Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 13, Issue 3

217 -- 218Bernd J. Krämer. Editorial
219 -- 236Antonino Mazzeo, Nicola Mazzocca, Stefano Russo, Valeria Vittorini. A Systematic Approach to the Petri Net Based Specification of Concurrent Systems
237 -- 251Bernd J. Krämer, Norbert Völker. A Highly Dependable Computing Architecture for Safety-Critical Control Applications
253 -- 275Hans Langmaack. The ProCoS Approach to Correct Systems
277 -- 302Horst Wedde, Jon A. Lind. Building Large, Complex, Distributed Safety-Critical Operating Systems

Volume 13, Issue 2

107 -- 126Joël Goossens, Raymond R. Devillers. The Non-Optimality of the Monotonic Priority Assignments for Hard Real-Time Offset Free Systems
127 -- 139Jiandong Huang, Deepak R. Kenchammana-Hosekote, Mukul Agrawal, James Richardson. Presto - A System Environment for Mission-Critical Multimedia Applications
141 -- 166Kam-yiu Lam, Sheung-lun Hung, Sang Hyuk Son. On Using Real-Time Static Locking Protocols for Distributed Real-Time Databases
167 -- 199Jorge Santos, Edgardo Ferro, Javier Orozco, Ricardo Cayssials. A Heuristic Approach to the Multitask-Multiprocessor Assignment Problem using the Empty-Slots Method and Rate Monotonic Scheduling

Volume 13, Issue 1

5 -- 24Nedo Celandroni, Erina Ferro, Francesco Potorti. A Traffic Generator for Testing Communication Systems: Presentation, Implementation and Performance
25 -- 46Gianluigi Alari, Augusto Ciuffoletti. Implementing a Probabilistic Clock Synchronization Algorithm
47 -- 65Minsuk Lee, Sang Lyul Min, Heonshik Shin, Chong-Sang Kim, Chang Yun Park. Threaded Prefetching: A New Instruction Memory Hierarchy for Real-Time Systems
67 -- 91Peter P. Puschner, Anton V. Schedl. Computing Maximum Task Execution Times - A Graph-Based Approach