Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 21, Issue 3

199 -- 217Danbing Seto, John P. Lehoczky, Lui Sha, Kang G. Shin. Trade-Off Analysis of Real-Time Control Performance and Schedulability
219 -- 239Da Ruan. Implementation of Adaptive Fuzzy Control for a Real-Time Control Demo-Model
241 -- 268Joachim Wegener, Frank Mueller. A Comparison of Static Analysis and Evolutionary Testing for the Verification of Timing Constraints
269 -- 284Paul Richardson, Larry Sieh, Aura Ganz. Quality of Service Support for Multimedia Applications in Third Generation Mobile Networks Using Adaptive Scheduling

Volume 21, Issue 1-2

7 -- 41Odemir Martinez Bruno, Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior, Luís Augusto Consularo, Luciano da Fontoura Costa. Synergos-Synergetic Vision Research
43 -- 75César Muñoz, Janusz Zalewski. Archictecture and Performance of Java-Based Distributed Object Models: CORBA vs RMI
77 -- 125Douglas C. Schmidt, Sumedh Mungee, Sergio Flores-Gaitan, Aniruddha S. Gokhale. Software Architectures for Reducing Priority Inversion and Non-determinism in Real-time Object Request Brokers
127 -- 142Tong Zhao, Lilian H. Y. Tang, Horace Ho-Shing Ip, Feihu Qi. Visual Keyword Image Retrieval Based on Synergetic Neural Network for Web-Based Image Search
143 -- 164Rynson W. H. Lau, Jimmy H. P. Chim, Mark Green, Hong Va Leong, Antonio Si. Object Caching and Prefetching in Distributed Virtual Walkthrough
165 -- 189Alexander D. Stoyen, Plamen V. Petrov. Towards a Mobile Code Management Environment for Complex, Real-Time, Distributed Systems