Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 41, Issue 3

181 -- 194Qian Guangming. An earlier time for inserting and/or accelerating tasks
195 -- 221Dakai Zhu, Rami G. Melhem, Daniel Mossé. Energy efficient redundant configurations for real-time parallel reliable servers
222 -- 255Edward T.-H. Chu, Tai-Yi Huang, Cheng-Han Tsai, Jian-Jia Chen, Tei-Wei Kuo. A DVS-assisted hard real-time I/O device scheduling algorithm

Volume 41, Issue 2

87 -- 117Marko Bertogna, Nathan Fisher, Sanjoy K. Baruah. Resource holding times: computation and optimization
118 -- 151Didier Lime, Olivier H. Roux. Formal verification of real-time systems with preemptive scheduling
152 -- 180Robert I. Davis, Alan Burns. Robust priority assignment for messages on Controller Area Network (CAN)

Volume 41, Issue 1

1 -- 26Nathan Fisher, Sanjoy K. Baruah. The feasibility of general task systems with precedence constraints on multiprocessor platforms
27 -- 51Enrico Bini, Giorgio C. Buttazzo. The space of EDF deadlines: the exact region and a convex approximation
52 -- 85Samarjit Chakraborty, Tulika Mitra, Abhik Roychoudhury, Lothar Thiele. Cache-aware timing analysis of streaming applications