Journal: Social Choice and Welfare

Volume 21, Issue 3

385 -- 0John Broome. Obituary
387 -- 398Ilia Tsetlin, Michel Regenwetter, Bernard Grofman. The impartial culture maximizes the probability of majority cycles
399 -- 431Josep Freixas, William S. Zwicker. Weighted voting, abstention, and multiple levels of approval
433 -- 454Thomas C. Ratliff. Some startling inconsistencies when electing committees
455 -- 468Jac C. Heckelman. Probabilistic Borda rule voting
469 -- 499Biung-Ghi Ju. A characterization of strategy-proof voting rules for separable weak orderings
501 -- 527Yukihiro Nishimura. Optimal commodity taxation for reduction of envy
529 -- 530Donald E. Campbell. Book review

Volume 21, Issue 2

179 -- 180Claude d'Aspremont, François Maniquet. Foreword
181 -- 193Peter J. Hammond. Equal rights to trade and mediate
195 -- 205William Thomson. On monotonicity in economies with indivisible goods
207 -- 242Erik Schokkaert, Kurt Devooght. Responsibility-sensitive fair compensation in different cultures
243 -- 263Marc Fleurbaey, Alain Trannoy. The impossibility of a Paretian egalitarian
265 -- 280Lars Ehlers, Bettina Klaus. Coalitional strategy-proof and resource-monotonic solutions for multiple assignment problems
281 -- 310Claude d'Aspremont, Jacques Crémer, Louis-André Gérard-Varet. Correlation, independence, and Bayesian incentives
311 -- 322Frédéric Gaspart. A general concept of procedural fairness for one-stage implementation
323 -- 346François Maniquet. Implementation of allocation rules under perfect information
347 -- 384Marc Fleurbaey. On the informational basis of social choice

Volume 21, Issue 1

1 -- 19Gil S. Epstein, Shmuel Nitzan. Political culture and monopoly price determination
21 -- 37Kotaro Suzumura, Yongsheng Xu. Recoverability of choice functions and binary relations: some duality results
39 -- 61Effrosyni Diamantoudi, Licun Xue. Farsighted stability in hedonic games
63 -- 71Miguel A. Ballester, Juan R. de Miguel. Extending an order to the power set: The Leximax Criterion
73 -- 93Biung-Ghi Ju. Strategy-proofness versus efficiency in exchange economies: General domain properties and applications
95 -- 111Edi Karni. Impartiality and interpersonal comparisons of variations in well-being
113 -- 116Yew-Kwang Ng. Appropriate discounting of future utilities need not be the dictatorship of the present: A note on Chichilnisky
117 -- 129Somdeb Lahiri. Justifiable preferences over opportunity sets
131 -- 148Sam Bucovetsky. The optimal majority with an endogenous status quo
149 -- 173Michel Regenwetter, A. A. J. Marley, Bernard Grofman. General concepts of value restriction and preference majority
175 -- 178Walter Kanning, Arnald J. Kanning. Book review