Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 4, Issue 4

287 -- 306Steven Berryman, Ian Sommerville. Modeling and Evaluating the Feasibility of Timing Constraints Under Different Real-time scheduling Algorithms
307 -- 329Alexander D. Stoyenko, Thomas J. Marlowe. Polynomial-Time Transformations and Schedulability Analysis of Parallel Real-Time Programs with Restricted Resource Contention
331 -- 352E. Allen Emerson, Aloysius K. Mok, A. Prasad Sistla, Jai Srinivasan. Quantitative Temporal Reasoning
353 -- 382Nelson H. Weiderman, Nick I. Kamenoff. Hartstone Uniprocessor Benchmark: Definitions and Experiments for Real-Time Systems

Volume 4, Issue 3

185 -- 202Marc H. Graham. Issues in Real-Time Data Management
203 -- 241Jayant R. Haritsa, Michael J. Carey, Miron Livny. Data Access Scheduling in Firm Real-Time Database Systems
243 -- 268Jiandong Huang, John A. Stankovic, Krithi Ramamritham, Donald F. Towsley, Bhaskar Purimetla. Priority Inheritance in Soft Real-Time Databases
269 -- 276Sang Hyuk Son, Juhnyoung Lee, Yi Lin. Hybrid Protocols Using Dynamic Adjustment of serialization Order for Real-Time Concurrency Control

Volume 4, Issue 2

99 -- 112P. Pleinevaux. An Improved Hard Real-Time Scheduling for the IEEE 802.5
113 -- 123Rudolf J├Ąger. Handling Real-Time Communication Constraints in a Mobile Station used for the Pan European Digital Mobile Communication Network
125 -- 144Sanjoy K. Baruah, Gilad Koren, D. Mao, Bhubaneswar Mishra, Arvind Raghunathan, Louis E. Rosier, Dennis Shasha, Fuxing Wang. On the Competitiveness of On-Line Real-Time Task Scheduling
145 -- 165Ken Tindell, Alan Burns, Andy J. Wellings. Allocating Hard Real-Time tasks: An NP-Hard Problem Made Easy
167 -- 168Wolfgang A. Halang, Alexander D. Stoyenko. Conference Announcement: NATO Study Institute (ASI) on Real-Time Computing

Volume 4, Issue 1

5 -- 35Jonathan S. Ostroff. A Verifier for Real-Time Properties
37 -- 53C. Douglas Locke. Software Architecture for Hard Real-Time Applications: Cyclic Executives vs. Fixed Priority Executives
55 -- 83Harold W. Lawson. Cy-Clone: An Approach to the Engineering of Resource Adequate Cyclic Real-Time Systems
85 -- 87C. Mani Krishna, Yann-Hang Lee. Workshop Report: 1991 Workshop on Architectural Aspects of Real-Time Systems, San Antonio, Texas, U. S. A.