Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 12, Issue 3

243 -- 294Paulo Veríssimo, Luís Rodrigues, Antonio Casimiro. CesiumSpray: a Precise and Accurate Global Time Service for Large-scale Systems
295 -- 327Klaus Schossmaier, Ulrich Schmid, Martin Horauer, Dietmar Loy. Specification and Implementation of the Universal Time Coordinated Synchronization Unit (UTCSU)
329 -- 345Danny Dolev, Rüdiger Reischuk, Fred B. Schneider, H. Raymond Strong. Report Dagstuhl Seminar on Time Services, Schloß Dagstuhl, March 11-15, 1996

Volume 12, Issue 2

123 -- 171Christof Fetzer, Flaviu Cristian. Integrating External and Internal Clock Synchronization
173 -- 228Ulrich Schmid, Klaus Schossmaier. Interval-based Clock Synchronization

Volume 12, Issue 1

9 -- 40Peter H. Dana. Global Positioning System (GPS) Time Dissemination for Real-Time Applications
41 -- 61Reiner Lichtenecker. Terrestrial Time Signal Dissemination
63 -- 75Bernhard Sterzbach. GPS-based Clock Synchronization in a Mobile, Distributed Real-Time System
77 -- 94Wolfgang A. Halang, Markus Wannemacher. High Accuracy Concurrent Event Processing in Hard Real-Time Systems
95 -- 107Shlomi Dolev. Possible and Impossible Self-Stabilizing Digital Clock Synchronization in General Graphs