Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 37, Issue 3

181 -- 182Chenyang Lu, Insup Lee. Editorial: Special issue on real-time wireless sensor networks
183 -- 231Rahul Mangharam, Anthony Rowe, Raj Rajkumar. FireFly: a cross-layer platform for real-time embedded wireless networks
233 -- 260Clemens Moser, Davide Brunelli, Lothar Thiele, Luca Benini. Real-time scheduling for energy harvesting sensor nodes
261 -- 289Tian He, Brian M. Blum, Qing Cao, John A. Stankovic, Sang Hyuk Son, Tarek F. Abdelzaher. Robust and timely communication over highly dynamic sensor networks

Volume 37, Issue 2

99 -- 122Jan Reineke, Daniel Grund, Christoph Berg, Reinhard Wilhelm. Timing predictability of cache replacement policies
123 -- 138Wan-Chen Lu, Kwei-Jay Lin, Hsin-Wen Wei, Wei Kuan Shih. Rate monotonic schedulability tests using period-dependent conditions
139 -- 179Osmar Marchi dos Santos, Andy J. Wellings. Cost enforcement in the real-time specification for Java

Volume 37, Issue 1

1 -- 44Chris Andreae, Yvonne Coady, Celina Gibbs, James Noble, Jan Vitek, Tian Zhao. Scoped types and aspects for real-time Java memory management
45 -- 76João Rodrigues, João Ventura, A. M. de Campos, Luís Rodrigues. Implementation and analysis of real-time communication protocol compositions
77 -- 97Bruno Gaujal, Nicolas Navet. Dynamic voltage scaling under EDF revisited