Journal: Social Choice and Welfare

Volume 27, Issue 3

435 -- 458Walter Bossert, Yves Sprumont, Kotaro Suzumura. Rationalizability of choice functions on general domains without full transitivity
459 -- 475Eliora van der Hout, Harrie C. M. de Swart, Annemarie ter Veer. Characteristic properties of list proportional representation systems
477 -- 492Bezalel Peleg, Hans Peters. Consistent Voting Systems with a Continuum of Voters
493 -- 0Bezalel Peleg, Hans Peters. Consistent voting systems with a continuum of voters
495 -- 530John Duggan. Endogenous Voting Agendas
531 -- 543Elizabeth Maggie Penn. The Banks Set in Infinite Spaces
545 -- 570Carmelo Rodríguez-Álvarez. Candidate Stability and Voting Correspondences
571 -- 594Simon Gächter, Arno Riedl. Dividing Justly in Bargaining Problems with Claims - Normative Judgments and Actual Negotiations
595 -- 610Vincent Anesi. Committees with Farsighted Voters: A New Interpretation of Stable Sets
611 -- 619Taradas Bandyopadhyay, Kunal Sengupta. Rational Choice and von Neumann- Morgenstern's Stable Set: The Case of Path-dependent Procedures
621 -- 625Carlos Alós-Ferrer. A Simple Characterization of Approval Voting
627 -- 641Steven R. Beckman. A Tax and Redistribution Experiment with Subjects that Switch from Risk Aversion to Risk Preference

Volume 27, Issue 2

221 -- 230Chun-Hsien Yeh. Protective Properties and the Constrained Equal Awards Rule for Claims Problems: A Note
231 -- 249Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, Antonio Villar. The TAL-Family of Rules for Bankruptcy Problems
251 -- 261Kenneth W. Shotts. A Signaling Model of Repeated Elections
263 -- 277Geoffrey Pritchard, Arkadii M. Slinko. On the Average Minimum Size of a Manipulating Coalition
279 -- 287Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert, David J. Donaldson. Anonymous Single-profile Welfarism
289 -- 310Winston T. H. Koh, Zhenlin Yang, Lijing Zhu. Lottery Rather than Waiting-line Auction
311 -- 325John E. Roemer. The Global Welfare Economics of Immigration
327 -- 339Kuntal Banerjee. On the Extension of the Utilitarian and Suppes-Sen Social Welfare Relations to Infinite Utility Streams
341 -- 345Nicolas Houy. Positional Independence in Preference Aggregation: A Remark
347 -- 364Rudolf Fara, Maurice Salles. An Interview with Michael Dummett: from Analytical Philosophy to Voting Analysis and Beyond
365 -- 375José Alcalde, Antonio Romero-Medina. Coalition Formation and Stability
377 -- 406Hervé Crès. A Geometric Study of Shareholders' Voting in Incomplete Markets: Multivariate Median and Mean Shareholder Theorems
407 -- 422Matthew Clarke, Yew-Kwang Ng. Population Dynamics and Animal Welfare: Issues Raised by the Culling of Kangaroos in Puckapunyal
423 -- 433Gil S. Epstein, Shmuel Nitzan. The Politics of Randomness

Volume 27, Issue 1

3 -- 24Hideo Konishi, M. Utku Ünver. Games of Capacity Manipulation in Hospital-intern Markets
25 -- 28Fuhito Kojima. Mixed Strategies in Games of Capacity Manipulation in Hospital-Intern Markets
29 -- 40Vito Peragine, Antonio Romero-Medina. On Preference, Freedom and Diversity
41 -- 54Toyotaka Sakai. Equitable Intergenerational Preferences on Restricted Domains
55 -- 81Humberto Llavador. Electoral Platforms, Implemented Policies, and Abstention
83 -- 87Elizabeth Maggie Penn. Alternate Definitions of the Uncovered Set and Their Implications
89 -- 102Sven Berg, Thommy Perlinger. Single-peaked Compatible Preference Profiles: Some Combinatorial Results
103 -- 127David Heyd, Uzi Segal. Democratically Elected Aristocracies
129 -- 154Stefan Napel, Mika Widgrén. The Inter-Institutional Distribution of Power in EU Codecision
155 -- 172Kimiko Terai. Parties with Policy Preferences and Uncertainty Over Voter Behavior
173 -- 0Kimiko Terai. Parties with Policy Preferences and Uncertainty over Voter Behavior
175 -- 187Dipjyoti Majumdar, Arunava Sen. Top-Pair and Top-Triple Monotonicity
189 -- 193Udo Schwingenschlögl, Friedrich Pukelsheim. Seat Biases in Proportional Representation Systems with Thresholds
195 -- 210Hideyuki Mizobuchi, Shigehiro Serizawa. Maximal Domain for Strategy-proof Rules in Allotment Economies
211 -- 219Ipek Özkal-Sanver, M. Remzi Sanver. Ensuring Pareto Optimality by Referendum Voting