Journal: Social Choice and Welfare

Volume 38, Issue 4

553 -- 567Ben McQuillin, Robert Sugden. Reconciling normative and behavioural economics: the problems to be solved
569 -- 584Jose Luis Pinto-Prades, Jose Maria Abellan-Perpiñan. When normative and descriptive diverge: how to bridge the difference
585 -- 600Patricio S. Dalton, Sayantan Ghosal. Decisions with endogenous frames
601 -- 615Eric Rasmusen. Internalities and paternalism: applying the compensation criterion to multiple selves across time
617 -- 634Ben McQuillin, Robert Sugden. How the market responds to dynamically inconsistent preferences
635 -- 645Till Grüne-Yanoff. Old wine in new casks: libertarian paternalism still violates liberal principles
647 -- 658Mozaffar Qizilbash. Informed desire and the ambitions of libertarian paternalism
659 -- 674Bruno S. Frey, Alois Stutzer. The use of happiness research for public policy

Volume 38, Issue 3

371 -- 406Gustavo Bergantiños, Jordi Massó, Alejandro Neme. The division problem with voluntary participation
407 -- 429David J. Donaldson, Krishna Pendakur. Index-number tests and the common-scaling social cost-of-living index
431 -- 454Annick Laruelle, Federico Valenciano. Quaternary dichotomous voting rules
455 -- 471Shin Sato. On strategy-proof social choice under categorization
473 -- 480Kazuhiko Hashimoto, Hiroki Saitoh. Strategy-proof and anonymous rule in queueing problems: a relationship between equity and efficiency
481 -- 496Thomas L. Saaty, Luis G. Vargas. The possibility of group choice: pairwise comparisons and merging functions
497 -- 517Qiang Fu, Jingfeng Lu. Micro foundations of multi-prize lottery contests: a perspective of noisy performance ranking
519 -- 529René van den Brink, Youngsub Chun. Balanced consistency and balanced cost reduction for sequencing problems
531 -- 542Itai Ashlagi, Shigehiro Serizawa. Characterizing Vickrey allocation rule by anonymity
543 -- 551Brennan Scott Thompson. Flat rate taxes and relative poverty measurement

Volume 38, Issue 2

187 -- 210Erik Ansink, Hans-Peter Weikard. Sequential sharing rules for river sharing problems
211 -- 235Masashi Umezawa. The replacement principle for the provision of multiple public goods on tree networks
237 -- 246Susumu Cato, Yohei Sekiguchi. A generalization of Campbell and Kelly's trade-off theorem
247 -- 268Paolo Serafini, Bruno Simeone. Certificates of optimality: the third way to biproportional apportionment
269 -- 303Maria Gabriella Graziano, Maria Romaniello. Linear cost share equilibria and the veto power of the grand coalition
305 -- 323Athanasios Andrikopoulos. On the construction of non-empty choice sets
325 -- 353Adam C. Smith, David B. Skarbek, Bart J. Wilson. Anarchy, groups, and conflict: an experiment on the emergence of protective associations
355 -- 364Yan-An Hwang, Chun-Hsien Yeh. A characterization of the nucleolus without homogeneity in airport problems
365 -- 370Matt Van Essen. A note on the stability of Chen's Lindahl mechanism

Volume 38, Issue 1

1 -- 9Alex Scott, Mark Fey. The minimal covering set in large tournaments
11 -- 22Monisankar Bishnu, Sonali Roy. Hierarchy of players in swap robust voting games
23 -- 42John P. Conley, Simon Wilkie. The ordinal egalitarian bargaining solution for finite choice sets
43 -- 57Jobst Heitzig, Forest W. Simmons. Some chance for consensus: voting methods for which consensus is an equilibrium
59 -- 83Peter J. Lambert. An interview with Serge-Christophe Kolm
85 -- 100Gérard Hamiache. A Matrix Approach to TU Games with Coalition and Communication Structures
101 -- 108Lee R. Gibson, Robert C. Powers. An extension of McGarvey's theorem from the perspective of the plurality collective choice mechanism
109 -- 119Shinji Ohseto. Exclusion of self evaluations in peer ratings: monotonicity versus unanimity on finitely restricted domains
121 -- 136Mostapha Diss, William V. Gehrlein. Borda's Paradox with weighted scoring rules
137 -- 160Duygu Yengin. Egalitarian-equivalent Groves mechanisms in the allocation of heterogenous objects
161 -- 179Ines Lindner. Annick Laruelle and Federico Valenciano: Voting and collective decision-making - Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2008
181 -- 185Lars Schwettmann. Marc Fleurbaey: fairness, responsibility, and welfare - Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008, 312 pp