Journal: Publications

Volume 9, Issue 4

43 -- 0Javier Gil-Quintana, Emilio Vida de León. Educational Influencers on Instagram: Analysis of Educational Channels, Audiences, and Economic Performance
44 -- 0Belén Puebla-Martínez, Nuria Navarro-Sierra, Gema Alcolea-Díaz. Methodological Proposal for the Detection of the Composing Elements of Vulnerability Regarding Disinformation
45 -- 0Huyen Thanh T. Nguyen, Minh Hoang Nguyen 0003, Tam-Tri Le, Manh-Toan Ho, Quan-Hoang Vuong. Open Access Publishing Probabilities Based on Gender and Authorship Structures in Vietnam
46 -- 0Wilder Quintero-Quintero, Ana Beatriz Blanco-Ariza, Manuel Alfonso Garzón-Castrillón. Intellectual Capital: A Review and Bibliometric Analysis
47 -- 0Marcelo Mendoza. Differences in Citation Patterns across Areas, Article Types and Age Groups of Researchers
48 -- 0Libor Ansorge, Klára Ansorgeová, Mark Sixsmith. Plagiarism through Paraphrasing Tools - The Story of One Plagiarized Text
49 -- 0Diogo Correia, Leonor Teixeira, João Lourenço Marques. Reviewing the State-of-the-Art of Smart Cities in Portugal: Evidence Based on Content Analysis of a Portuguese Magazine
50 -- 0Zoltán Krajcsák. Researcher Performance in Scopus Articles (RPSA) as a New Scientometric Model of Scientific Output: Tested in Business Area of V4 Countries
51 -- 0Timur Narbaev, Diana Amirbekova. Research Productivity in Emerging Economies: Empirical Evidence from Kazakhstan
52 -- 0Julia Heuritsch. Reflexive Behaviour: How Publication Pressure Affects Research Quality in Astronomy
53 -- 0Tatiana S. Gonçalves, Pedro Jerónimo, João Carlos Correia. Local News and Geolocation Technology in the Case of Portugal
54 -- 0Alexandre López Borrull, Mari Vallez, Candela Ollé, Mario Pérez-Montoro. Publisher Transparency among Communications and Library and Information Science Journals: Analysis and Recommendations
55 -- 0Gricelda Herrera-Franco, Néstor Montalván-Burbano, Carlos Mora-Frank, Lady Bravo-Montero. Scientific Research in Ecuador: A Bibliometric Analysis
56 -- 0Miguel Cuevas-Alonso, Carla Míguez-Álvarez. Metadiscursive Markers and Text Genre: A Metareview
57 -- 0Jakkrit Thavorn, Veera Muangsin, Chupun Gowanit, Nongnuj Muangsin. A Scientometric Assessment of Agri-Food Technology for Research Activity and Productivity

Volume 9, Issue 3

26 -- 0Mario Pagliaro. Did You Ask for Citations? An Insight into Preprint Citations en route to Open Science
27 -- 0Yaniasih Yaniasih, Indra Budi. Systematic Design and Evaluation of a Citation Function Classification Scheme in Indonesian Journals
28 -- 0Jon Ander Garibi, Álvaro Antón, José Domingo Villarroel. Information about Human Evolution: An Analysis of News Published in Communication Media in Spanish between 2015 and 2017
29 -- 0Juliana Salvadorinho, Leonor Teixeira. Stories Told by Publications about the Relationship between Industry 4.0 and Lean: Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Agenda
30 -- 0Tanmoy Konar. Author-Suggested, Weighted Citation Index: A Novel Approach for Determining the Contribution of Individual Researchers
31 -- 0Manh-Toan Ho, Manh-Tung Ho, Quan-Hoang Vuong. Total SciComm: A Strategy for Communicating Open Science
32 -- 0Mario Rajas-Fernández, Manuel Gértrudix Barrio, Miguel Baños-González. Knowledge in Images and Sounds: Informative, Narrative and Aesthetic Analysis of the Video for MOOC
33 -- 0Bahtiyor Eshchanov, Kobilbek Abduraimov, Mavluda Ibragimova, Ruzumboy Eshchanov. Efficiency of "Publish or Perish" Policy - Some Considerations Based on the Uzbekistan Experience
34 -- 0Ruth Breeze. Claiming Credibility in Online Comments: Popular Debate Surrounding the COVID-19 Vaccine
35 -- 0David Blanco-Herrero, Javier J. Amores, Patricia Sánchez-Holgado. Citizen Perceptions of Fake News in Spain: Socioeconomic, Demographic, and Ideological Differences
36 -- 0Casandra López-Marcos, Pilar Vicente-Fernández. Fact Checkers Facing Fake News and Disinformation in the Digital Age: A Comparative Analysis between Spain and United Kingdom
37 -- 0Carmen López-Vergara, Pilar Flores Asenjo, Alfonso Rosa-García. Why Open Access: Economics and Business Researchers' Perspectives
38 -- 0Miguel-Ángel Esteban-Navarro, Antonia-Isabel Nogales-Bocio, Miguel-Ángel García-Madurga, Tamara Morte-Nadal. Spanish Fact-Checking Services: An Approach to Their Business Models
39 -- 0Kendall Faulkner. Faculty Use of Open-Access Journals: A Case Study of Faculty Publications and Cited References at a California University
40 -- 0Juana Farfán, María Elena Mazo. Disinformation and Responsibility in Young People in Spain during the COVID-19 Era
41 -- 0Andre Bruns, Niels C. Taubert. Investigating the Blind Spot of a Monitoring System for Article Processing Charges
42 -- 0Salim Sazzed. Association between the Rankings of Top Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Journals and the Scholarly Reputations of Chief Editors

Volume 9, Issue 2

14 -- 0Eirini Delikoura, Dimitrios Kouis. Open Research Data and Open Peer Review: Perceptions of a Medical and Health Sciences Community in Greece
15 -- 0Carlo Galli, Stefano Guizzardi. The Effect of Article Characteristics on Citation Number in a Diachronic Dataset of the Biomedical Literature on Chronic Inflammation: An Analysis by Ensemble Machines
16 -- 0Pooyan Makvandi, Anahita Nodehi, Franklin R. Tay. Conference Accreditation and Need of a Bibliometric Measure to Distinguish Predatory Conferences
17 -- 0Shaista Rashid, Amira Khattak, Murtaza Ashiq, Shafiq-Ur Rehman, Muhammad Rashid Rasool. Educational Landscape of Virtual Reality in Higher Education: Bibliometric Evidences of Publishing Patterns and Emerging Trends
18 -- 0Mauro G. Carta, Matthias C. Angermeyer, Silvano Tagliagambe. The Trend of Scientific Productivity of Chinese, European Union, and United States Universities and Private Companies: Does the Future Belong to E-Technology Companies?
19 -- 0Oleg V. Mikhailov. Introduction from the Guest Editor of Special Issue "Modern Problems of Scientometric Assessment of Publication Activity"
20 -- 0Eve Koller, Malayah Thompson. The Representation of Indigenous Languages of Oceania in Academic Publications
21 -- 0Arina V. Vasiljeva, Gennady V. Osipov, Vadim V. Ponkratov, Vitali Ju. Ivlev, Marina I. Ivleva, Svetlana G. Karepova, Zhanna R. Gardanova, Olesya V. Dudnik. Factors to Improve Publication Productivity in Russian Universities
22 -- 0Andrei V. Grinëv, Daria S. Bylieva, Victoria V. Lobatyuk. Russian University Teachers' Perceptions of Scientometrics
23 -- 0João Pedro Baptista, Elisete Correia, Anabela Gradim, Valeriano Piñeiro-Naval. The Influence of Political Ideology on Fake News Belief: The Portuguese Case
24 -- 0Ana Pérez Escoda, Luis Miguel Pedrero Esteban, Juana Rubio-Romero, Carlos Jiménez-Narros. Fake News Reaching Young People on Social Networks: Distrust Challenging Media Literacy
25 -- 0Brian Jackson. Open Data Policies among Library and Information Science Journals

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 0Farida Saleem, Amira Khattak, Shafiq-Ur Rehman, Murtaza Ashiq. Bibliometric Analysis of Green Marketing Research from 1977 to 2020
2 -- 0Aida María de Vicente Domínguez, Ana Beriain Bañares, Javier Sierra Sánchez. Young Spanish Adults and Disinformation: Do They Identify and Spread Fake News and Are They Literate in It?
3 -- 0. Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Publications in 2020
4 -- 0Yuki Yamada. How to Protect the Credibility of Articles Published in Predatory Journals
5 -- 0Mario Pagliaro. Preprints in Chemistry: An Exploratory Analysis of Differences with Journal Articles
6 -- 0Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva. Conflicts of Interest Arising from Simultaneous Service by Editors of Competing Journals or Publishers
7 -- 0Ángeles Moreno, Ralph Tench, Piet Verhoeven. Trust in Public Relations in the Age of Mistrusted Media: A European Perspective
8 -- 0Irina Shchemeleva. "There's No Discrimination, These Are Just the Rules of the Game": Russian Scholars' Perception of the Research Writing and Publication Process in English
9 -- 0Francisco-Javier Herrero-Gutiérrez, José-David Urchaga-Litago. The Importance of Rumors in the Spanish Sports Press: An Analysis of News about Signings Appearing in the Newspapers Marca, As, Mundo Deportivo and Sport
10 -- 0Bárbara Castillo-Abdul, Mónica Bonilla-del-Río, Estela Núñez-Barriopedro. Influence and Relationship between Branded Content and the Social Media Consumer Interactions of the Luxury Fashion Brand Manolo Blahnik
11 -- 0Mariana Cernicova-Buca. Language Preferences in Romanian Communication Sciences Journals: A Web-Based Analysis
12 -- 0Raminta Pranckute. Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus: The Titans of Bibliographic Information in Today's Academic World
13 -- 0Ahmad Yaman Abdin, Muhammad Jawad Nasim, Yannick Ney, Claus Jacob. The Pioneering Role of Sci in Post Publication Public Peer Review (P4R)