Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 23, Issue 3

183 -- 208Peter C. Y. Chen, W. Murray Wonham. Real-Time Supervisory Control of a Processor for Non-Preemptive Execution of Periodic Tasks
209 -- 238Joosun Hahn, Rhan Ha, Sang Lyul Min, Jane W.-S. Liu. Analysis of Worst Case DMA Response Time in a Fixed-Priority Bus Arbitration Protocol
239 -- 271Jan Jonsson, Kang G. Shin. Robust Adaptive Metrics for Deadline Assignment in Distributed Hard Real-Time Systems
273 -- 295Lars Lundberg. Utilization Based Schedulability Bounds for Age Constraint Process Sets in Real-Time Systems
297 -- 317Joseph Kee-Yin Ng, Shibin Song, Bihai Tang. A Computation Method for Providing Statistical Performance Guarantee to an ATM Switch

Volume 23, Issue 1-2

5 -- 6Lui Sha, Tarek F. Abdelzaher. Guest Editorial
7 -- 24Giorgio C. Buttazzo, Luca Abeni. Adaptive Workload Management through Elastic Scheduling
25 -- 53Anton Cervin, Johan Eker, Bo Bernhardsson, Karl-Erik Årzén. Feedback-Feedforward Scheduling of Control Tasks
55 -- 84Karine Altisen, Gregor Gößler, Joseph Sifakis. Scheduler Modeling Based on the Controller Synthesis Paradigm
85 -- 126Chenyang Lu, John A. Stankovic, Sang Hyuk Son, Gang Tao. Feedback Control Real-Time Scheduling: Framework, Modeling, and Algorithms
127 -- 141Sujay S. Parekh, Neha Gandhi, Joseph L. Hellerstein, Dawn M. Tilbury, T. S. Jayram, Joseph P. Bigus. Using Control Theory to Achieve Service Level Objectives In Performance Management
143 -- 174Cristian Koliver, Klara Nahrstedt, Jean-Marie Farines, Joni da Silva Fraga, Sandra Aparecida Sandri. Specification, Mapping and Control for QoS Adaptation