Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 26, Issue 3

231 -- 260Kwang Sung Park, Jin Bae Park, Yoon Ho Choi, Zhong Li, Nam Hyun Kim. Design of H::2:: Controllers for Sampled-Data Systems with Input Time Delays
261 -- 296Luís Miguel Pinho, Francisco Vasques, Andy J. Wellings. Replication Management in Reliable Real-Time Systems
297 -- 325Paul Pop, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng. Schedulability-Driven Communication Synthesis for Time Triggered Embedded Systems

Volume 26, Issue 2

135 -- 159M. Elizabeth C. Hull, S. Ewart, J. R. Paul Hanna. Modeling Complex Real-Time and Embedded Systems-The UML and DORIS Combination
161 -- 197Jorge Real, Alfons Crespo. Mode Change Protocols for Real-Time Systems: A Survey and a New Proposal
199 -- 222Jae Kwon Kim, Byung Kook Kim. Probabilistic Schedulability Analysis of Harmonic Multi-Task Systems with Dual-Modular Temporal Redundancy

Volume 26, Issue 1

7 -- 8Luiz F. Bacellar, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat. Guest Editorial
9 -- 28K. H. Kim. The Distributed Time-Triggered Simulation Scheme: Core Principles and Supporting Execution Engine
29 -- 61Stephen S. Yau, Fariaz Karim. An Adaptive Middleware for Context-Sensitive Communications for Real-Time Applications in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
63 -- 87M. Teresa Higuera-Toledano, Valérie Issarny, Michel Banâtre, Frédéric Parain. Memory Management for Real-Time Java: An Efficient Solution using Hardware Support
89 -- 106Matthias Pfeffer, Theo Ungerer, Stephan Fuhrmann, Jochen Kreuzinger, Uwe Brinkschulte. Real-Time Garbage Collection for a Multithreaded Java Microcontroller
107 -- 125Lutz Bichler, Ansgar Radermacher, Andy Schürr. Integrating Data Flow Equations with UML/Realtime