Trachte. Stewarding National User Groups to Strengthen Open Source Software Communities
32 -- 0Manh-Toan Ho, Thu-Trang Vuong, Thanh-Hang Pham, Anh-Phuong Luong, Thanh-Nhan Nguyen, Quan-Hoang Vuong. The Internal Capability of Vietnam Social Sciences and Humanities: A Perspective from the 2008-2019 Dataset
33 -- 0Hanna Hedeland. Providing Digital Infrastructure for Audio-Visual Linguistic Research Data with Diverse Usage Scenarios: Lessons Learnt
34 -- 0Boris Forthmann, Mark A. Runco. An Empirical Test of the Inter-Relationships between Various Bibliometric Creative Scholarship Indicators
35 -- 0Friedrich Summann, Andreas Czerniak, Jochen Schirrwagen, Dirk Pieper. Data Science Tools for Monitoring the Global Repository Eco-System and its Lines of Evolution

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 0Patrick Gamsby. The Common Ground of Open Access and Interdisciplinarity
2 -- 0Shahryar Sorooshian. New Money-Making Tactic by Predatory Publishers
3 -- 0Sergio Copiello. Business as Usual with Article Processing Charges in the Transition towards OA Publishing: A Case Study Based on Elsevier
4 -- 0Vincent Raoult. How Many Papers Should Scientists Be Reviewing? An Analysis Using Verified Peer Review Reports
5 -- 0. Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Publications in 2019
6 -- 0Julia Lanoue. Disparate Environmental Monitoring as a Barrier to the Availability and Accessibility of Open Access Data on the Tidal Thames
7 -- 0Catarina Sobreira, Joyce K. Klu, Christian Cole, Niamh Nic Daéid, Hervé Ménard. Reviewing Research Trends - A Scientometric Approach Using Gunshot Residue (GSR) Literature as an Example
8 -- 0George Macgregor. Enhancing Content Discovery of Open Repositories: An Analytics-Based Evaluation of Repository Optimizations
9 -- 0Pentti Nieminen, Hannu Vähänikkilä. Use of Data Analysis Methods in Dental Publications: Is There Evidence of a Methodological Change?
10 -- 0Carlo Galli, Stefano Guizzardi. Change in Format, Register and Narration Style in the Biomedical Literature: A 1948 Example
11 -- 0María del Pilar Casado-Belmonte, Gema María Marín-Carrillo, Eduardo Terán-Yépez, María de las Mercedes Capobianco-Uriarte. What Is Going on with the Research into the Internationalization of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)? An Intellectual Structure Analysis into the State-of-the-Art (1990-2018)
12 -- 0Melissa H. Cantrell, Juleah A. Swanson. Funding Sources for Open Access Article Processing Charges in the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities in the United States
13 -- 0Michael Cary, Taylor Rockwell. International Collaboration in Open Access Publications: How Income Shapes International Collaboration
14 -- 0Hans van Dijk, Marino van Zelst. Comfortably Numb? Researchers' Satisfaction with the Publication System and a Proposal for Radical Change
15 -- 0Kurubaran Ganasegeran, Alan Swee Hock Ch'ng, Mohd Fadzly Amar Jamil, Irene Looi. Clinicians' Publication Output: Self-Report Survey and Bibliometric Analysis
16 -- 0Andriy Novikov. The Splendors and Miseries of Open Access Scientific Publishing in Ukraine